The "Date of Birth", "Date of Death" and "Age at Death" are recast from the original data into a standard format. The "Grave Location" is verbatim from the original except the three separate fields have been catenated with hyphens to Section-Plot-Grave. Street addresses of Next of Kin have been deleted to preserve the privacy of persons who may still be living. Cities of residence are retained. Except for these fields, the data are given exactly as received in digital form.


( ) Parentheses enclose calculated values.
^ Circumflex denotes other private data deleted.
* Asterisk denotes a value that could not be derived because the original information on which it depends is missing or apparently erroneous.

Original and digitized records are in the possession of:

Art Monument Co. Inc.
26295 Mission Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94544
Tel. (510) 581-1206

The Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society thanks David McLennan and Julie Taylor of the Art Monument Co. for making the records available to L-AGS and to the world of genealogists.

The records below have been sorted by grave location to help researchers find family members who may be buried near each other.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age at Death Grave Location Sex Mortuary Next of Kin and Comments
Williams, Jesse       K-- F C.P. Bannon  
Martin, Irene Darnell 14 Feb 1921 6 Feb 1998 (76y 11m 23d) K-1-1 F Whitted Williams Lynn Beamon Grdnson, Pleasnt
Whaley, Marshika L 19 Sep 1993 30 Dec 1993 (0y 3m 11d) K-1-1a Comm F Fuller Funerals Inc Jmelia Gibbs Mother, San Pablo
Dunbar, Dessie Mae 20 Nov 1914 3 Jan 1995 (80y 1m 14d) K-1-2 F Baker Mortuary Oakland Dora A Roy Daugtr, Oakland
Settle, Marvin Carl 9 Aug 1927 4 Jun 1985 (57y 9m 26d) K-1-3 M Livermore Jean Settle Wife, Livermore
Roach Sr, Edger 18 Jun 1934 3 Nov 1994 (60y 4m 16d) K-1-5 M Fuller Funeral Edger Roach Jr Son, Hayward
Thompson, Lonnie L 18 Mar 1899 10 Feb 1994 (94y 10m 23d) K-1-6 M Thompson Funeral Sandy Stanford Daugtr, Oakland
Campbell, Violet D 15 Aug 1970 8 Jan 1994 (23y 4m 24d) K-1-7 F Thompson Funeral Elmira Mitchell Mother, Oakland
Jones, Alfred 7 Mar 1964 28 Apr 1993 (29y 1m 21d) K-1-8 M Whitted Williams Joyce Lopez, Oakland
Cohran, Marvin B 9 Nov 1917 8 Apr 1993 (75y 4m 30d) K-1-9 M Whitted Williams Teda Tunstall, Hayward
Moore, Aubrey Odell 28 Jan 1929 23 Jan 1994 (64y 11m 26d) K-1-10 M Pollard & Sons Quentin Moore Brother, Emryville
Evan, James W 30 Mar 1968 21 Mar 1993 (24y 11m 19d) K-1-11 M Fuller Funerals Dorothy Evans, Richmond
Goldsby, James O 10 Feb 1944 2 Nov 1994 (50y 8m 23d) K-1-12 M Thompson Funeral Julia Fields Sister, Oaklnd
Randle, Gladys M 27 Sep 1915 11 Mar 1993 (77y 5m 12d) K-1-13 F Whitted Williams Funeral Edna Gaines, Oakland 94610
