Note in ledger: "Marriages which took place before 1890 not in this book. Marriages of those not members nor "children" of the church are not here."

The information in the church register was transcribed as faithfully as the legibility of the handwritten entries would allow, even when it was known to be incorrect. Information preceded by an asterisk (*) in any column is from the online California Death Index (CADI). In the last column, the source of the corrections and additional information is: no asterisk: the transcriber; *: CADI; ** G. B. Drummond, Livermore Historian.

No. His surname His given name Her surname Her given name His residence Her residence Date Additional information
1 Saxe E. A. Doty Lilian L. Livermore Livermore Apr 8, 1891 she b. 1873 IL
2 Morrill Harry Taylor Louise Livermore Livermore Nov 25, 1891 both b. 1871 CA
3 Galway W. H. Graham Hazeltine Livermore Livermore Dec 16, 1891 Wm. b. 1862 CA, Hazzie b. 1870
4 Lyttaker John Theodor Anderson Hansine Livermore Livermore Jul 9, 1892 **obits: Hansine
5 Packard Claude Henry Taylor Lizzie Livermore Oakland, CA Nov 9, 1892  
6 Cobb William Christensen Emma Livermore Oakland, CA May 23, 1894  
7 Acker Frank Fonner Jessie Livermore Oakland, CA May 23, 1894 **1880: Fonner
8 Pletz Frederick William McBride Emily Livermore Livermore Jul 3, 1896  
9 Brady Thomas Francis Hansen Bertha Dena Livermore Livermore Aug 27, 1896  
10 Madsen Hans Christensen Mary Livermore Livermore Oct 31, 1895  
11 Frick John Remington Christensen June Johanna Livermore Livermore Oct 3, 1896  
12 Groth Hans Rasmussen Smith Mary Livermore Livermore Nov 21, 1896  
13 Jacobs Julius A. Reimers Adulina M. Livermore Livermore Nov 26, 1896 *Adelina, **1900: Lena
14 Hall Horace R. Pierce Clara Emma Arroyo Valle, CA Arroyo Valle, CA ? he b. 1869 IA, she b. 1870 CA
15 Falvey Thomas Wilford Munch Tillie Livermore Livermore Feb 25, 1897  
16 McBride Fredrick William Hansen Estella Livermore Livermore Feb 28, 1897  
17 Johnson William Frank Savage Emma Adelaide Watsonville, CA Livermore Sep 7, 1897  
18 Rees David Richard Masson Mary Livermore San Francisco Sep 23, 1897 he b. 1869 CA
19 Budworth Benjamin Franklyn Seeband Emeline Gertrude Livermore Livermore Oct 6, 1897  
20 Taylor William Harvey Meyers Lilly Mary Livermore Livermore Oct 26, 1897 he b. 1870 CA, she b. 1876 CA
21 McGlashan John Webb Allen Etta Gage Livermore Livermore Dec 2, 1897 she b. 1878 CA
22 McGlashan Andrew Alexander Allen Grace M. Livermore Livermore Jun 1, 1898 she b. 1879 CA
23 Thompson Jesse M. Putnam Mary A. Chilson Yountville, CA Livermore Jun 15, 1898  
24 Duncan Arthur C. Copeland Emma A. Tesla, CA Livermore Aug 8, 1898  
25 Biggs Walter Hicks Mally Maihilda Susan San Francisco Livermore Oct 18, 1898 Also known as Tilla S. Malley?
26 Hansen Neils Denisen Rasmussen Hansine Oakland, CA Oakland, CA Feb 22, 1899  
27 Acker Curtis H. McIver Cora May Livermore Livermore May 7, 1899 he b. 1875 CA
28 Christensen Christen Hansen Johns Mrs. Rasmine Altamont, CA Livermore Aug 10, 1899  
29 Reid Fred William Nessen Fredricka Mariea Jamestown, CA Mission San Jose, CA Aug 31, 1899 Frederica b. 1879 CA/ res 1880 San Jose, *Frederica Marie
30 Veale William Worth Taylor Mamie Viola Brentwood, CA Livermore Sep 11, 1899 Zeile in Eden, Al Co 1880
31 Stoeven William Reimer Kruger Alvina Juliana Livermore Livermore Oct 8, 1899 he b. 1871 CA, she b. 1876 TX
32 Savage Frank L. Waltenbough Lizzie F. Hollister Livermore Oct 24, 1899 **Waltenbaugh obits
33 Seeband Henry Claxton Emma Livermore Livermore Dec 19, 1899  
34 Helms John Robert Downing Bessie Pleasanton Pleasanton 3-Jan-1900 he b. 1874 CA
35 Stanley Eugene Clark Colldeweih Lucy Livermore Livermore 24-Feb-1900  
36 Perry Manuel Rose Field Maggie B. Sacramento, CA Livermore 28-Jun-1900  
37 Wells Samuel Jenkins Smith Mattie E. Mokelumne Hill, CA Los Angeles 19-Sep-1900  
38 Prall Henry William Christensen Agnes Johanna Margrete Livermore Livermore 17-Oct-1900 he b. 1869 CA she b. 1875
39 Sanderson Mark Mervyn Dutcher Maude Florence Livermore Livermore 24-Oct-1900  
