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2017-12 Stephen P. Morse One-Step Portal for Online Genealogy
2017-11 Martha Wallace Land Records In Public Land State
2017-10 Christine Bell Green Immigration To The United States Before 1820
2017-09 Grant Din Angel Island Stories
2017-08 Kay Speaksfinger Online Research Techniques Using Google
2017-07 Sheila Wells Cemetery Records
2017-06 Cat Nielsen Preparing For a Research Trip
2017-05 Ralph F Severson Visiting The Oakland Family History Center
2017-04 George Fulton Mexican Research
2017-03 Jackie Reimers Making Your Family History Come To Life
2017-02 David Goerss Researching WWI
2017-01 Kathryn Marshall Researching War of 1812 Era Ancestors
2016-12 Janice Sellers Dust To Dust What's Buried In Cemetery Records
2016-11 Lisa Gorell Beginning German Research
2016-10 Janet Brigham Rands Online Family Trees
2016-09 Karla Henderlong
Madeline Yanov
The Tax Man Found Your Ancestors, Can You?
2016-08 Linda Okazaki The Angel Island Experience
2016-07 Diane George Using Google For Genealogy - Google Search And Beyond
2016-06 Ralph Severson Family Search Wiki
2016-05 Cat Nielsen Camera As A Tool
2016-04 Patrick Lofft Exploring the L-AGS Website
2016-03 Pamela Dallas Help! The Courthouse Burned! Now I Can’t Research My Family
2016-02 Richard Finn Oak Knoll Cemetery, Livermore, abandoned but not forgotten
2016-01 Ted Shapas What To Do With All Those Photos
2015-12 Steven Morse Case Study: Genealogy of Renee Kaufman
2015-11 Susan Goss Johnston More Adventures in Source Citations
2015-10 Joy Cohn
& Tom Matthews
Bring out the Pitchforks! Hunting the witches in your woodpile
2015-09 Garl Satterthwaite DNA and Genealogical Research
2015-08 Gene Block Four Main Reasons Why We Hit Brick Walls in Our Research -
When the Records are Available
2015-07 Debbie Shields Getting Organized [What a Mess]
2015-06 Ron Filion
2015-05 Anne Mitchell Searching Successfully to Reveal Your Ancestor’s Story on
2015-04 Bill Levesque TimeShaker
2015-03 Steven Minniear World War II Dublin: Camp Parks, Fleet City
and How Genealogy Helps Write a History
2015-02 Roger Howland Indentured Servants
2015-01 Janice Sellers Vital Records and the Calendar Change of 1752
2014-12 Teresa Parham Hitting the Mother Lode
2014-11 Susan Goss Johnston "It Becomes My Painful Duty.." Uncovering the Stories in Letters of Condolence
2014-10 Vera Broyles Land and Property Records
2014-09 Janice Sellers Where There's a Will: Probate Records Can Prove Family Connections
2014-08 Sally Stevens Western Migration During the Gold Rush Era
2014-07 Virginia Kysh Cemeteries Are Not a Dead Subject
2014-06 Kay Speaks USCIS (U.S. Customs & Immigration Service)
2014-05 Susam Goss Johnston Writing Your Family History One Byte at a Time
2014-04 Anne Homan My Hannam-Mansfield Ancestry
2014-03 Tim Cox Hard Drive Organization: Making Use of Your Computer File Folders
2014-02 Loretta Kaskey Researching Your Old House
2014-01 Janice Sellers Online Newspapers
2013-12 L-AGS Members Member Sharing, Show & Tell
2013-11 Garl Satterthwaite Quaker Research
2013-10 Richard Ferman Finding Your Revolutionary War Ancestor
2013-09 Lisa Gorrell Using City Directories
2013-08 Ralph Severson Family Tree on
2013-07 Vera Broyles Tips and Tricks for More Accurate Genealogy
2013-06 Janice Sellers Grandma, Who are you? Finding Women in Your Family Tree
2013-05 Debbie Mascot &
Jane Southwick
Self-Publication Process
2013-04 Teresa Fraser Maps Hold Clues to Your Family History
2013-03 Tim Cox Fun Tools to Help Genealogists Work Smarter
2013-02 Patrick Lofft What Do Docents Do?
2013-01 Dick Finn Midway: The Town, the Cemetery, the People, the Research
2012-12 L-AGS Members Member Sharing - short stories and "Ah...Ha" moments
2012-11 Traci Parent Life and Death in the Mount Diablo Coal Field
2012-10 Susan Goss Johnston The Records Behind The WW1 Draft Registration Cards
2012-09 Kim Von Aspern Blogs, Podcasts, Webinars & Wiki's - Oh My!