Acevedo, Guillermo 25 Jun 1928 1 Jul 1991 (63y 0m 6d) K-1-16 M Graham Hitch Armandina Acevedo, Dublin 94568
Smith, J W 20 Aug 1909 6 Mar 1993 (83y 6m 14d) K-1-18 M Byrgian Funerals Janistene Williams, Oakland
Olsen, Arthur A 4 Oct 1908 20 Feb 1984 (75y 4m 16d) K-1-19 M Callaghan Arthur C Olsen Son, Livermore
Olsen, Aquilina 4 Feb 1917 4 Feb 1984 (67y 0m 0d) K-1-20 F Callaghan Arthur A Olsen, Livermore
Hufnagel, Naomi 8 Apr 1900 17 Jan 1993 (92y 9m 9d) K-1-21 F Callaghan Joanne Yonenaka, Danville
Reagan, Jessie A 25 Jul 1921 16 Nov 1994 (73y 3m 22d) K-1-22 F Callaghan Shirley Cardoza Daugtr, Haywd
Alexander, Angerlina F 24 Mar 1908 19 Feb 1993 (84y 10m 26d) K-1-23 F Whitted Williams Arzella Page, Oakland
Price, Bush J C 13 Mar 1900 12 Sep 1994 (94y 5m 30d) K-1-24 M Fuller Funeral Justine P Coleman Dautr, Oakland
Moreno, Carlos Cerda 7 Jan 1961 3 Nov 1994 (33y 9m 27d) K-1-25 M Deer Creek Mortuary Roseanne Moreno Sis In Lw, Modesto
Dinkins, David Earl 14 Dec 1955 2 Feb 1993 (37y 1m 19d) K-1-26 M Fuller Funeral Loretta Cofer, Oakland 94603
Gilmore, Wanda Lee 27 Feb 1938 8 Jan 1984 (45y 10m 12d) K-1-27 F Livermore Leon Gilmore Husb, Livermore
Sheppard, Jermine R 30 Jul 1977 18 Feb 1993 (15y 6m 19d) K-1-28 M Whitted Williams Funeral Beatrice Lathan, Oakland 94603
Baker, Allen S 18 Sep 1941 11 Jan 1994 (52y 3m 24d) K-1-29 M Fuller Funeral Lester Willard Friend, Ave Oakland
Thompson, Shirley Ann 24 Aug 1935 26 Feb 1987 (51y 6m 2d) K-1-32 F Callaghan James Thompson, Livermore
Altoff, Richard Walter 8 May 1930 29 May 1983 (53y 0m 21d) K-1-33 M Callaghan Marta Lopez, Porterville Calif 93257
Callen, John E 29 Jul 1943 14 Mar 1993 (49y 7m 13d) K-1-34 M Fuller Funerals Virgie Callen, Berkeley Ca 94710
Philbert, Lawrence Robert 29 Mar 1958 10 Dec 1983 (25y 8m 11d) K-1-35 M Livermore Mortuary Robt Philbert Father, Livermore
Beamon Jr, Floyd Alton 10 Dec 1958 28 Nov 1992 (33y 11m 18d) K-1-36 M Thompson Funeral Floyd Beamon Sr, Oakland
Beamon Sr, Floyd A 28 Jul 1940 11 Jul 1995 (54y 11m 13d) K-1-37 M Whitted Williams Irene Martin Mother, Oakland
Milling, Evie 13 Jan 1913 26 Dec 1992 (79y 11m 13d) K-1-38 F Thompson Funeral Frankie Phillips, Oakland Ca 94621
Edwards, Rudolph 1 Aug 1956 27 Dec 1993 (37y 4m 26d) K-1-39 M Thompson Funeral Pearl Edwards Sister, Oakland
Green, Carrie Mae 17 Jul 1930 30 Oct 1992 (62y 3m 13d) K-1-40 F Thompson Funeral Frankie Bowery, Oakland 94621
Davis, Adeline 11 Oct 1921 10 Jun 1992 (70y 7m 30d) K-1-41 F Thompson Funeral Daniel Davis, Oakland 94603
McCraw, Joseph L 21 Apr 1918 5 Jun 1986 (68y 1m 15d) K-1-42 M Callaghan Katherine McCraw Wife, Modesto
Hawkins, Harriet H 14 May 1913 26 Mar 1992 (78y 10m 12d) K-1-43 F Thompson Funeral Home Paulette Strickland, Oakland
Monday, Mary Ann 12 Feb 1943 24 Oct 1988 (45y 8m 12d) K-1-45 F Saddleback Chapl Tustin Timothy Monday Husb, Anaheim
