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Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society

Catalog of the L-AGS Genealogy Pamphlet File #1

As of March 24, 2003

Compiled by Lois Barber, Caroline Foote, Frank Geasa, Mary Maenchen, Vicki Renz and Del Warren. George Anderson, Editor

The pamphlet file is housed in the Pleasanton Library, 400 Old Bernal Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Folder/ Item Title Locality Keywords Pages
1.1 FHL Research Outline United States Records, sources 52
1.2 Indians of the US United States Indians, records, sources, archives 8
1.3 American Indian History and Culture United States Indians, societies, populations, locations 5
1.4 History of the Old Northwest Territory Midwest states Archives, collections, records, timeline 4
1.5 Early America Records Eastern States Courts, records, land, definitions 10
1.6 Historical Approach to Genealogical Problems United States Perspective, sources 7
1.7 Library of Congress Guides to Genealogical Research United States Guides, photocopying forms 11
1.8 The New England Historic Genealogical Register New England States Surnames, books 24
1.9 Map of the Yearly Meeting of Friends New England map 1
1.10 The New England Historic Genealogical Society New England Pamphlet 8
1.11 The Mayflower Quarterly New England Journal, society, 1980 156
1.12 The Mayflower Quarterly New England Journal, society, 1977 72
1.13 The Mayflower Passengers New England Passengers 2
1.14 Genealogical Material Compiled by Mrs. Carl H. Samans Northeastern States History, timeline 6
1.15 Reading List - Research in the Deep South Southern States Books, journals 5
2.16 FHL Research Outline Alaska Records, sources 6
2.17 Alaska Historical Library Genealogical Resources Alaska Sources, titles 2
2.18 FHL Research Outline Alaska Records, sources 7
2.19 Arkansas Genealogical Society Arkansas Pamphlet, application 6
2.20 Historical and Genealogical Source Materials Arkansas Pamphlet 6
2.21 Information Letter - Arkansas Genealogical Society Arkansas Guidelines 6
2.22 Books for Genealogical and Historical Research Arkansas and southern states Publications, maps 32
2.23 FHL Research Outline Arkansas Records, sources 7
2.24 The AGS Bookstore Arkansas Surnames, reports, pamphlets 7
2.25 Books From AGS Arkansas Books, microfiche 5
3.26 Union List of Census Schedules on Microfilm Available in the Central Association of Libraries Federal census - various states Census, holdings, libraries, Stockton, Turlock, others 8
3.27 Biography/Genealogy Bancroft Library Resources California Holdings, handbooks, manuals, indexes 5
3.28 The Bancroft Library California Pamphlet, guidelines 4
3.29 The California Historical Society California Pamphlet, application 3
3.30 Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California: 1769 - 1850 California Surnames, paperback, order form 1
3.31 Conference of California Historical Societies California Pamphlet, application 5
3.32 Riverside County [California] Local History Collections California Booklet, collections, local history, Riverside County 24
3.33 Directory of California Genealogical Societies California Societies, addresses 8
3.34 California's Ethnic Minorities: Opportunities for Research at the Federal Archives and Records Center California Examples, courts, Samoa, Indians, agriculture, census 11
3.35 USGS Index to Topographic Maps of California California Index, descriptions, dealers 10
3.36 Index to an Assessment List, Contra Costa County (California), 1910 California Names, assessment list, Contra Costa County 2
3.37 FHL Research Outline California Records, sources 9
3.38 Genealogical Research in the California State Archives California Pamphlet, archives, descriptions 12
3.39 Bay Area Genealogical Resources [San Francisco] California Libraries, collections 3
3.40 California State Library California Holdings, collections, census, directories, indexes, others 13
3.41 Public Library Reference Sources for Assistance in Genealogical Research California Reference aids, associations, lists, catalogues, others 6
3.42 Sutro Library Services in Local History & Genealogy California Collections, use, non-California materials 6
3.43 Research Aids California Collections, Alameda County, Catholic Church Records, Mayflower 2
3.44 Dublin [California] Library Genealogical Books California Titles 5
4.45 FHL Research Outline Colorado Records, sources 7
4.46 Colorado Info Sheet Colorado Archives, libraries, general info 2
4.47 Progressive Men of Western Colorado Colorado Pamphlet, index to names in book 20
4.48 Researching the Colorado State Archives Colorado Holdings, services, pamphlet 12
4.49 Genealogical Searches, Library of the Colorado Historical Society Colorado Holdings 2
5.50 Historical and Genealogical Materials in the Connecticut State Library Connecticut Description, Holdings 4
5.51 Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc - Index of Connecticut Nutmeggers Connecticut Periodical, Index, articles 40
5.52 CSG Books for Sale 1991 Connecticut List, prices 2
6.53 Delaware Archives Delaware Records, checklists, bibliography 10
6.54 FHL Research Outline District of Columbia Records, sources 7
6.55 FHL Research Outline Florida Records, sources 8
6.56 Florida State Genealogical Society, Inc. Florida Publications, membership 1
6.57 American & British Genealogy & Heraldry (except for research in Florida) Florida Titles, books, articles 3
6.58 Burke County [Georgia] Collections Georgia NGSQ abstract, index, documents, names 29
6.59 Richmond County [Georgia] Land Grants Georgia NGSQ abstract, land grants, names, descriptions 26
6.60 Letter, Secretary of State, Georgia Georgia Publications, genealogical aids 8
6.61 Letter, Secretary of State, Georgia Georgia Sources, how to 6
6.62 Georgia Genealogical Society Georgia Publications, membership 2
6.63 Georgia Surveyor General Department Georgia Land, lotteries, pamphlet 12
6.64 Genealogical Research in Georgia Georgia Public records, private collections, pamphlet 9
6.65 Order of Creation of Georgia's 159 Counties Georgia Counties, dates, created from, map 6
6.66 Civil War Records Georgia Confederate, military, records, pensions, militia, pamphlet 10
6.67 Taylor Foundation Publications Georgia Publications 4
7.68 FHL Research Outline Hawaii Records, sources 8
7.69 Illinois State Archives Genealogical Records and Research Policy Illinois Records, service 6
7.70 Illinois State Genealogical Society Illinois Services, forms 7
7.71 Incorporated Municipalities of Illinois June 9, 1873 to April 26, 1960 Illinois Incorporated villages 2
7.72 Diagram of Cook County, Illinois, 1850 Illinois Diagram, townships. books 4
7.73 Chicago [Illinois] City Officers, 1850 Illinois Chicago, city officers 2
7.74 The Baccalaureate Alumni of the University of Illinois Illinois Biological sketches, Class of 1875 5
7.75 Indiana State Library Genealogy Division Indiana Library, collections, records, lists 5
7.76 Genealogy Division Indiana State Library Indiana Pamphlet, library, collections, records, lists 30
7.77 Welcome to the Family History Section of the Indiana Historical Society Indiana Publications, sources 8
7.78 Records restriction note Indiana Access restrictions 1
7.79 Back Issues of the Tri-State Packet for Sale Indiana Publications 2
7.80 Publications, Tri-State Genealogical Society Indiana Publications, membership 4
7.81 Southern Indiana Genealogical Society Indiana Publications 1
7.82 Iowa Genealogical Society Hawkeye Heritage Topical Index Iowa Index, articles, surnames 26
7.83 Iowa Genealogical Society Revenue share publications Iowa Publications 21
7.84 NW Iowa Root Diggers Sioux County, Iowa Federal Census - 1880 & 1893 Marriage Records, Plymouth County, Iowa Iowa 1880 census, Index, marriages, Sioux County, Plymouth County 8
8.85 Publications of the Kansas State Historical Society Kansas Resources, Books, Reprints, Military, Newspapers 4
8.86 Seventy Years in Norton County Kansas, 1872-1942 Kansas Settlement, Indians, Government, Education, Pioneer Stories 221
8.87 Family History Library Research Outline - Kansas Kansas Mormon, Vital Statistics, Resources, History, Military 7
8.88 Kansas Kansas Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Resources, Census, Vital Statistics, Historical Societies 6
8.89 Hayward Area Genealogical Society, Nov-Dec. 1982 Kansas Settlers, Pocahontas, Slaughter 1
8.90 North Central Kansas Genealogical Society Newsletter, Summer 1980 Kansas Cawker City, Mitchell Co, Township Officers, Newspapers 5
8.91 Digging for Ancestors in Kansas Kansas Resources, Vital Statistics, Friends, Maps 9
8.92 Kentucky's Active Militia - 1786 Kentucky Military Certificates, Reimbursements, George Rogers Clark, Indians, Payment List 20
8.93 Shelby County Kentucky Tax List - 1792 Kentucky Tax Lists, Acreage, Property Owners 7
8.94 Madison County Kentucky Tax List - 1792 Kentucky Taxable Property, Property Owners, White Males, Blacks, Acreage, Farm Animals 25
8.95 Jefferson County Kentucky Tax List - 1789 Kentucky Taxable Property, Property Owners, White Males, Blacks, Acreage, Farm Animals 24
