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Sandy Clark, Project Leader

Prior to 1905, there was no state-wide method of recording deaths in California. Until that time, many cities and counties kept their own records. Some cemeteries also kept records.

The Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society published a large database of cemetery records from parts of Alameda County in 2004. The book is Pre-1905 Death Index, Alameda County, California, David Abrahams, Project Leader. A Web page elsewhere on this site describes that book. The full text of the book also appears on the L-AGS Web site.

Another excellent source of information on early deaths in Alameda County is the series of volumes, Record of Deaths, kept in the Alameda County Courthouse, Oakland, California, and available on microfilm as LDS Film 1376380. I have recently finished transcribing the data in Volume C, 1889-1894 from the film. (Volume C actually extends to March 1895.) That volume and the transcription contain data on 5217 deaths.

In contrast to most other L-AGS databases, which cover only Murray and Pleasanton Townships of Alameda County, this one contains county-wide data. Unfortunately, the county death records do not specify the residence or place of death of the decedent.

I am pleased to present my transcription of the Alameda County Record of Deaths, Volume C, 1889-1894 in the collection of Web pages reached by the links listed below. L-AGS will also publish the information in a forthcoming book.

Sandy Clark
March 4, 2007

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