2012-08 Steve Danko ABCs of DNA
2012-07 Angela Kraft Beyond Names and Dates: Building Your Ancestors' Profiles
2012-06 Ron Arons Putting the flesh on the bones
2012-05 David Stevenson Joseph Adock Wilkes Danville's Civil War Union Soldier
2012-04 Steve Morse Getting Ready for the 1940 Census
2012-03 Julie Mooney Researching the valley pioneer Martin and related families
2012-02 Lisa Lee NEHGS website- making the most of it
2012-01 Bill Hewitt Planning and executing a major genealogical road trip
2011-12 L-AGS Members Member Sharing - How have you shared your family history?
2011-11 Deborah Ratto Dash Find-A-Grave- what it is and how to use it to its fullest
2011-10 Bev Lane Remember the Ladies - Woman Suffrage 1911-2011
2011-09 Grant Din Angel Island Immigrations Station
2011-08 Ed Mason Finding Missing Cousins
2011-07 David Stephenson The Surprising Wilkes Family of Tassajara
2011-06 Bert Donlon Donlon Family History
2011-05 Lisa Louise Cooke Inspiring Ways to Capture the Interest of non-genealogist in Your Family
2011-04 Cath Madden Trindle California Cousin
2011-03 Patrick Lofft Clues Leading to Ancestral Villages
2011-02 Linda Driver
& Walt Crawford
Driver & Cockerton family ancestry
2011-01 Gary Myer Kolb Family of Dublin
2010-12 L-AGS Members Member Sharing
2010-11 Marge Bell Whats new at
2010-10 Susan Goss Johnston No Papers - the life of Uriah Stone- Rev War pensioner
2010-09 Kay Speaks Passenger List Annotations
2010-08 Gabe Gutierrez Obtaining Mexican Records
2010-07 Jim DeMersman What Can be Found in Cemeteries and why they are so important to preserve
2010-06 Albert Rothman A Brooklyn Odyssey
2010-05 Doug Mumma Family Finder - Family Tree DNA diagnostic tool
2010-04 Anne Homan & Dick Finn Vasco's Livermore 1910
2010-03 Lisa Louise Cooke Google Earth
2010-02 Bridget Poizner Saving Oral Family Histories
2010-01 L-AGS Members Member Sharing
2009-12 Christine Rose Too Young for the Revolution; Too Old for the Civil War -
Military Records Between these Wars
2009-11 Cath Madden Trindle Slogging Through Cemeteries
2009-10 Susan Goss Johnston Assumption is the Mother of All Screw-Ups
2009-09 Ron Arons Best Bet Internet Sites
2009-08 Richard Rands Census Analysis Form
2009-07 Steve Morse Hodgepodge of Lesser-Known Research Tools and How to Use Them
2009-06 Lisa Lee Canadian Research Techniques
2009-05 Dr Stephen Harris City Directories for Oakland
2009-04 Tilli Calhoun Author of The Holms Family Cookbook
2009-03 Ron Filion San Francisco Genealogy
2009-02 Lisa Louise Cooke Best Of The Genealogy Gems Podcast
2009-01 Isabel Nolte The Early Pioneers in the Livermore Valley were One Big Family
2008-12 L-AGS Members Members Sharing - Show and Tell
2008-11 David Lowell An American Story - The History of Abram Bradbury Lowell and His Family
2008-10 Taffy Couts The Five Civilized Tribes of Southeastern United States
2008-09 Marge Bell (Tentative)
2008-08 Mel Stephenson Scandinavian Research
2008-07 Marcia Murray Holstrom Using Maps in Genealogy
2008-06 Pamela Dallas WPA Depression Era Jobs Turn into Great Gifts for Genealogists
2008-05 Dick Finn Tri-Valley Civil War Veterans - What an Interesting Group They Were
2008-04 Ron Willis Photography as a Tool in Genealogy
2008-03 Hildi Kang Tradition and Tradition Breakers: One Korean Family Lineage 720 A.D.-1955
2008-02 Kay Speaks Ancestry: Review and What's New
2008-01 Susan Goss Johnston End Writer's Block: Write Your Family History One Byte at a Time
2007-12 Mary Dillon 101 Ranch Genealogy
2007-11 Shirley Reimer Smart Steps For Success In German Genealogy
2007-10 Cath Madden Trindle But It's My Family: Copyright Issues for the 21st Century
2007-09 Chuck Knuthson Newspaper Research: A Window to the Past
2007-08 Marge Bell Churches and Cemeteries
2007-07 Jane Lindsey New Space of the California Genealogical Society Library
2007-06 Beth Twogood Following the Throckmorton Footsteps
2007-05 Barbara Leak Searching for Soldier Ancestors
2007-04 Ann Parker Weaving Personal Histories of the Past into Fiction
2007-03 Anne Homan My New Book: Historic Livermore California A to Z
2007-02 Chuck Weidel My Trip to Germany
2007-01 Maxine Trost Archival Methods
2006-12 Duncan Tanner My Vacation in Florida Massachuetts
2006-11 Kay Speaks Chinese Genealogy
2006-10 Cath Madden Trindle Scotch and Irish Records
2006-09 Susan Goss Johnston Immigration
2006-08 Doug Mumma What Can I Learn from DNA Testing?