8.96 1788 Fayette and 1792 Washington County Kentucky Tax Lists Kentucky Taxable Property, Owners, Blacks, Acreage, Farm Animals 20
8.97 1800 Knox and 1799 Mercer County Kentucky Tax Lists Kentucky Taxable Property, Owners, Blacks, Farm Animals 18
8.98 Nelson County Kentucky Tax Lists - 1792 Kentucky Taxable Property, Owners, Acreage 20
8.99 Kentucky Books, 1978 Kentucky History, Animals, Civil War, Religion, Atlas 26
8.100 Sources for Genealogical Research in the Library Kentucky Historical Society, Vital Statistics, Libraries, Publications, Census, Research Data 4
8.101 Family History Library Research Outline - Kentucky Kentucky Mormon, Vital Statistics, Resources, History, Military, Land 10
8.102 Do You Have Kentucky Ancestors? Kentucky Genealogical Society Kentucky Membership, Records, Publications 3
8.103 The Bulletin of the Kentucky Historical Society Kentucky Christmas Trees, Textiles, Family Manuscripts, McCracken County 8
8.104 Journal of Genealogy, Places to Search Series Kentucky Kentucky Historical Society, Vital Records, Cemetery Records 3
8.105 Letter - Kentucky Historical Society Kentucky Reference Books 1
8.106 Family History Library Research Outline - Louisiana Louisiana Mormon, Libraries, Resources, History, Military, Land 9
8.107 Searching for Your Ancestors on Microfilm(Louisiana) Louisiana Parish Map, Historical Data, Records, Newspapers, Census 26
9.108 Letter - Maine Genealogical Society Maine Membership, Publications 4
9.109 Research at the Maryland Hall of Records Maryland Research, Records 2
9.110 Publications of the Maryland Hall of Records Maryland Publications, Price List, Government, History 2
9.111 Research Sources of the Baltimore City Archives [Maryland] Maryland Research Resources, Vital Records, Ship Passengers 1
9.112 Western Maryland Genealogy Journal - 1985 Index Maryland Subject Index, County Records, Cemeteries, Families, Church Records 1
9.113 Letter - Maryland Genealogical Society Maryland Membership, Researchers, Publications, Cemeteries, Ba ck Issues 13
9.114 Family History Library Research Outline - Maryland Maryland Mormon, Libraries, Immigration, Resources, History, Military 15
9.115 Massachusetts Lineages of Revolutionary War Regiments Massachusetts Regiments, Engagements, Organization, Continental Army, Revolutionary War, Disbanded 47
9.116 Colony artifacts dug up [Massachusetts] Massachusetts Artifacts, Great House, Puritans, Mass. Bay Colony, J. Winthrop 1
9.117 Swansea, Mass. Baptist Church Records [Massachusetts] Massachusetts 1667-1772, Baptist Church, Church Membership, John Myles, History, Diary 28
9.118 Letter - The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Massachusetts Publications, Archives, Vital Records, Census, Microfilm, Index 20
9.119 Family History Library Research Outline - Michigan Michigan Mormon, Libraries, Immigration, Resources, History, Military 8
9.120 Family History Library Research Outline - Minnesota Minnesota Mormon, Libraries, Immigration, Resources, History, Military 7
9.121 Letter - Minnesota Historical Society Minnesota Vital Records, Census, Industry, Sources 3
10.122 An Introduction to Genealogical Source Material [Mississippi] Mississippi Archives, Resources, Records, Directory 2
10.123 Research in the Mississippi Dept. of Archives and History [Mississippi] Mississippi Archives, Resources, Records, Services 2
10.124 Family History Library Research Outline - Mississippi Mississippi Mormon, Libraries, Immigration, Resources, History, Military 8
10.125 U. S. Dept of the Interior, Geological Survey; Mississippi Map Mississippi Map, Index, Topographic 4
10.126 Letter - Mississippi Dept of Archives and History Mississippi Publications, Resources 6
10.127 Genealogy from the Heartland, 1992 Catalog of Titles in the Mid County Public Library [Missouri] Missouri Genealogy, Publications, Resources, Local History, Index, Authors 122
10.128 Genealogy from the Heartland, 1994 Supplement; Catalog of Titles in the Mid County Public Library [Missouri] Missouri Genealogy, Publications, Resources, Local History, Index, Authors 82
10.129 Genealogy from the Heartland, 1996 Supplement; Catalog of Titles in the Mid County Public Library [Missouri] Missouri Genealogy, Publications, Resources, Local History, Index, Authors 93
10.130 Missouri Historical Review, 1915, Vol IX, No.3 Missouri Nathaniel Patten, Press, Travel, Mission, Marriages, Books 80
10.131 Missouri Marriages Missouri Publications, Marriages, Counties, 1800s 1
10.132 Missouri Miscellany, Vol I, II, III Missouri Resources, Publications, Biographies, Vital Records 4
10.133 Missouri State Genealogical Assn Missouri Membership, Resources, Publications 4
10.134 National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Earliest Missouri Records, Vol XI, No 2, July 1922 Missouri Marriages, Non-Catholics, St. Genevieve 10
10.135 West Central Missouri Genealogical Society and Library, Confederate Roll of Honor Missouri Military, Civil War, Confederate, Publication, Order Information 1
10.136 Letter - Headquarters Missouri National Guard Missouri Military, Records, Resources, Wars, Muster Rolls 4
10.137 Missouri Territorial Pioneers Missouri Certification, Application, Pioneers 1
11.138 Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, 1690 - 1760, Jones to Lamberson North Carolina Wills, Abstracts, Records, Deaths 11
11.139 Marriage Records of Rowan County N.C., 1765-1794, Badgett to Dunn North Carolina Marriages, Rowan Co, Records, Dates 8
11.140 Historical Publications Section, North Carolina Division of Archives and History, 1980 catalog North Carolina Publications, Maps and Charts, Indians, War, History 27
11.141 Mecklenburg County, N.C., Abstracts of Early Wills, 1761-1798 North Carolina Wills, Records, Mecklenburg Co., Dates 6
11.142 Anson County, N.C., Abstracts of Early Wills, 1754-1803 North Carolina Wills, Abstracts, Records, Deaths, Anson Co 6
11.143 Newspaper Article - Clues may unravel mystery of Colony [North Carolina] North Carolina Roanoke Island, Lost Colony, Fort Raleigh, History 1
11.144 Tar Heel Tracks, Genealogical Research in North Carolina North Carolina Resources, Publications, Map, Counties, History, Government 5
11.145 North Carolina Research, Genealogy and Local History North Carolina Resource, Publication, Records 2
11.146 Newspaper Article - Rumblings of a Revolution [North Carolina] North Carolina Revolutionary War, Allen House, Regulators, Tryon 1
11.147 Family History Library Research Outline - North Dakota North Dakota Mormon, Libraries, Immigration, Resources, History, Military 6
11.148 Manuscripts and Special Collections, A Guide to Collections and Services, New York State Library New York Resources, Research, Manuscripts, Publications 4
11.149 Glenwood Cemetery, Binghamton, NY [New York] New York Cemetery, Graves, Alpha List G-R, Dates, Names 4
11.150 New York State Library's Local History and Genealogy Collection New York Resources, Publications, History, Census, Naturalization 9
11.151 Old Fort Niagara Cemetery, Elmira, NY New York Cemetery, Graves, Deaths, 1899-1945, Court Glossary 4
11.152 Handy Tips to Your genealogical Research in New York New York History, Maps, Records, Resources, Publications, Libraries 31
11.153 Long Island Genealogical Source Material [New York] New York Resources, Abstracts, Records, Vital Records, Burial, Long Island 7
11.154 Gateway to America, Genealogical Research in the NY State Library New York Regents, Resources, State/Local Records, Archives, Publications, County Map 27
11.155 Researching in New York: A Genealogical Melting Pot New York Tapes, Resources, Research 2
12.156 Family History Library Research Outline - Nebraska Nebraska Mormon, Libraries, Immigration, Resources, History, Military 8
12.157 U. S. Dept of the Interior, Geological Survey; Nebraska Map Nebraska Map, Index, Topographic 4
12.158 Nebraska State Genealogical Society, Membership Nebraska Membership, Publications, Resources 5
12.159 Leaflet No 1,Historical Resources for Genealogists [Nebraska] Nebraska Records, Census, Land, Military, Vital Records, Archives 2
12.160 Leaflet No. 2, Nebraska Territorial Census Enumerations, 1854-1857 Nebraska Census, Counties 1
12.161 Leaflet No. 3, Index to Naturalizations in Nebraska and some Iowa Counties, 1906 and Prior Nebraska Naturalization, Counties, Iowa, Records 2
12.162 Leaflet No. 4, Newspaper Indexes 1854-1867[Nebraska] Nebraska Newspapers, Microfilm, Publications, Index 1
12.163 Leaflet No. 5, Nebraska History Reference Materials Nebraska Resources, Publications 1
12.164 Leaflet No 6, Local Nebraska History Nebraska Publications, Resources, Counties, History 4
12.165 Leaflet No 7, General Genealogical Reference Materials [Nebraska] Nebraska Resources, Publications, Historical, Genealogies 1
12.166 Leaflet No 8, Genealogical Periodicals and Newsleters [Nebraska] Nebraska Publications, Historical, Index 1
12.167 Leaflet No 9, Genealogical Researchers [Nebraska] Nebraska Research 1
12.168 Leaflet No 10, Genealogical Societies in Nebraska Nebraska Societies, Counties, Research, Sources 2
12.169 Leaflet No 11, Special Indexes Available on Microfilm [Nebraska] Nebraska Census, Business, Counties, GAR, Nebraska Territory 2