40 Stewart Samuel James Nissen Margaret Caroline Shellville, Sonoma Co. CA Livermore 29-Nov-1900 she b. 1864 CA
41 Hansen August Beu Hermina C. Livermore Livermore 16-Jan-1901 he b. 1875 CA, **1880: Beu
42 Armstrong Robert L. Laughlin Mollie E. Livermore Livermore 25-Sep-1901 he b. 1877 CA
43 Lewis Arnold M. Munce Maggie I. Oakland, CA Oakland, CA 25-Sep-1901  
44 Bruns John Fredrick Madison Maud Tesla, CA Livermore 15-Jan-1902  
45 Schultz Emil F. G. Wilson Annie M. H. Livermore Livermore 25-Oct-1902  
46 Jackson Albert Christian Madsen Martha Livermore Altamont, CA 28-Sep-1902  
47 Weymouth William Thomas Beck Edith Frances Livermore Livermore 1-Oct-1902  
48 Simas John Joseph Bastian Margaret Livermore Livermore 9-Oct-1902  
49 Lassen Fred Christopher Rasmussen Annie Livermore Livermore 27-Nov-1902  
50 Johnson John Fredy Lamee Elsie Mira Cecilie Livermore Livermore 3-Dec-1902  
51 Ruter Herman Daniel Prall Maria Henrietta San Francisco Livermore 25-Mar-1903  
52 Meyer Henry Isakson Josephina Livermore Livermore 24-Apr-1903 he b. 1868 CA
53 Dennis William J. M. Horton Elsie M. San Francisco Livermore 7-Jul-1903  
54 Johnson Julius Henry Newbourne Emilie Eleanor Livermore San Francisco 14-Jul-1903 he b. 1875 CA
55 Christensen Frank Buckholt Annie Altamont, CA Byron, Contra Costa Co. 19-Sep-1903 he b. 1884, she b. 1881
56 Laughlin Joseph B. Clyma Lillian A. Livermore Summit School Dist., Contra Costa Co. 21-Oct-1903  
57 Winter Robert W. Kennedy Ora Stockton, CA Livermore 25-Nov-1903  
58 Charro Albert Laurance Sutherland Effie May Pleasanton Pleasanton 20-Feb-1904  
59 Walter Carl Herman Madsen Sophie Livermore Altamont, CA 8-Apr-1904  
60 Hachman Henry Hans Johnson Tillie Livermore Livermore 27-Apr-1904  
61 Biggs Roy Ralph Johnson Theresa San Francisco Livermore 17-Sep-1904  
62 Colldeweih Dedrick Fredrick Reuss Annie Christine Livermore Livermore 28-Sep-1904  
63 Kennedy Harding Maxwell Schmidt Alma Lucile Berkeley Livermore 30-Oct-1904  
64 Albertsen Louis R. Hansen Hensina C. Berkeley Livermore 14-Dec-1904 she b. 1872 CA
65 Wisner Charles V. Hansen Ellanora Oakland, CA Livermore 11-Jan-1905 she b. 1878 CA
66 Demorest Volney Leslie Jackson Lillian Maud Benicia, CA Livermore 22-Feb-1905  
67 McCoy Charles Harold Stanley Mary Lucetta Livermore Livermore 22-Apr-1905  
68 Thomas W. R. Rogers Jane P. Livermore Berkeley 10-Jun-1905  
69 Drury Harry L. Hargrave Bessie C. Newcastle, CA Oakland, CA 21-Jun-1905 Descendent of Smith and Harlan families
70 Teeter John Archie Williams Clara Cordilea Livermore Livermore 10-Sep-1905 *Cordelia
71 Block Walter Beck Olivetta Livermore Livermore 1-Oct-1905 Walter b. 1880
72 Venn Thomas Watkins Bruns Sophie Caroline Magretta Tesla, CA Livermore 20-Dec-1905  
73 Holm Walter J. Tretzel Anna Marian Livermore Livermore 22-Feb-1906  
74 Welch Fred V. Beck Mable F. Alameda, CA Livermore 27-Jun-1906  
75 Shaw Allie C. Lamb Ethel E. Campo Seco, CA Livermore 5-Sep-1906  
76 Cragholm Hans Peter Madsen Minnie C. San Francisco Livermore 12-Sep-1906  
77 Mendenhall Ernest Darl Brookins Jennie Norma Livermore Livermore 16-Sep-1906  
78 Latimer Edward Arthur Knox Mattie Diona Ontario Livermore 10-Nov-1906 *Diana
79 Kronke Richard A. Moller Anna Tiburon, CA Livermore 6-Dec-1906  
80 Piper Dr. Harry Elwin Wells Grace C. Tonopah, NV Livermore 25-Dec-1906  
81 Galway George M. Block Amelia Livermore Livermore 3-Mar-1907  
82 Hale Elvin M. Schulz Edith San Francisco Livermore 16-Mar-1907  
83 Pobletz Ernest Hansen Adale Oakland, CA Livermore 10-Apr-1907 *Poblitz, *Adele
84 Johns James Henry Denison Dot Juanita Pleasanton Pleasanton 14-May-1907  
85 Altamirano Sylvester Mohr Annie Livermore Livermore 19-Oct-1907  
86 Johnson George Herman Colldeweih Emma Louise Livermore Livermore 3-Nov-1907  
87 Bue Carl Jr. Petersen Ella M. Livermore Livermore 11-Dec-1907  
88 Clarke James William Langneher Hennella S. Livermore San Francisco 1-Jan-1908 **1910: Henrietta

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