2006-07 Larry Mauch Genealogy and History and Horse Medicine
2006-06 Margaret Toth Breaking Down Brick Walls
2006-05 Nancy Peterson The Forthcoming Book- Raking the Ashes
2006-04 Marge Bell Colonial Handwriting
2006-03 Caroline Earhart Genealogy Quilting
2006-02 Susan Goss Johnston Using Online Census Indexes
2006-01 Barry Schrader My grandma's pitcher and other sentimental treasures I could sell on eBay
2005-12 Bob Dougherty Genealogy in the Digital Age
2005-11 Frank Geasa Genealogy Research at the Pleasanton Library
2005-10 Chuck Knuthson Research Facilities in the Golden State
2005-09 Linda Garrett Cemetary Headstone Art Symbols & Their Meanings
2005-08 Don Dickensen The Mayflower Society
2005-07 Cath Madden Trindle Lists and Indexes and Special Collections
2005-06 Bill Harlan Harlan Family History
2005-05 Dick Finn Heritage Families Project
2005-04 Kenneth Miller Area Resources
2005-03 Jim Muir Identity Theft - Personal Computers & the Internet
2005-02 L-AGS Members Genealogy Mixer
2005-01 George Anderson Family History Month - A display promoting genealogy
2004-12 L-AGS Members Reading revised bylaws; election of officers; sharing family recipes
2004-11 L-AGS Members Member Sharing
2004-10 Dr. Ripan Malhi Genetic Ancestry Testing
2004-09 Linda Garrett Researching Collateral Lines
2004-08 Cath Madden Trindle Once Upon a Time - Genealogical Storytelling
2004-07 Marge Jergentz-Stout Writing Your Life Story
2004-06 L-AGS Members Member Sharing & Sign Up for Fair Booth
2004-05 Doug Mumma Using DNA in Your Genealogy
2004-04 Judy Person How to Use PERSI and The Draper Manuscripts
2004-03 Mary Dillon Civil War Research Experiences
2004-02 Linda Garrett Researching Collateral Lines
2004-01 Anne Homan German Genealogy
2003-12 L-AGS Members Member Sharing
2003-11 Charles Huff Sanborn Fire Maps
2003-10 Marie Abbott
& Bob Manildi
Trevarno and Coast Manufacturing
2003-09 Ray McFalone Recording Your Family History
2003-08 Local DAR Members National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution
2003-07 L-AGS Members Member Sharing
2003-06 L-AGS Members A Closer look at L-AGS
2003-05 Bob and Pat Lane 90 Years of Family Fun - the Alameda County Fair
2003-04 Sonya Gividen Cemetery and Funeral Home Records
2003-03 Jon Bryan
Jane Southwick
& Dick Finn
How we found so much information on the Lyster family and their descendants
2003-02 Arel Wente Wente family coming from Germany and establishing the Wente wineries
2003-01 Malvern Sweet Life in the Altamont
2002-12 L-AGS Members A Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of L-AGS
2002-11 Anita Gandolfo Joesville and the Rock House history
2002-10 L-AGS Members Family Sharing
2002-09 James Lyster Lyster Family History
2002-08 Jim Concannon Ireland to the Concannon Winery
2002-07 Charles Huff Old Time Families of Pleasanton
2002-06 L-AGS Members Sharing Your Finds and Tips
2002-05 Grace Devnich Medical Services in Livermore
2002-04 DAR Members SLC Research Trip
2002-03 Jackie Pels Publishing Your Family History
2002-02 David Abrahams Schellens Genealogy Collection Project
2002-01 Tilli Calhoun The 2000 Mile Long Graveyard
2001-12 L-AGS Members Member Sharing
2001-11 Fran Schweitzer Quilting and Genealogy Can Go Hand in Hand
2001-10 Barry Schrader Will the Last Person Leaving Livermore Please Dig Up the Time Capsule?
