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    Sophia daughter of M. & M. D. Mendenhall
    died Nov 25 1855, age 14 yrs 8 mos 13 dys (1 yr- from 1962 Swent 

        "Gone to the better land."

    -------- Mendenhall
    died Jan 18 1870, age 36 yrs 6 mos 29 dys
    (Footstone O.M.M.)
    (This grave is not in the same plot with the family of William 
        Mendenhall, though not very far away.)
    (1962 Swent observations-This is most likely stone of Delia 
        Mendenhall first wife of Absolom Mendenhall.)

    Johanna Dorothea wife of John Mohr
    died Jul 28 1881, age 35 yrs 6 mos 25 dys

        "What sad emotions fill my mind
        As o'er the grave I bend
        Where sleeps a wife so true and kind
        My dearest earthly friend."

    (A.O.U.W. on shaft.)

    ------ Murray died 1885

    Alfred H. Ogden
    died Feb 18 1881, age 22 yrs 9 mos

    Nellie A. Phelps wife of T. F. Phelps
    died May 19 1880, age 22 yrs 2 mos 12 dys
    (Footstone N.A.P.)

        "What sad emotions fill my mind
        As o'er the grave I bend
        Where sleeps a wife so true and kind
        My dearest earthly friend."

    Royal S. Ross
    born Aug 15 1859
    died Mar 16 1883

St. Clair
    Abbie daugher of A. & M. E. St Clair
    died Jun 12 1879, age 4 yrs 7 mos 10 dys
    (Footstone A.S.)

        "Gone but not forgotten."

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    Minnie T. daugher of P. & Anna Schluter
    died Nov 21 1875, age 1 yr 7 mos 4 dys

    John son of P. & Anna Schluter
    died Nov 10 1877, age 9 yrs 18 dys

    Anna Helene daugher of P. & Anna Schluter
    died Nov 6 1877, age 11 yrs 3 mos 21 dys
    (added by 1962 Swent observations) This stone was found in the creek 
        bed, had been thrown over the bank, Stone was made by City 
        Marble Works, San Jose and had this epitaph:

        "Just as the morning of her life
        Was opening into day
        The young and lovely spirit passed
        From earth and grief away."

    Ernest F. W. son of E. F. W. & M. Schween
    died Aug 17 1877, age 10 yrs 3 mos 4 dys

    C. A. Smith
    died Jun 8 1880, age 36 yrs 11 mos
    A native of Denmark
    (Odd Fellows' symbol of clasped hands & links)

    Henry C. Smith 
    born Oct 25 1824 Fort Defiance Ohio
    died Nov 24 1875 Livermore
    A pioneer of 1845

        "He waits for us with the angel band,
        Over the stormy day."

    Henry Smith son of Edward & Mary

    George Smith (Probably son of--)

    John Smith (Probably son of--)
    (These three with another unreadable board, were all in the same 

    William Stewart Taylor 1847-1931
    "A physician in this valley 46 years."

    Martha Dickie Taylor 1850-1925

    Robert Zachary Taylor 1873-1899 (1889 - 1962 Swent observations)

    Mabel D. Taylor 1876-1878

    Olive Taylor  1881-1882

    Mary Margaret Taylor 1851-1928

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    Caroline E. beloved wife of Daniel M. Teeter
    born Jun 20 1849 Madison County Missouri
    died Dec 15 1882

        "What sad emotions fill our lind
        As o'er the grave we bend
        Where sleeps a wife & Mother, true
        And kind, our dearest earthly friend."

    Georgia Willson Teeter
    born Nov 14 1871
    died May 7 1873

        "His strife is O'er, his struggles done
        His glorious palm of life is won;
        And fadeless wreaths are twining now
        Around his young & gentle brow."

    Johnnie Alexander Teeter
    born Mar 3 1874
    died Jan 23 1876

        "Our darling Johnnie heard his voice
        And saw his beckoning hand;
        The love of Jesus left no choice,
        He sleeps at his command."

    Sallie Teeter
    born Feb 26 1880
    died Feb 14 1882

        "Beautiful sleeper, robed for the grave,
        All of our efforts were powerless to save,
        Hope lingered with us as long as the breath;
        Thou were triumphant & called her, Oh Death!"

    Dannie son of D. M. & Susie Teeter
    born Dec 25 1887
    died Nov 25 1888

        "God in his wisdom has recalled
        The boon his love has given
        Although his body slumbers here
        His spirit lives in heaven."

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    Albert  1844-1928  (A new stone.)
    Frances 1850-1925
    Cora    1870-1927 (should be changed to 1876, 1962 Swent 
        observations and other information below)

    Ella    1871-1927
    Earl    1891-1891

    Cora Alberta (An old grave stone) daughter of Albert & Frances 
    died Jun 11 1876, age 5 yrs 8 mos 21 dys

        "A light from our household is gone,
        a voice we loved is stilled,
        A place is vacant in our heart that
        Never can be filled."

    Inscriptions were copied by the Oakland Chapter of the Daughters of 
        The American Revolution
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