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Dublin Cemetery

660 Donlon Way
Dublin, California

This cemetery is located to the rear of the Heritage Center on Donlon Way. Also included on site is Old St. Raymond's Church (1860) and Murray School (1856).

The land was deeded to the Dublin Cemetery, Inc., by the Catholic Church Diocese of Oakland, after which the land the church was on was deeded over to the Amador-Livermore Valley Historical Society (ALVHS).

A noteworthy burial is that of Tom Donlon who was working on the church roof in 1859 and fell to his death. He was 25 years of age.

The following paragraph, now outdated but retained for historical interest, should be replaced by that following it.

The present [1990] cemetery is owned by the Dublin Cemetery, Inc., incorporated in January, 1964. It is run by a board of seven directors, who are elected by the general membership. Membership was by "Heir-at-Law" which meant before 1964 that heirs, tenants, neighbors and employees of Charles Dougherty (1844-1932) were automatically eligible for membership and permitted to be buried in the Dublin Cemetery. If other family plots had been established before 1964 then members of the family were entitled to become members of the Dublin Cemetery, Inc. and entitled to burial. The bylaws have been amended to allow new plots for those of unusual longevity, those with historical ties to Dublin, or those who had become historical persons.

Replace the above paragraph with the following, supplied by Bonnie Leonard, Recreation Supervisor for the City of Dublin, on May 15, 2000.

The Cemetery as well as the Old St. Raymond's church and the Murray Schoolhouse which make up the Dublin Heritage Center are now owned and operated by the City of Dublin. Inquiries may be made to:

City of Dublin
100 Civic Plaza
Dublin, CA 94568
(925) 833-6645

The DAR recorded the inscriptions in this cemetery in 1935. (5 pages, preserved in Box 13, ALVHS). At the end of this chapter we have listed the stones that were found by the DAR in 1935, but that were not found in our search in 1989.

Another transcription of the stones in Dublin Cemetery was published in 1976 by Jean B. Fallows, of Sonoma, California. The only copy of her booklet we have been able to find is a microfilm copy in the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City (film 1,035,783 item 2). She did not list her address in the booklet, and we have failed in trying to contact her. Since her survey in 1976 only two gravestones have disappeared. Because these are included in our list of stones found in 1935 but not in 1989, we have not repeated these entries. We did find a number of errors in her list, and have verified that our readings in those cases are correct.

We are grateful to Roxanne Nielsen of the Dublin Cemetery, Inc. for furnishing us records of that organization. From these we have extracted two small tables given at the end of this chapter. The first list shows the family kinship, according to the membership records, for those buried in the cemetery, when that kinship is not apparent from inscriptions on the gravestones. The second lists deceased members of the organization for whom we found no grave markers in Dublin Cemetery. Some are known to be buried elsewhere, but others may be in Dublin Cemetery with no gravestone.

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