2001-09 --------- *** Cancelled because of the World Trade Center attack that morning ***
2001-08 Jane Steiner Men in San Francisco in 1890
2001-07 Linda Garrett
& Pat Moore
American Revolutionary Patriots and the DAR
2001-06 Jana Black The US GenWeb Project
2001-05 John Heyse German Research: Finding the Church Records
2001-04 David Abrahams Taking Your Genealogy on a Trip
2001-03 J. Carlyle Parker Wanting to go to Salt Lake City But Can't
2001-02 Doug Mumma Genetic Genealogy: Using DNA to Research your Ancestors
2001-01 Dick Finn Make Your Own Low Cost Family History Book
2000-12 L-AGS Members Member Sharing
2000-11 Margaret L. Ingram Writing Your Life Story
2000-10 Kenneth Felton U.S. Passports
2000-09 David Abrahams 20th Century Immigration
2000-08 Carol Glover Newspaper Research
2000-07 L-AGS Members Garden Party - Potluck Dinner and Social
2000-06 Pat Isom Using land and Property Records
2000-05 Doug Mumma My Tips and Techniques for Planning a German Genealogy Trip
2000-04 Anne Homan In Their Own Words- Oral History from Morgan Territory Road Residents
2000-03 Cathie Brown Livermore's Three Sister-City Programs
2000-02 Robbie Robinson
& David Abrahams
Personal insights into the American Civil War - Diaries and letters of the times
2000-01 Bob Berlo Population and Name History of California Cities and Towns: 1770 to 1999
1999-12 L-AGS Members Member Sharing
1999-11 Traci Parent How to Conduct an Oral History
1999-10 David Henry Sisson
& Joan Sisson
Finding Our Extended Family (Without the Internet!)
1999-09 Billie Dancy What is new at the Pleasanton Library
1999-08 Linda K. Ashworth Genetics and Genomics and Genealogy: A Common Root
1999-07 L-AGS Members Garden Party - Potluck Dinner and Social
1999-06 Kathleen Todd Watson Using the Internet For Genealogy
1999-05 Doug da Rocha Holmes Portuguese Genealogy
1999-04 Max Noel Techniques to locate persons both living and dead
1999-03 Gloria Gibbel My Quest for Patriots
1999-02 Dan Mosier Searching for Former Tesla Residents
1999-01 Jeremy Frankel The University of California Library
1998-12 Garth Ludwig Trains through our Valley
1998-11 Jay Gilson Hands-on CD Workshop
1998-10 Barbara Gifford Writing Your Family History
1998-09 L-AGS Members Show and tell: my genealogy adventures of Summer 1998
1998-08 Paul Burchfield Modern genealogy software
1998-07 L-AGS Members Garden Party - Potluck Dinner and Social
1998-06 Jay Gilson Genealogy Compact Disks
1998-05 Paul Hawkins History of the South of Market
1998-04 Gretchen Kohl Elizabeth Boeke- In Her Own Words
1998-03 Christine Rose How do you contract with a professional genealogist and what can one do for you?
1998-02 L-AGS Members members Sharing - Show and Tell: Family Heirlooms
1998-01 George & Harriet Anderson Preparing to go to Salt Lake City
1997-12 L-AGS Members Member Sharing
1997-11 Judy Person Getting the Most from a Library
1997-10 Clare Jost History of Livermore: St. Michael's Records
1997-09 Kurt Asplindh Composing and Archiving Photographs
1997-08 Clare Jost History of Livermore: St. Michael's Records
1997-07 L-AGS Members Garden Party - Potluck Dinner and Social
1997-06 Molly Locklin Videotaping Your Family Records
1997-05 Marge Jergentz-Stout Going to my Homeland - Germany and the Ukraine
1997-04 Marge Bell What is available at the Oakland Family History Center
1997-03 Christine Rose Using Little-known and Neglected Sources - a Potpourri
1997-02 Shirley Terry Family Newsletters: Publishing Your Family History in Bits and Pieces
1997-01 Tilli Calhoun Livermore History
1996-12 L-AGS Members Member Sharing - What I did on my genealogical safari last summer
1996-11 Irene Sanchez Layout and Preservation of Scrapbooks and Photo Albums
1996-10 Shannon Smith Restoring Damaged Photos
1996-09 Jane Knowles Lindsey Laughter in Genealogy
1996-08 L-AGS Members Garden Party - Potluck Dinner and Social
1996-07 Wes Johnson Researching World War II Veterans

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