12.170 Historical Organizations of Nebraska Nebraska Organizations, Counties, Museums 1?
12.171 Societies, Historical, Churches   ? 9
12.172 Letter - State of New Jersey, Dept of Education, State Library New Jersey Forms, Archives, Vital Statistics, Wills 14
12.173 Quality Books on the Heritage of the Great Northeast, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania New Jersey New York, Pennsylvania, Publications, History, Amer. Revolution 3
12.174 American & British Genealogy & Heraldry, A selected Lists of Books [New Jersey] New Jersey Publications, Research, Biography, Bibliography, History, Genealogies 8
12.175 Letter - New Hampshire Society of Genealogists New Hampshire Membership, Publications, Newsletter 1
12.176 Family History Library Research Outline - New Mexico New Mexico Mormon, Libraries, Church Records, Resources, History, Military 8
12.177 American & British Genealogy & Heraldry, A selected Lists of Books [New Mexico] New Mexico Publications, Research, History, Missions 8
13.178 Ross County, Ohio 1810 Tax List Ohio Names, Ross County, townships 10
13.179 Register of Those in Ohio in Service of the U.S., Sept 30, 1833 Ohio Public Officers, Postmasters, Postoffice Clerks, Light House Keepers, Senators 9
13.180 Lucas County Ohio Church Records Inventory Ohio Lucas County, advertisement, order form 2
13.181 Ohio Historical Society Publications Ohio Pamphlet, publications, order form 8
13.182 Finding Your Family Roots in Cincinnati Ohio Cincinnati, Library, Pamphlet 6
13.183 Pioneer Period and Pioneer People of Fairfield County, Ohio Ohio Settlers, townships, names, Fairfield County 11
13.184 Lest We Forget Ohio Wyandot County, Indians, history, names, photos, maps 48
13.185 The Ohio Genealogical Society Ohio Pamphlet, organization, publications 12
13.186 Cuyahoga County, Ohio Genealogical Research Guide Ohio Order form 1
13.187 Greater Cincinnati Genealogical Resources Ohio Cincinnati, societies, libraries, archives, records 8
13.188 US Census Rolls, Indexes & Related Materials, Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County Ohio Cincinnati, Hamilton County, library, microfilm, census 4
13.189 Ohio Ohio Records survey 6
13.190 Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses Ohio -1790-1920 Ohio Maps, counties 10
13.191 Ohio Country Ohio Maps, records, sources 4
13.192 Ohio Genealogical Periodical Index: A County Guide Ohio Wood County, Muskingum County, Columbiana County, Carroll County, Delaware County 4
13.193 FHL Research Outline Oklahoma Records, sources 11
13.194 Library Resources Division of the Oklahoma Historical Society Oklahoma Library, pamphlet, resources 8
13.195 Biographical Research Request Form Oklahoma Library 2
13.196 FHL Research Outline Oregon Records, sources 7
13.197 Oregon Historical Society Oregon Biographical aids 2
13.198 Oregon State Archives Oregon Records 8
14.199 German newspapers of Berks County, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Newspapers, Berks County 20
14.200 The Palantine Immigrant Pennsylvania Winter 1990-91, names index, articles 160
14.201 Buck's County, PA Reformed Dutch Church Pennsylvania Church records, 1737-80, Buck's County 18
14.202 Consider This... State Library of Pennsylvania Reference/Information Services Pennsylvania Collection, researchers 7
14.203 Index to 2000 names in 1881 book "Danville Montour Co. Pa Pennsylvania Names Index, Danville, Montour County 14
14.204 Genealogical Resources at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society Pennsylvania Lancaster County, library resources, Mennonite, Amish 2
14.205 Organization of the Counties of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Counties, County seats 1
14.206 Lancaster County Heritage [Pennsylvania] Pennsylvania Subscription application 6
14.207 Pennsylvania Genealogist and Historian Pennsylvania Researchers, Summer 1986 42
14.208 Pennsylvania Genealogist and Historian Pennsylvania August 1992 48
14.209 Franklin County Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Map, Franklin County 8
14.210 Pennsylvania Rare Book Reprints Pennsylvania County histories & biographical records 1
14.211 Early Life of the Pennsylvania Germans Pennsylvania Family name derivation 4
14.212 Marriage Record of St Paul's Episcopal Church, Chester County, PA 1704-1733 Pennsylvania Chester County, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, marriage records, 1704-33 6
14.213 A Guide to the State Library of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State Library 12
14.214 Abstract of Wills of Philadelphia County [Pennsylvania] Pennsylvania Abstracts of Wills, Philadelphia County, Index of Will abstracts 42
15.215 Publications of Interest to Genealogists from the South Carolina Archives South Carolina State archives 6
15.216 A brief guide to the genealogical material in the South Caroliniana Library South Carolina State Library 6
15.217 Research in the South Carolina Archives South Carolina State archives 6
15.218 Heritage of Old Buncombe County [South Carolina] South Carolina Old Buncombe County 1
15.219 FHL Research Outline South Dakota Record sources 7
15.220 Historical Resource Center and South Dakota State Historical Society South Dakota Genealogical resources 5
15.221 Some Texas Land Grants Texas Land Grant recipients 14
16.222 Tennessee's Facilities for Genealogy Research [newspaper article] Tennessee Genealogical research facilities 1
16.223 Civil War Records in the Tennessee State Library and Archives Tennessee Civil War records 8
16.224 Land Records in the Tennessee State Library and Archives Tennessee Land records 8
16.225 Papers of the Governors of Tennessee Tennessee Governors papers 7
16.226 Indexes to Manufacturers Census of 1820 Tennessee Tennessee Name Index, Industries 18
16.227 Our Ancestry Tennessee Blount County, Family records 2
16.228 Genealogical Source Material in the Tennessee State Library and Archives Tennessee Map of Counties, resources & services 2
16.229 Guide to Official Records of Genealogical Value in the State of Utah Utah State Archives 24
16.230 Utah State Historical Society Utah Membership application 8
16.231 Genealogical Journal published by Utah Genealogical Association Utah Subscription application 5
16.232 Home Study Genealogical Associate Degree Utah BYU home study 6
16.233 Home Study Genealogy courses Utah BYU home study 6
16.234 A Guide to Genealogical Sources in the Brigham Young University Card Catalogs Utah BYU library resources 10
16.235 A Selective List of Books and Films a the BYU Library for Research in the U.S. Utah BYU library resources 16
16.236 Genealogical Sources at the BYU Library Utah BYU library resources 9
17.237 FHL Research Outline Virginia Record sources 15
17.238 Genealogical Research at the Virginia State Library Virginia State Library resources 13
17.239 A Guide to the Counties of Virginia - Buckingham County Virginia Buckingham County, Cabell County West Virginia 5
17.240 A Guide to the Counties of Virginia - Franklin County Virginia Franklin County 3
17.241 A Guide to the Counties of Virginia - Washington County Virginia Washington County 2
17.242 A Guide to the Counties of Virginia - Powhatan County Virginia Powhatan County 2
17.243 A Guide to the Counties of Virginia - Orange County Virginia Orange County 3
17.244 A Guide to the Counties of Virginia - Frederick County Virginia Frederick County 4
17.245 A Guide to the Counties of Virginia - Montgomery County Virginia Montgomery County, Morgan County West Virginia 4
17.246 A Guide to the Counties of Virginia - Arlington County Virginia Arlington County, Augusta County 6
17.247 A Guide to the Counties of Virginia - Fauquier County Virginia Fauquier County 2
17.248 A Guide to the Counties of Virginia - Botetourt County Virginia Botetourt County 3
17.249 Virginia Boundaries Virginia County names, county seats 2
17.250 Virginia Settlers Virginia Summer 1986, Stafford County Quit Rents 8
17.251 Church Records in Virginia Virginia Church record books 2
17.252 Berkeley County Historical Society [Virginia] Virginia Civil War, Hedgesville Blues 4
17.253 Virginia State Library Genealogy Sources Virginia State Library resources 6
17.254 Virginia Historical Society Virginia Membership application, publications 4
17.255 Virginia Map of 1838 Virginia Map 1
17.256 Genealogical Society of Vermont Vermont Membership Application 2
18.257 FHL Research Outline Washington Record sources 15