West, Patricia A 26 Feb 1960 5 Feb 1992 (31y 11m 10d) K-1-46 F Thompson Funeral Diane West, Alameda
Kohot, John 24 Jun 1909 17 Dec 1984 (75y 5m 23d) K-1-47 M Livermore Mortuary Olga Kohot Wife, Livermore
Kohot, Olga 27 Dec 1918 2 Jun 1996 (77y 5m 6d) K-1-48 F Livermore Mortuary Eve E Kohot Daughter, Turlock
Runestrand, Gayle Ann G 24 Dec 1940 9 Dec 1988 (47y 11m 15d) K-1-49 F Lima Family Mort Wayne Runestrand Husb, Livermor
Meneken, Herbert G 13 Jul 1920 2 Dec 1984 (64y 4m 19d) K-1-50 M Livermore Mortuary Evelyn L Coupe, Livermore
Nardo, Nancy Lee 3 Jun 1907 23 Sep 1990 (83y 3m 20d) K-1-51 F Livermore Mortuary Louise Grutzeck Daughtr, Livermore
Mrovka, Helen Hallock 18 May 1901 23 Mar 1984 (82y 10m 5d) K-1-52 F Callaghan Frances Briggs Daugtr, Livermo
Houser, Violet 3 Jan 1903 21 Apr 1985 (82y 3m 18d) K-1-53 F Livermore Jacqueline Fuller Dautr, Livermore
Lewis, Margaret Agnes 5 Apr 1904 15 Jun 1985 (81y 2m 10d) K-1-53 F Callaghan Raymond Lewis Son, Livermore
Satnik, John M 17 Dec 1915 20 Feb 1984 (68y 2m 3d) K-1-54 M Graham Hitch Bertha Satnik Wife, Sn Ramon
Rogers Jr, George Earl 27 Mar 1954 27 Aug 1995 (41y 5m 0d) K-2-1 M Thompson Funeral Home Brenda Rogers Wf, Snleandro
Wilson Jr, Neil Alan 27 Sep 1964 21 Aug 1995 (30y 10m 25d) K-2-2 M Chapl Valley Castro Vly Tina Napoli Friend, Hayward
Robinson, Paula Alicia 13 Nov 1972 17 Mar 1995 (22y 4m 4d) K-2-3 F Whitted Williams Oakland Patricia Leonard Aunt, Sacramento
Cragholm, William H 27 Jan 1931 26 Oct 1991 (60y 8m 29d) K-2-4 M Callaghan Joyce Smith, Livermore
Freeman, Virgil Eugene 7 Jul 1921 16 Mar 1989 (67y 8m 9d) K-2-7 M Livermore Helen Freeman Wife, Livermore
Freeman, Helen T 25 Jan 1928 29 Nov 1993 (65y 10m 4d) K-2-8 F Livermore Phillip W Freemen Son, Livrmre
Lee, Louene Ann 15 Aug 1942 19 Feb 1987 (44y 6m 4d) K-2-10 F Livermore Mortuary Roy Lee Husb, Livrmr
Hoover, Willie Mae 14 Mar 1911 31 Aug 1993 (82y 5m 17d) K-2-11 F McNary Morgan Eng Jack Odessa Crossland Sistr, Oakland
Payton, Maretta 1 Jun 1942 14 Feb 1994 (51y 8m 13d) K-2-12 F Thompson Funeral William Payton Husb, Sn Leandro
Roesner, Guenter Alfred 14 Jan 1928 9 Sep 1986 (58y 7m 26d) K-2-13 M Livermore Mortuary Rosa Roesner Wife, Sn Ramon
Howard, Sarah Louise 25 Apr 1922 23 Feb 1998 (75y 9m 29d) K-2-16 F Wilson Family Funeral Maryallen Dautr, Livermore
Howard, Michael 23 Jul 1954 4 Jul 1993 (38y 11m 11d) K-2-17 M Livermore Mortuary Mary Allen, Livermore
Blanton, Corinne 21 Jun 1915 6 Jun 1993 (77y 11m 16d) K-2-18 F Fuller Funeral Raymond Waller, Oakland 94618
Johnson, Mayo Kimberly 24 Oct 1950 10 Oct 1994 (43y 11m 16d) K-2-19 M Colonial Chapel Barbara Mauser Friend, Castro Vly
Franklin III, Jessie 10 Oct 1975 4 Jun 1993 (17y 7m 25d) K-2-20 M Whitted Williams Mitral Williams, Oakland
Frazier, Eade 11 Feb 1938 13 Dec 1994 (56y 10m 2d) K-2-21 M Thompson Funeral Home Joetta Frazier Wife, Oakland
