Memory Gardens Odd Fellows Memorial Park

3873 East Avenue, Livermore, California


The ground survey of the tombstones and markers was accomplished by the following members: Dixie Newbury, Margaret Fazio, June Duffey, Art Skinner, Ann Brand, Sharon Geier, Marge Harter, Carrie Alexander, Lucile White and Olivette Chin. This cemetery record has not previously been published.

This cemetery is owned and operated by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows #219 of Livermore, California. From the pages of the Livermore Herald August 7, 1909 we read, "Now that the Lease of Peter Murray on the old slaughter house on East Avenue has expired, Livermore Lodge of Odd Fellows will proceed to lay out the property as a cemetery. The cemetery will be conducted according to the most modern ideas."

Livermore Herald, October 22, 1910: "Livermore Lodge of Odd Fellows has let to F. Costa the contract for laying the concrete base for the ornamental fence in front of the new Odd Fellows cemetery on East Avenue. The entire frontage will be 330 feet. There will be three gateways. The center one will be recessed and with an ornamental superstructure bearing the name of the cemetery. (A picture of this iron gateway may be seen in the history book at the office on East Avenue.) There will be no driveway through the center of the cemetery. Instead a broad cement walk will be laid through the cemetery intersected at regular intervals by narrower walks running between the plots."

Livermore Herald, February 18, 1911: The first body to buried in the new cemetery was Beatrice Waggoner, daughter of Logan Waggoner of San Francisco. She died at the home of her grandparents, Jacob and Partenia Waggoner of Livermore.

However, it wasn't until October 1, 1911 (according to cemetery records) that the first plot/site was purchased by one Jacob Waggoner who was undoubtly the aforementioned grandfather.

There was an iron gateway over the center pathway into the cemetery identifing the cemetery with the date 1910. It is quite possible this iron gateway was removed when the latest renovation was started as it is no longer in place.

In 1959 the cemetery was incorporated so that the cemetery could more profitably be run. The IOOF organization was rapidly losing their membership money for the upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery and it was becoming more of a burden to keep in repair. So a period of renovation and beautifying of the cemetery was undertaken by the board of directors of the cemetery during 1959 and 1960. On April 1, 1960 there was an unveiling of an Italian marble Chistus Statue of Carrara marble which had been placed in the center of a new section of the cemetery, The Garden of Peace. The cemetery board, caretakers and secretary are all concerned about the beautification of the cemetery and it now remains in excellent condition due to their efforts.

There is at the office on East Avenue, which is open five days a week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The office has an alphabetized list of interments, a map of the plots and lots, a book of interments by the area in which it took place (each area has a name, Garden of Peace, Garden of Love, etc.) and an alphabetical listing of each lot owner (in some lots there are other burials but not necessarily the owner). The Secretary would be willing to help in locating names. Always send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of information.

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