18.258 Washington State Library Washington State Library resources 1
18.259 Washington (Ter.) Auditor Washington Census and assessment rolls 2
18.260 FHL Research Outline Wisconsin Record sources 9
18.261 The State Historical Society of Wisconsin Wisconsin Genealogical resources 1
18.262 The Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Wisconsin Membership application, indexes for sale 5
18.263 Individuals identified by Dr. David Dale Owen on his map of Southwestern Wisconsin in the Fall of 1839 Wisconsin Names list, southwestern Wisconsin, land tracts 9
18.264 FHL Research Outline Wyoming Record sources 7
18.265 Berkeley County West Virginia West Virginia Historical landmarks 8
18.266 The Society of Descendants of the West Virginia Pioneers, Inc. West Virginia Membership Application 4
19.267 Canadian Census Listings Canada Canadian census, Canadian research 268
19.268 Canadian National Censuses 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 Canada Canadian census, Canadian research 4
19.269 Close-up: Canada - Ontario Ontario, Canada Canada, Maps 1
19.270 Some Genealogical Problems in Canada Canada Canadian research 5
19.271 French-Canadian & Acadian Genealogy Quebec, Canada Canadian research, Canadian sources 6
19.272 Tracing Your Ancestors in Canada Canada Canadian research, Canadian sources 37
19.273 Western Canada Canada Maps 1
19.274 Tracing Ancestors through the Province of Quebec and Acadia to Their Place of Origin in France Quebec, Canada Canadian research, Canadian sources 20
19.275 Major Genealogical Record Sources for Canada Canada Canadian research, Canadian sources 17
19.276 Archival Resources in Quebec for the History of the Mississippi Valley Mississippi Valley Mississippi Valley research, Mississippi Valley sources 5
20.277 Emigration US trails, maps, LDS record sources 4
20.278 Hispanic Family History Research   book list, genealogy societies 15
20.279 Hispanic Family History Research   brochures [2], book list 2
20.280 Hispanic Family History Research   seminar announcement [2], address, phone numbers 2
21.281 A New Multi-national East European Genealogy Federation   objective, goals, membership, societies, geographic scope 3
21.282 The Augustan Society Europe history, application info, publications, handbooks & guides 4
21.283 Polish Genealogy Society of America Poland membership info 1
21.284 Business Travel Guide Europe trip planning, expressions in Polish & Czech, visa info 10
21.285 Normandy Roots Normandy history, map, descriptions of areas and names (two copies) 2
21.286 Understanding the French Republican Calendar   history, chart 1
21.287 Summary of Czechoslovak History Czechoslovakia timeline, vocabulary 5
21.288 Nase Rodina Czechoslovakia weights and measures, articles, stories, library purchases, queries 22
21.289 California-Slovak Club Slovakia, Moravia, Bohemia history, application,(two copies) 1
21.290 Major Genealogy Record Sources (LDS) Hungary maps, records, registers, wills 6
21.291 Portuguese Addresses US names & addresses for information 10
21.292 American-Portuguese Genealogical Society Bulletin Board (1985)   articles about Portuguese families, coat of arms, map 18
21.293 American-Portuguese Genealogical Society Bulletin Board (1985)   articles, parishes of Maderi Island families of Cottage City, Maine 16
21.294 American-Portuguese Genealogical Society Bulletin Board (1985)   Azore families, Rodrigues coat of arms, cousin finder, articles 18
21.295 American-Portuguese Genealogical Society Bulletin Board(1988)   articles about families, maps, parishes in Azores 18
21.296 American-Portuguese Genealogical Society Bulletin Board(1989)   passenger list, map, paleography, books, articles 18
21.297 American-Portuguese Genealogical Society Bulletin Board(1990)   articles about Portuguese world wide, passenger list, basic paleography, books 20
22.298 English Sources England, Wales English research, Parish registers 3
22.299 A Yankee in King George's Archives - A Brief Synopsis of Some British Public Records in American Libraries as Instruments of Research for Historical Genealogists England English research 23
22.300 The Kings and Queens of Great Britain England, Wales English research, Kings, Queens 1
22.301 Important Genealogical Sources in England England English research 1
22.302 Tracing Your Ancestors England English research, Welsh research 4
22.303 Names of British Counties or Shires England English counties 2
22.304 English Genealogical Research: A Bibliographic Guide England English research 12
22.305 Paleography - Old English Handwriting (Outline) England English research, Old English Handwriting 4
22.306 Sources in Wales Wales Welsh research 1
22.307 Welsh Research Wales Welsh research, Welsh sources 3
22.308 Searching in Scotland Scotland Scottish research, Scottish sources 1
22.309 Irish Genealogy Ireland Irish research, Irish sources 6
22.310 Scottish Genealogy Scotland Scottish research, Scottish sources 6
22.311 The Scottish Genealogist, September 1980 Scotland Scottish research, Scottish sources 128
22.312 General Register Office for Scotland Scotland Scottish research, Scottish sources 4
22.313 Tracing Clans by Computer in Scotland Scotland Scottish research, Scottish sources 1
22.314 Records of Genealogical Value for Scotland Scotland Scottish research, Scottish sources 11
22.315 Concerning Some Scottish Surnames Scotland Scottish research, Scottish sources, Scottish surnames 18
22.316 Major Genealogical Record Sources in the Isle of Man Isle of Man Isle of Man research 9
22.317 Population Movements During the Industrial Revolution in England and Wales England, Wales Industrial Revolution in England, Industrial Revolution in Wales 15
22.318 English and Welsh Genealogy England, Wales sources, wills, probates, census, maps, parish records, emigration 6
24.319 English Probate Jurisdictions, Bedfordshire Bedfordshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.320 English Probate Jurisdictions, Berkshire Berkshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.321 English Probate Jurisdictions, London London, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.322 English Probate Jurisdictions, Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.323 English Probate Jurisdictions, Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.324 English Probate Jurisdictions, Huntingdonshire Huntingdonshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.325 English Probate Jurisdictions, Lincolnshire Lincolnshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.326 English Probate Jurisdictions, Oxfordshire Oxfordshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.327 English Probate Jurisdictions, Northamptonshire Northamptonshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.328 English Probate Jurisdictions, Wiltshire Wiltshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.329 English Probate Jurisdictions, Worcestershire Worcestershire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.330 English Probate Jurisdictions, Hertfordshire Hertfordshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.331 English Probate Jurisdictions, Norfolk Norfolk, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.332 English Probate Jurisdictions, Kent Kent, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.333 English Probate Jurisdictions, Suffolk Suffolk, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.334 English Probate Jurisdictions, Durham Durham, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.335 English Probate Jurisdictions, Cheshire Cheshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.336 English Probate Jurisdictions, Lancashire Lancashire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.337 English Probate Jurisdictions, Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.338 English Probate Jurisdictions, Derbyshire Derbyshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.339 English Probate Jurisdictions, Westmorland Westmorland, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.340 English Probate Jurisdictions, Staffordshire Staffordshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.341 English Probate Jurisdictions, Warwickshire Warwickshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.342 English Probate Jurisdictions, Hampshire Hampshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.343 English Probate