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Sonya Gividen, funeral director, bereavement facilitator and 10 year employee for Callaghan mortuary, asked the Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society if we would be interested in transcribing their records and making them available to fellow genealogists. The Society agreed that it would be beneficial, and began with the earliest records available. These early records begin with two ledger books which are probably incomplete, followed by several boxes of receipts for service. Each book or box was entered into a separate data base.

David Abrahams led the project, with help from the following member volunteers: Emily Bailey, Gail Fairfield, Mary Maenchen, Eileen Redman, and Jane Southwick.

The dates shown may not always be accurate. They were drawn from mortuary records and supplemented or confirmed by data in "Livermore Cemeteries", published by the Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society in 1988. The full text of this book, as well as a description of the printed version, are online. In the future, these dates may be supplemented by information found in local newspaper obituaries.

In the database, some of the cemeteries have an asterisk (*) after them. These indicate that we were able to correlate the burials to the "Livermore Cemeteries" book, published by L-AGS. Note that the information presented in these data are as read in the original Callaghan records. No attempt to correct spelling errors was made. Therefore, the names and dates may not match exactly between the Callaghan records and the cemetery book.

Some records only show that remains were removed to the local morgue, which was located at the Callaghan Mortuary. Many of these remains were shipped to other locations for burial; therefore they don't show up in local resources.

Unfortunately, the data presented here is all that is available. The Mortuary does not have any other records. Obituaries may have been published in local newspapers. Microfilms of the Livermore Enterprise, Livermore Echo, and Livermore Herald may be found at the Livermore Public Library, 1188 South Livermore Avenue, or at The Livermore Heritage Guild museum in the Carnegie Building on Third Street in Livermore. The same microfilms are also available at the Doe Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Roselawn Memorial Park Cemetery and the Masonic Cemetery are the same. Memory Gardens Cemetery may also be referred to as the I.O.O.F. Cemetery.

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