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David Abrahams, Project Leader

Prior to 1905, there was no state-wide method of recording deaths in California. Until that time, many cities kept their own records. Records were kept by some cemeteries, or people have walked the cemeteries recording information on existing grave markers.

The material in this database includes transcriptions of records of several cemeteries and mortuaries located in cities in Alameda County, other than Oakland and Berkeley. This database also excludes cemeteries and mortuaries in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, Sunol and environs; that information has been published previously by the Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society in the print and Web publications cited below.

It should be noted that there may be more records available than we, at this time, have discovered. Our team is in the process of transcribing over 25,000 additional records of deaths recorded in Oakland and Berkeley prior to 1905. This should take the team another year or two, given that the records are on microfilm.

The Hayward Area Historical Society (H.A.H.S.) provided us with hard copies of records of the following cemeteries, and gave us permission to use the data:

We wish to thank the Hayward Area Historical Society for their contributions.

Records of Mt. St. Joseph's Cemetery, Hayward, CA, may be found at the following URL:

Records of the Lone Tree Cemetery, Hayward, CA, may be found on LDS film #1033875.

Records of the Smiley & Gallagher Mortuary, Alameda, CA, may be found on LDS film #1577970.

Both of these films are on extended loan at the Family History Center, LDS Church, 950 Mocho Street, Livermore.

The Mission San Jose Cemetery is located in Fremont, CA. Devon Hawkins contributed this material on August 15, 2000, to the Livermore Heritage Guild. We wish to thank the Guild for their contribution.

It should be noted that there may be errors in the data. Our team did their best to transcribe the data exactly as presented; no effort was made to correct any errors original transcribers made.

Members of the Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society who participated in this transcription project include Bill Silver, Anna Siig, Sandy Clark, Linda Trudeau, and Diana Carey. David Abrahams was the project leader. George Anderson worked with us to put these data on the L-AGS web site. Other team members are currently transcribing the Oakland/Berkeley records.

Other information regarding deaths in the Livermore-Pleasanton-Dublin area may be found in the following L-AGS publications, or on the L-AGS web site:

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