Jurisdictions, Northumberland Northumberland, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.344 English Probate Jurisdictions, Cumberland Cumberland, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.345 English Probate Jurisdictions, Gloucestershire Gloucestershire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.346 English Probate Jurisdictions, Rutlandshire Rutlandshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.347 English Probate Jurisdictions, Cornwall Cornwall, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.348 English Probate Jurisdictions, Devonshire Devonshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.349 English Probate Jurisdictions, Dorset Dorset, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.350 English Probate Jurisdictions, Middlesex Middlesex, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.351 English Probate Jurisdictions, Yorkshire Yorkshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.352 English Probate Jurisdictions, Essex Essex, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.353 English Probate Jurisdictions, Surrey Surrey, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.354 English Probate Jurisdictions, Leicestershire Leicestershire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.355 English Probate Jurisdictions, Shropshire Shropshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.356 English Probate Jurisdictions, Somersetshire Somersetshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.357 English Probate Jurisdictions, Sussex Sussex, England probate, wills, maps 8
24.358 English Probate Jurisdictions, South Wales and Monmouthshire South Wales and Monmouthshire, England probate, wills, maps 8
25.359 Irish Family Name Society News Letter Ireland queries, societies in Ireland, historical notes, etc. 17
25.360 Tracing your ancestry in Ulster Northern Ireland where to find info and addresses 1
25.361 Titles in the Heraldry & Genealogy Series Ireland libraries, newspapers, registries, books 6
25.362 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Ireland guide to churches & graveyards, parish registers 2
25.363 Focus on Family Heritage Seminar Ireland maps, table of counties, sources 3
25.364 Chicago Gen. Soc. Ireland cemeteries, bookstores, radio programs, find a birthplace & other records 2
25.365 Chicago Genealogist Ireland baptismal records from Drogheda, burials in Dundalk 2
25.366 Irish Research Sources in the Central Assoc of Libraries Ireland about atlases, maps, records, surnames, bibliography, etc 3
25.367 Irish American Historical Society Ireland application blank 2
25.368 Guide to the Public Records Office North Ireland how to use, records, maps, publications 12
25.369 Major Genealogical Record Sources (LDS) Ireland census, military, registers & licenses 6
25.370 Irish Family History Magazine Australia, New Zealand the Irish link, family stories, queries 20
26.371 The Immigrant Ancestor - A Surname List Germany, Britain, Alsace Immigration, Surname Lists 31
26.372 Roots, Records, and Relatives - A Primer on German Genealogy Germany German research, German sources 7
26.373 Germany - Research Outline Germany German research, German sources 52
26.374 Genealogical Research in Baden Germany German research, German sources 4
26.375 The European Search for German Emigrants Germany German research, German sources 8
26.376 German Research Sources in the Central Association of Libraries (Central California) Germany German research, German sources 6
26.377 Pomerania - Its People and Its History Germany Pomerania, German research, German sources 36
26.378 English Translations of German Words Used in A General Introduction to the Use of German Archival Resources in Genealogy (multiple copies) Germany German research, Translations, German words 1
26.379 Genealogical Research in Wurttemberg Germany German research, German sources 4
26.380 Records of Genealogical Value for Germany Germany German research, German sources 13
26.381 Mannheim Records Germany German research, German sources 1
26.382 German Research Outline Germany German research, German sources 4
26.383 Tracing Your Roots from the Old World to the New World Germany German research, German sources 1
26.384 Reaching Beyond the Atlantic in Search of German Immigrant Ancestors Germany German research, German sources 6
26.385 Genealogical Research in German-Speaking Lands - A Symposium Germany German research, German sources 8
26.386 German Interest Group News - November 1984 Germany German research, German sources 1
26.387 German Interest Group News - October 1983 Germany German research, German sources 1
26.388 German Interest Group News - February 1984 Germany German research, German sources 1
26.389 Notes on East German Research Germany German research, German sources 1
26.390 Societies in Foreign Countries Germany German research, German sources 1
26.391 German Research Germany German research, German sources 1
27.392 The Augustan Society Publication List Italian, Spanish, German family research, queries 2
27.393 The Octavian Society Journal   Ancient & Medieval Studies 1
27.394 Focus on Family Heritage Seminar Italy sources, maps, church records, records, word lists 7
27.395 Italian Genealogist Italy surnames, passenger lists, publications 16
28.396 Basics of Scandinavian Research Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland sources, handwriting & language, reading the records, calendar changes, emigration 9
28.397 Tracing your Swedish Ancestry (2) Sweden what & where to find family information 30
28.398 National Genealogical Society Quarterly Scandinavian & Finland bibliography 5
28.399 Notes for presentation to L-AGS Norway tracing a family, bibliography, sources, maps of Norway & Sweden 12
28.400 The Scandinavian Genealogical Helper Denmark probate records and jurisdictions, availability of records, word list, queries, index 22
28.401 Tracing your Swedish Ancestry Sweden what & where to find family information 15
28.402 Notes from the text 'Cradled in Sweden'   handwriting, gothic alphabet 4
28.403 List of societies Sweden names and addresses 1
28.404 How to trace your ancestors in Norway Norway problems, preparations, Norwegian archives, sources, census 16
28.405 How to trace your ancestors in Norway Norway problems, preparations, Norwegian archives, sources, census 4
28.406 Emmigration Review Norway 150th anniversary activities in nine communes (southwestern Norway), farm names, family names, history 14
29.407 The Bailey-Furr Family History various Bailey, Furr 19
29.408 Bartlett Family Group Sheets various Bartlett 54
29.409 Genealogies - Family of Egle, Family of Muller, Murray of Harris' Ferry, Orth of Lebanon, Thomas of Heidelberg various Egle, Muller, Murray, Orth, Thomas 126
29.410 Hans Nikolaisen Holte Family various Norway, Anderson 52
29.411 Pack/Peck/Peek Pioneers various Pack, Peck, Peek 46
29.412 A Slice of Danish Life in 1832 - the Probate Proceedings for Christiane Margrethe Pedersdatter various Pedersdatter, Anderson 30
30.413 Amour Flake Family Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon Flake, Golding, Black, Sellers, Starns, Anderson, Heine, Wolfe, Noble, Nolan, Gentry, McWard, Dunn, Miller, Nelson, Danklefs, Berg, Dempsey, Wiprud, Thompson, Ekdahl, Holmwood, Wood, Potter, Meyer, Duty, McCullock, Melnyk, Reed, Larson, Walker, Mobley, Squire, Pajkos, Brooks, Chambliss, Schmidt, Olbert, Stanger 13
30.414 Cole, Coles, Coales Family Group Sheets Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Iowa, Kentucky, Vermont, California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, Michigan, Connecticut, Alabama, Missouri, Delaware, Nebraska, West Virginia Cole, Coles, family group sheets, McDonald, Wrightson, Applegate, Gardner, De Witt, Davis, Miller, Easterbrook, Sivert, Curtiss, Thomas, Locke, Phillips, Porter, Bolen, Bowling, Asher, Powell, Thompson, Wheeler, Webster, Evans, Kincaid, Woods, Adams, Fisher, Hawxhurst, Sparling, Rizor, Morton, Whitehead, Carey, Alley, Clarck, Oesterreicher 39