Hamilton, Norman A 11 May 1965 4 Jun 1993 (28y 0m 24d) K-2-22 M Fuller Funerals Linda Houston, East Paloalto
Penn, Hercel J 25 Oct 1933 2 Aug 1993 (59y 9m 8d) K-2-23 M Baker Mortuary Willie Mae Brinkley Sister, Oakland
Ware, Beatrice Lillie 10 Jan 1922 21 Aug 1994 (72y 7m 11d) K-2-24 F Fuller Funerals Larry Nazel Son, Oakland
Ware, Melvin 8 Apr 1994 17 Aug 1994 (0y 4m 9d) K-2-24 M Fuller Funerals Mary Lewis Sister, Oakland
Herring, Silious 4 Mar 1947 20 Aug 1993 (46y 5m 16d) K-2-25 M Baker Mortuary Pearson Herring Brother, Oakland
Rosby, Victor Jr 6 Jun 1965 11 May 1993 (27y 11m 5d) K-2-26 M Whitted Williams Mary McComb, Oakland
Penny, Ossie B 19 Oct 1923 7 Aug 1993 (69y 9m 19d) K-2-27 F Baker Mortuary Willie Mae Lawrence Sistr, Richmond
Wherry, Walter 8 Nov 1933 20 May 1993 (59y 6m 12d) K-2-28 M Whitted Williams Adeline Alfred, Oakland
Stepheny, Curtis 11 Oct 1977 19 Apr 1994 (16y 6m 8d) K-2-29 M Thompson Beverly Jamison Mother, Oakland
Redd, Jeremy Emerson 17 Mar 1970 4 Nov 1994 (24y 7m 18d) K-2-30 M Livermore Mortuary Elizabeth Joy Redd Wife, Fremont
Peterson, Sam 24 Oct 1933 31 May 1993 (59y 7m 7d) K-2-31 M Thompson Funeral Betty Peterson, Oakland
Green, Geneva 27 Jul 1923 28 Jun 1993 (69y 11m 1d) K-2-33 F Whitted Williams Brenda Franklin, Oaklnd
Littlefield, Antonio 27 Mar 1960 21 Feb 1993 (32y 10m 25d) K-2-34 M Fuller Funerals Beverly Littlefield, Oakland
Sorensen, Henry D 10 Sep 1929 13 Feb 1989 (59y 5m 3d) K-2-35 M Callaghan Mortuary Marilyn Sorensen, Livermore
Sorensen, Marilyn Gladys 17 Jan 1933 3 Jul 1997 (64y 5m 16d) K-2-36 F Callaghan Donna M Sorensen Dautr, Tumwater Wa
Poole, Alberta 3 Apr 1930 6 Dec 1993 (63y 8m 3d) K-2-37 F Thompson Funeral Home Jean Fisher Daughter, Oakland
Malvoux, Sylvia C 6 May 1925 17 Apr 1994 (68y 11m 11d) K-2-38 F Fuller Funeral Jeanette Dunn Sister, Oakland
Knight, Robert E 27 Jun 1944 9 Jan 1985 (40y 6m 13d) K-2-39 M Callaghan Nancy Knight Wife, Livermore
Walker, Timothy 27 Jan 1963 24 Feb 1992 (29y 0m 28d) K-2-41 M McNary Morgan Engel Ja Willie Mae Brinkley, Oakland
Mann, Fredie Sue 18 Jan 1946 31 Jan 1997 (51y 0m 13d) K-2-42 F Whitted Williams Tasha Martin Dautr, Oakland
Williams, Nathaniel 11 Nov 1974 29 Jun 1993 (18y 7m 18d) K-2-42 M McNary Morgan Eng Jack Letha Shavers, Oakland
Carter, Errol J 18 Apr 1971 29 Feb 1992 (20y 10m 11d) K-2-43 M McNary Morgan Eng Jack Louise Wyatt, Oakland 94621
Mustain, Lester L 19 Feb 1919 6 Feb 1985 (65y 11m 18d) K-2-44 M Callaghan Michael H Mustain Son, Livermore
Von Goss, Gregory 19 Jul 1961 31 May 1986 (24y 10m 12d) K-2-46 M Callaghan Madeline Goss Mother, Livrmr
Block, Darrin T 2 Feb 1965 20 Aug 1992 (27y 6m 18d) K-2-48 M Fuller Funerals Inc Jesse Block, Oakland
Rivers, Gwendolyn 14 Jan 1960 15 Mar 1993 (33y 2m 1d) K-2-49 F Fuller Funeral Curtis Rivers, Ave Oakland