30.415 McDonald Family Histories Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Nebraska, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, California, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Masachusetts, Texas, Virginia, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Oregon, West Virginia, Colorado, Canada, Ireland, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine, Kansas McDonald, family group sheets, Watson, Milligan, Millican, Dillon, Fowler, Adcock, Brown, Riley, Sadler, Wilson, Blayney, Mahan, McCarver, Harp, Tucker, Anderson, Spencer, Burke, Sherwood, Jerman, Collins, Reeder, Miskell, Boss, Bass, Leach, Byrd, Manor, Howell, McCain, Maddock, English, Munkers, Martin, Bartley, Atkins, Tuttle, Hannum, Hankey, Walworth, Cheney, Hand, Morgan, Stephens 69
30.416 Biography of Nelson Ira Merryman Nebraska, Illinois, Ireland, Massachusetts, Iowa Merryman, Evans, Quaintance, Penn 5
31.417 Moore Surname North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, New York, West Virginia, Indiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Nebraska, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, California, New Jersey, Georgia, Kansas, Oregon, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Maine Moore, family group sheets, Shipman, McCrary, Whitmire, Stewart, Cook, Baker, Templeton, Goodin, Capps, Rice, Dryden, Hollingsworth, Dorland, Cole, Hiatt, Coston, Boothe, Creek, Witt, Watson, Jones, Chambers, Whiting, Kent, Kizer, Hann, Porter, Plant, Smith, Hill, Rankin, Bryant, Dresbach, Elder, Riggin, Chandler, Lauber, Davis, Davidson, Frazier, Peak, Wright, Pratt, Dickerson, Bigler, Fulton, Parson, Roberson, Cheney, Peddicord, Abrams, Donaldson, Harlow, Lewis, Minnich, Epperson, Wilson, DeMott, Spirlock, Williamson, Vasser, Granger, Price, Howell, Stewart, Covington, Edwards, Roberts, Love, Springsteen, Lammers, Redmond, Hanks, Ferguson, Maize, Lange, Evans, Bishop, Patty, Spray, Foster, Grear, Boyd, Ross, Hobbs, Moseley, McKinnis, Peak, Williams, Finneran, McGill, Joyner, Jayner, Brown, Wyatt, Short, Gasea, Shinn, Billy, Bibby, Bilby, McFarland, Tree, Mitchell, Barker, Jeanes, Whallon, Lay, Risdon, Compton, Corban, Harvey, Lavender, Morris, Jessup, Grierson, Walsh, Taylor, Page, Ward, Haning, Humphrey, Miller, Fogle, Ashley, Bordman, Millroy, Dean, Muldoon, Briley, Gallagher, Grimmet, Snyder, Mason, Cooper, Million, Sweat, Harris, Haynes, Hendershott, Long, McDonald, French, Pate, Malone, Cody, Callister, Traverse, Crage, Craig, Creig, Wade, Lucas, Gruell, Thomas, Cobb, Royer, Stutsman, Hayes, Richardson, Hardeman, Lough, Fox, Savory, Parker, Mullins, Carouthers, Billups, Puckett, Anderson, Sears, Fitzrandolph, Finnard, Blackstone, Thoits, Cornell, Camron, Allward, Barnsdall, Shelton 275
32.418 Person, Pearson Family Histories Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, Indiana, Iowa, South Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, New Jersey, Arkansas, Oklahoma, England, North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, Delaware, Alabama, Michigan, Connecticut, Georgia, Texas, California, Sweden Person, Pearson, Pierson, Persson, Riggs, Longshore, Adkins, Armstrong, Brooks, Evans, Burgess, Smith, Cotter, Ogden, Pence, Hall, Pollock, Coulter, Howard, Ready, Janney, Frazer, Bondersson, Prewitt, Prichard, Carpenter, Matthews, Worthington, Potts, Rogers, Prater, Kelton, Park, Parks, Sharpley, Dixon, Powell, Copeland, Veepon, Vipont, Dure, Todd, Daughtry, Lamb, Lewis, Willoughby, Lantz, Simmons, Morrow, Crowson, Mitchell, Hudson, Phelps, Cloud, Harrington, Bland, Bailey, Bower, Calkins, Branson, Bergstrom, Maloy, McLearen, Stephenson, Hedgecock, Parish, McDaniels, Head, Cooper, Knapp, Lupton, Topping, Howell, Svensdotter, Abrahamsdotter, Buffinton, Vance, Peterson, Morse, Staples, Thurston, Sanders, Teague, Jecocke, Simpson, Harper, Engleman, Anderson 120
32.419 Pomroy, Pumroy, Pomeroy Family Histories Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Kansas, Ireland, Vermont, South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Idaho, Maine, Nebraska, Canada Pomeroy, Pomroy, Pumroy, Keech, Rockett, Brown, Lyman, Fish, Deforest, Sheldon, Marshall, Tryon, Dailey, Daily, Woodward, Carter, Pierce, Galance, Tufts, Morrison, Mobbs 20
33.420 Smith Genealogy Indiana, California, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas, Texas, Iowa, Maryland, Connecticut, Virginia, Massachusetts, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina, New York, North Carolina, Minnesota, Michigan, Mississippi, Kansas, Tennessee, Delaware, Alabama, Vermont, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Wyoming, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Smith, Smyth, Smythe, Smithe, family group sheets, Kuykendall, Addison, Hancock, Tetric, Knapp, Davis, Ustick, Fritz, Tomlinson, Ormsbee, Flint, Priest, Hale, Ellis, Essex, Pomeroy, Knight, Chapin, Conard, Bliss, Shaver, Linville, Pool, Cheney, Roberts, Hawks, Hawkins, Beeman, Peltier, Slaughter, Morelock, Box, Hearn, Bash, Coffin, Lash, Ashcraft, Campbell, Wooley, Collett, Davisson, Platt, Addison, Sears, Sayres, Twaddle, Cary, Johnson, Stubbs, Price, Wells, Thompson, Cupit, Hale, Waite, Wear, Wash, Wiginton, Estes, Oviatt, Dest, Partridge, Fowler, Winegar, Seward, Sanders, Rakestraw, Steel, Storol, Hart, Chaeterson, Sackett, Masker, Turner, Schneiter, Ames, Neill, Kildow, Frye, Fleming, Goodpasture, Duberry, Brach, Lowary, Duncan, Scott, Fox, Allis, Wilkes, Tibbals, Cocke, Jopling, Simpson, Palmer, Laing, Pierce, Pearson, Gaulden, Chileab, Buck, Jeanes, Kiteley, Marsh, Gee, Van Deusen, Byrne, Blake, Leatherman, Moore, Lasater, Canfield, Bayly, Catron, Armstrong, Murphy, McKnight, Harris, Thomas, Hopkins, Dicken, Bateman, Lyon, Michael, Davidson, Wallace, Hodges, Ingles, Chenowith, Bullock, Goode, McCowan, Bottoms, Hamby, Sims, Plow, Bowen, Mitchell, Hughes, Morris, Hassell, Baker, Kelly, Kelley, Matthews, Bazemore, Stephens, Cochran, Gintling, Huitt, Maier, Glenn, Clements, Lewis 300
34.421 Wolcott Family Group Sheets Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, England Wolcott, family group sheets, Gorham, Hills, Pitkin, Cornwall, Lloyd, Dunning, Merryman, Love, Mitchell, Potter, Merriam, Wilcox, Huckins, Bailey, Clapp, Warham, Allyn, Garwood, Quaintance, Codding, Trafton, Garner, Robertson, Hills, Loomis, Moore, Cobb, Lewis, Hayward, Wright, Paine, Shaw, Mason, Brown, Chichester, Giffard, Wotton, Prouz, Redvers, Osborne 40
34.422 Twice Told Tales of Pioneer Life North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas Pioneer life, Slavery, Civil War, Pipes, Hyden, Carter, Dobbins, Woody 18
34.423 Pipes and Woody Family Group Sheets North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Tennessee Pipes, Woody, Dobbins, Jeffries, Adams, Rice, Morris, Carter, Hyden, Meyer 20
34.424 Edith May Blackford Pedigree Chart New Jersey, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, England, Nova Scotia Pedigree charts, Blackford, Guido, Field, Fields, Kurtz, Parker 1
34.425 Kent Edmond White Pedigree Charts Kansas, Colorado, England, Iowa, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia, Switzerland, Ohio, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut Pedigree charts, White, Swift, Burkett, Moss, Ketchum, Stage, Smith, Slater, Hall, Webster, Gratton, Williamson 14
34.426 Judith Emanuele Hurtz Pedigree Charts California, Pennsylvania, Italy, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois Emanuele, Hurtz, Pedigree charts, Morra, Stanton, Fairchild, Griffin 4
34.427 Alice Lucile Swift Pedigree Charts Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Michigan, Vermont, England Swift, White, Pedigree charts, Severance, Swett, Tucker, Brigham, Cowing, King, Gannett, Helms, Weaver, Nichols, Challis, Titcomb, Poor, Pierce, Warren, Merrill, Belknap, Allen, Beacon, Loring, Gilman, Clark, Fiske, Smith, Chapin, Hatch, Chittendon, Bolles, Bolle, Howell, Goodrick, Moleynes, Bradshaw 66
35.428 Cemeteries   definitions, Rose Hill, tombstones 10
35.429 Grand-ma Trobridge's Little Book Gallipolis, Ohio 19th century memoir 21
35.430 Bay Area Libraries S. F. Bay Area Libraries, Family History Centers 16
36.431 CGS Family History Fair   Fair Program, research basics 135
37.432 National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, D. A. R.   Research Helps, Lineage, Application Papers, Documentation, Blank Forms 110
38.433 An Ancestor's Death - A Time for Reaping   Resources, Research, Records, Death, Cemeteries 4
38.434 Cemetery and Burial Records   Research, Surnames, Rubbings, Cemeteries, Publications, Techniques 4
38.435 Cemetery Searching: I Know They're Here Somewhere!   Searches, Records, How to, Resources, Burials, Cemeteries 4
38.436 Land Records and Genealogical Research: Why are Land Records Important   Land Records, Terms, Transfers, Deeds, Resources, Publications 4
39.437 Family Search Manual   FHL catalog, IGI, Ancestral File, SSDI 70
40.438 Federal Records U.S. census, mortality schedules, alternate records 23
41.439 National Archives Genealogical Research and Record Group 36   Resources, Documents, Customs, Records, Passenger Ships, Passengers 80
41.440 DocumentationCiting Sources, Documenting Your Work, Focus on Family Heritage Seminar   LDS, Record Keeping, Documentation, Checklist, Research, Sources 6
41.441 Recording and Documenting Your Research, focus on Family Heritage Seminar   LDS, Record Keeping, Documentation, Work Sheets, Notebooks 7
41.442 Correspondence   Research, Form Letters, Techniques, Samples, Correspondence 5
41.443 Correspondence Procedures   Research, Techniques, Correspondence 2
41.444 CemeteriesCemeteries, What to Expect! = What to do There!   Cemeteries, Supplies, Techniques, Records 2
41.445 AutobiographyGuide For Authors   Techniques, Preparation, Guidelines, Publishing 8
41.446 How to Write Your Autobiography   Techniques, Preparation, Contents 4
41.447 Suggestions and Items to Consider in Writing your Personal History   Contents, History, Preparation 2
42.448 20th Century Immigration (Outline) United States Immigration 4
42.449 U.S. Customs & Immigration Passenger Arrival Lists with Indexes - A Complete Listing of National Archives Microfilm Publications Including All New Publications Through December 1987 United States Immigration, Passenger arrival lists 7
42.450 Emigration, Immigration and Passenger Lists United States Immigration, Passenger arrival lists 74
42.451 Emigration and Immigration Records United States Immigration 4
42.452 A Selected Bibliography Relating to Colonial American Emigration United States Immigration 1
43.453 A Member's Guide to Temple and Family History Work   LDS, Ordinances, Research, Guidelines 20
43.454 Where Do I Start   LDS, Research, Records, Forms, Charts 4
43.455 Family Search: Contributing Information to Ancestral File   LDS, Preparation, Gedcom, How to 4
43.456 Family Search: Military Index   LDS, Preparation, Military Index, Research 1
43.457 Family Search: U.S. Social Security Death Index   LDS, Preparation, Research, How to, Deaths 4
43.458 Family Search: Using Ancestral File   LDS, Preparation, Research, Ancestors, Family 4
43.459 Family Search: Family History Library Catalog (on compact disc)   LDS, Research, Family, Records, How to 4
43.460 Family Search: International Genealogical Index(on compact disc)   LDS, Research, Records, How to, Ancestors 4
43.461 Research Outline: PERiodical Source Index on Microfiche (PERSI)   LDS, Research, Records, Sources, Periodicals, How to 4
43.462 Research Outline: Parish and Vital Records List   LDS, How to, Records, Dates, Microfiche 2
43.463 Family History Library: Family History Library and Family History Centers   LDS, Resources, Records, Publications, Library 4
44.464 Our Early Navy (From 1775 through 1855)   Navy, History, Uniforms, 1812, Chronology, Ships 14
44.465 Military Records   Records, Military, Revolutionary War, Pensions, Loyalists 2
44.466 Military Records at The San Francisco Branch of the National Archives   Military, Records, Archives, Microfilm, Wars, Pensions 5
44.467 U.S. Military Records, Focus on Family Heritage Seminar   LDS, Military, Records, Veteran Benefits, Wars 4
44.468 Bibliography of Select Military Sources   Bibliography, Army, Records, Muster Rolls, Revolution 1
44.469 Military Service Records in the National Archives   Records, Military, Confederacy, Pensions, Discharges, Ordering 14
44.470 Clipping - New at the Fiche Drawer at the Santa Clara Co. Hist. & Gen. Society   Military, Civil War, Missouri, West Virginia, Veterans 1
44.471 Connecticut Lineages of Revolutionary War Regiments Connecticut Revolutionary War, Regiments, Battles, History, Continental Army, Disbandments 23
44.472 Clipping - Selective Service Records   WWI, Records, Draft, National Archives, Birth 1
44.473 Military Research Sources in the Central Assoc. of Libraries   Military Records, Revolutionary War, Pensions, History, Publications, Sources 14
45.474 Names and Family Naming Resources   Family names, Names, Naming Customs, Surnames, Nicknames, Naming Patterns 80
46.475 National Archives U.S. publications, records, ethnic minorities 22
47.476 Class on Using Personal Ancestral File   PAF, IGI, FamilySearch, Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File 50
48.477 I: More to genealogy than discovering one's roots (page 1)   clipping, genealogy course  
48.478 II: Historical Biography and Genealogy (page 4)   clipping, genealogy course, biography  
48.479 III: Basic research tools include organization (page 6)   clipping, genealogy course, research tools, organizations  
48.480 IV: Take advantage of basic printed references (page 8)   clipping, genealogy course, printed references  
48.481 V: Historians find interviewing difficult to master (page 10)   clipping, genealogy course, interviewing  
48.482 VI: Biographies offer reference points in history (page 12)   clipping, genealogy course, biography  
48.483 VII: Autobiographies a key to history (page 14)   clipping, genealogy course, autobiography  
48.484 VIII: Examining census can prover fruitful, fruitless (page 16)   clipping, genealogy course, census  
48.485 IX: Introductions to some important historical records (page 18)   clipping, genealogy course, historical records  
48.486 X: Understanding the hardships pioneers faced (page 20)   clipping, genealogy course, pioneers  
48.487 XI: Land records helpful in tracing family history (page 23)   clipping, genealogy course, land records  
48.488 XII: Take a skeptical attitude toward 'proof' (page 26)   clipping, genealogy course, proof  
48.489 XIII: Westward migration honed America's 'can-do' spirit (page 32)   clipping, genealogy course, westward migration  
48.490 XV: Perspective's impact on history (page 35)   clipping, genealogy course  
48.491 Dear Abby: Dirt turns up in dig for roots (page 37)   clipping, Dear Abby, dirt  
48.492 How to Find Your Family Roots (page 38)   clipping, How-to  
48.493 Many families' roots lead to Mormon Church's Genealogical Library (page 42) Utah clipping, Mormons, Family History Library  
48.494 The March of Dimes Family Health Tree (page 43)   clipping, Family Health  
48.495 Records of Aliens (page 45)   clipping, Aliens  
48.496 UC Berkeley: How to find maps (page 46) California clipping, UC Berkeley, maps  
48.497 UC Berkeley: Map Room (page 48) California clipping, UC Berkeley, maps  
48.498 Anglo-Saxon 'roots' traced in genealogy tome [Alyene Prehn, Rossmoor] (page 50)   clipping, Anglo-Saxon, Prehn_Alyene  
48.499 Family histories answer lots of questions (page 53)   clipping, Family histories  
48.500 The Royal Family (page 55)   clipping, The Royal Family  
48.501 Women turn detective for genealogy hobby [June Duffey, Margaret Fazio, Barbara Dittig, Judy Williams, Fran Samans, Bill Wolcott, Rosemarie Wade] (page 56) Livermore clipping, Duffey, Fazio, Dittig, Williams, Samans, Wolcott, Wade  
48.502 Sven, you vant to meet yure roots? Yew betcha (page 58) Sweden clipping, Swedish genealogy  
48.503 Dublin man seeks family tree roots [Peggy-Jean and Harry Wolstenholme] (page 62)   clipping, Wolstenholme  
48.504 Planning a gathering of the clan [Lundgren and Nicholson] (page 64)   clipping, reunions, Lundgren, Nicholson  
48.505 How to organize a family history (page 67)   clipping, organizing  
48.506 A checklist for your reunion (page 68)   clipping, reunions  
48.507 Finding out who you are from your forebears [Fran Samans] (page 69)   clipping, Samans  
48.508 Joseph Disease: This fight brings the family together (page 71) Portugal clipping, Joseph Disease  
48.509 They have bus, will travel in search of family history (page 73)   clipping, genealogy travel  
48.510 Suggestions and items to consider in writing your personal history (page 75)   clipping, personal history  
48.511 Are you proud of your ancestors? Would you like to know more about them? (page 76)   clipping, ancestors  
48.512 Ireland: Tracing your ancestors (page 77) Ireland clipping, Irish genealogy  
48.513 The social background of 300,000 Danish emigrants (page 79)   clipping, Danish emigrants  
48.514 Ancestor study sparks researchers' interest [Barbara Dittig, Bill Wolcott, Ruth Dierks, Gayle Pipes, Sharon Geier, Art Skinner] (page 86)   clipping, Dittig, Wolcott, Dierks, Pipes, Geier, Skinner  
48.515 War and Persecution Drive Rhinelanders To Seek a Better Life (page 90) Germany clipping, war, persecution, emigration  
48.516 Survey of genealogical resources in Iowa - 32 pages (page 92) Iowa clipping, Iowa resources  
48.517 Irish research: Going home (page 124) Ireland clipping, Irish research  
48.518 Mormons expect 15,000 for genealogical conference (page 125)   clipping, Mormons  
48.519 The Oakland History Room (page 126) Oakland, California clipping, Oakland History Room  
48.520 Roots of Irish 'Madness' - 9 pages (page 128) Ireland clipping, Irish "Madness"  
48.521 Celebrate the Bicentennial (page 137)   clipping, Bicentennial  
48.522 Visit to a Welsh town is a lesson in history (page 138) Wales clipping, Welsh history, travel  
48.523 Newsweek: Everybody's Search for Roots (page 140)   clipping, Newsweek article  
48.524 Ron Hill is Avid Genealogist [Sandia Lab News] (page 149)   clipping, Hill_Ron, Sandia  
48.525 Time: White Roots: Looking for Great-Grandpa (page 151)   clipping, White Roots  
48.526 If 'Roots' moved you to travel, here's how to launch your search (page 155)   clipping, genealogy travel  
48.527 Reaching for Your Ancestors (page 156)   clipping, ancestors  
48.528 New Harmony [Indiana] Visitors Stroll Thru History (page 159) Indiana clipping, New Harmony, Indiana  
48.529 Ancestor search often ends in cemeteries (page 160)   clipping, cemeteries  
48.530 You'll need record system (page 162)   clipping, record system  
48.531 Harriet Van Horne: The Great Ancestor Hunt (page 164)   clipping, Van Horne_Harriet, Ancestor Hunt  
48.532 Ann Landers: Who Are These People (page 166)   clipping, Ann Landers  
48.533 Westward Ho! The New Country: A Social History of the American Frontier, 1776-1890 (page 167)   clipping, American Frontier  
48.534 New Harmony, Indiana (page 168) Indiana clipping, New Harmony, Indiana  
48.535 Thanksgiving. Pilgrims' descendants enjoy a 'real' family gathering [Pat Saltgaver] (page 173)   clipping, Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Saltgaver  
48.536 Tracing the Family Tree (page 177)   clipping, family tree  
48.537 Genealogy can be a fine hobby, but I'll let sleeping dogs lie (page 179)   clipping, sleeping dogs  
48.538 Finnish version of hunt for roots (page 180) Finland clipping, Finnish roots  
48.539 Augustan Society Newsletter (page 181)   clipping, heraldry  
48.540 How to get birthday greetings from the President (page 185)   clipping, birthday greetings, president  
48.541 Publishing a family history (page 186)   clipping, Publishing  
48.542 Time: Why 'Roots' Hit Home (page 188)   clipping, Roots, Haley  
48.543 American Origins: Norway (page 196) Norway clipping, Norway  
48.544 Accredited Scandinavian Genealogists (page 200) Scandinavia clipping, Scandinavian genealogists  
48.545 Aids for genealogical searching in Indiana (page 201) Indiana clipping, searching in Indiana  
48.546 Minnesota Historical Society: Resources (page 205) Minnesota clipping, Minnesota resources  
48.547 UC Berkeley: Use of the Bancroft Library (page 208) California clipping, UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library  
48.548 Tracing your Danish ancestors and relatives (page 209) Denmark clipping, Danish genealogy  
48.549 Tracing your ancestry in Ulster (page 211) Northern Ireland clipping, Ulster genealogy  
48.550 In Search of Roots (page 215)   clipping, Roots  
48.551 Everybody Is Climbing Their Family Tree (page 216)   clipping, family tree  
48.552 Latter Day Vikings Found America's "First" State (page 219) Sweden clipping, Swedes, Delaware  
48.553 New Harmony, Indiana: Little in a Big Way (page 223) Indiana clipping, New Harmony, Indiana  
48.554 Genealogists find interesting twigs on their family trees (page 224)   clipping, family tree  
48.555 How to Get Hooked on History [Sandia Lab News] (page 226)   clipping, Sandia  
48.556 New Harmony, Indiana: Revolving model shows history of 1824 town (page 227) Indiana clipping, New Harmony, Indiana  
48.557 What came before move to the U.S.? (page 228)   clipping, immigration  
48.558 The search for our roots--why do we care?, Richard Cohen (page 229)   clipping, why genealogy  
48.559 Iowan's 'roots' word-of-mouth best seller (page 230) Iowa clipping, Iowan's roots  
48.560 UC Berkeley: Historical Studies: A selected list of reference books for students of history (page 231) California clipping, UC Berkeley, sources  
48.561 The Amador Genealogical Association informational brochure (page 247)   clipping, Amador Genealogical Association  
48.562 Denver Public Library: genealogy resources (page 249) Colorado clipping, Denver, resources  
48.563 Numbering systems for land subdivision (page 255)   clipping, land subdivision  
48.564 Augustan Society publications (page 256)   clipping, heraldry  
48.565 Albuquerque Public Library system (page 259) New Mexico clipping, Albuquerque, library  
48.566 How to trace your ancestors in Norway (page 261) Norway clipping, Norway  
48.567 Gothic Script examples (page 269) Germany clipping, Gothic script  
48.568 The Newberry Library: Genealogy beginners manual (page 270) Illinois clipping, Newberry Library  
48.569 Hobby of Colesburg [Iowa] man provides genealogical lore (page 281) Iowa clipping, Iowa genealogy  
48.570 National Archives: Genealogical research - how to begin (page 283)   clipping, National Archives, manual  
48.571 Tracing Your Irish Ancestry (page 285) Ireland clipping, Irish Ancestry  
48.572 New Harmony, Indiana: In rural Indiana, intricate architecture relates present to experimental past (page 292) Indiana clipping, New Harmony, Indiana  
48.573 Time: Everyone's Genealogical Mother (page 294)   clipping, Genealogical Mother  
48.574 Family hsitory comes alive with video [San Ramon Valley GS] (page 295)   clipping, Family history video  
48.575 Family-Tree Tracers Get a New Perch [California GS] (page 296)   clipping, Family tree  
48.576 Funeral for a Farmer [Minnesota, Norwegians] (page 297) Minnesota, Norway clipping, Funeral, Norwegian  
48.577 Reader's Digest: The Joys of Ancestor-Hunting, Dale Van Atta (page 300)   clipping, Ancestor hunting  
48.578 Preserving Hayward's Past (page 305) Hayward, California clipping, Hayward history  
48.579 Belfast: a Sunday walk through a city filled with hate and fear (page 309) Northern Ireland clipping, Belfast  
48.580 In quest of ancestry - on parchment or microfilm (page 312)   clipping, parchment, microfilm  
48.581 National Archives is treasury of history (page 317)   clipping, National Archives  
48.582 Tracing emigrant roots in Sweden (page 318) Sweden clipping, emigrants, Sweden  
48.583 Funny look at digging up dirt on dead relatives (page 323)   clipping, humor, genealogical dirt  
48.584 Family histories important sources (page 324)   clipping, sources  
48.585 Software for the Family Tree (page 325)   clipping, Software  
48.586 Frank and Ernest (page 326)   clipping, cartoon, Frank and Ernest  
48.587 California State Libraries: Treasures at two state libraries (page 327) California clipping, California State Libraries  
48.588 Mormon genealogy vault is huge, modern and built to last (page 328) Utah clipping, Mormon, genealogy vault  
48.589 Lyle clan members go back to roots (page 329) Ireland clipping, Lyle, reunion  
48.590 Kulm family tree stands 7 feet high [Danville] (page 330)   clipping, Kulm, Danville, reunion  
48.591 Collection is a matter of life and death for Iowa man (page 332) Iowa clipping, archivist  
48.592 Here's lookin' for you, Sweetheart: Tracking down old pals (page 334)   clipping, finding old pals  
48.593 Norwegians made mark in U.S. history (page 337) Norway clipping, Norwegians  
48.594 Uff da! State is simply full of Germans [Minnesota] (page 339) Germany clipping, immigrants  
48.595 Genealogical society finds that headstones can talk [L-AGS, Margaret Fazio, Lucile White, Beverly Ales, Bill Wolcott] (page 347)   clipping, cemeteries, Fazio, White, Ales, Wolcott  
48.596 Long-lost family only miles away [Jolene and David Abrahams, Rosemarie and Bob Wade] (page 349)   clipping, adoption, Abrahams, Wade  
48.597 Scandinavian humor from one who should know (page 350) Scandinavia clipping, Scandinavian, humor  

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