Ray, William Clifford 28 Feb 1905 11 May 1988 (83y 2m 13d) K-2-50 M Callaghan Oleeta Bonsell Daughtr, Livermore
Alley, Bernice 15 Feb 1936 30 Dec 1988 (52y 10m 15d) K-2-51 F Livermore Mortuary Randall Alley Son, Dublin 94568
Johnston, George Coleman 19 Nov 1935 15 Mar 1985 (49y 3m 24d) K-2-52 M Livermore Mortuary Minnie Johnston Wife, Livermr
Waller Sr, Richard C 18 Jul 1913 27 Oct 1987 (74y 3m 9d) K-2-54 M Callaghan Carline King Daugtr, Tracy Calif
Waller, Bessie Catherine 27 Jun 1915 11 Jun 1983 (67y 11m 15d) K-2-55 F Callaghan Livermore Calif 94550
Bay, Naomi 9 Nov 1913 25 Nov 1995 (82y 0m 16d) K-3-1 F Thompson Funeral Home Maplean Owens Daughtr, Oaklnd
Striplin, Leon Renell 27 Dec 1955 6 Oct 1995 (39y 9m 9d) K-3-2 M Thompson Funeral Home Marian Striplin Mother, Snleandro
Henry, Durrell Marcus 27 Jan 1971 23 Jul 1995 (24y 5m 26d) K-3-3 M Fuller Funerals Marva To Carson Mom, Oakland
Johnson, Rosie 25 Dec 1900 20 Dec 1994 (93y 11m 25d) K-3-4 F Thompson Funeral Wm Johnson Son, Oakland
Montana, Steve James 2 Sep 1950 6 Jul 1995 (44y 10m 4d) K-3-5 M Colonial Chapel Sarah Montana Mother, Oakland
Johnson, Verda Jeanne 1 Aug 1926 15 May 1995 (68y 9m 14d) K-3-6 F Callaghan Mike Johnson Son, Livermore
Dalton, Lucille 12 Mar 1918 5 Oct 1987 (69y 6m 23d) K-3-8 F Graham Hitch Ben Dalton Husb, Pleasanton
Wilkerson, Eddie 16 Aug 1931 9 May 1994 (62y 8m 23d) K-3-9 M Fuller Funerals Mattie Wilkerson Wife, Oakland
Wilkerson, Eddie 16 Aug 1931 9 May 1994 (62y 8m 23d) K-3-9 M Fuller Funerals Mattie Wilkerson Wife, Ave Oakland
O'Connor, David G 15 Dec 1934 21 Apr 1992 (57y 4m 6d) K-3-10 M Livermore Mortuary Aurilla O'Connor, Livermore
Carriel, Martha 23 Aug 1900 3 Mar 1995 (94y 6m 8d) K-3-11 F Fuller Funerals Wm Jones Son, Oakland
Davis, Nina Mae 1 Jul 1964 17 Feb 1995 (30y 7m 16d) K-3-12 F Fuller Funerals Sexton Davis Father, Oakland
Smith, Willie Lee 25 Oct 1948 17 Dec 1994 (46y 1m 22d) K-3-13 M Coleman Funeral Home Mattie Smith Sister, Richmond
Lange, Evelyn D 17 Oct 1917 21 Jul 1991 (73y 9m 4d) K-3-14 F Callaghan Linda Snodgrass, Livermore
Glover, Joseph D 28 Jan 1950 21 Aug 1993 (43y 6m 24d) K-3-17 M Whitted Williams Joseph Glover Jr Son, Haywd
Garry, Jamal 20 Oct 1975 19 Aug 1993 (17y 9m 30d) K-3-18 M Thompson Funeral Home Robin Muhammad Mother, Oaklnd
Benavidez, Eustacia Savella 11 Mar 1926 8 Dec 1994 (68y 8m 27d) K-3-19 F Fuller Funerals Evelyn Baclig Dautr, Union Cty
Hammond, Kenneth 28 Jun 1912 18 Apr 1991 (78y 9m 21d) K-3-21 M Livermore Mortuary Wanda Hammond Wife, Livrmr
McCart, Lewis A 20 Mar 1926 24 Apr 1994 (68y 1m 4d) K-3-22 M Livermore Mortuary Mary McCart Wife, Livermore
Isaac, Betty Jean 14 Oct 1943 24 Sep 1994 (50y 11m 10d) K-3-24 F Thompson Shauntae Textor Sister, Oakland
Jackson, Algerita Louise 28 Jun 1940 18 Oct 1994 (54y 3m 20d) K-3-25 F Fuller Funerals Stephanie Williams Cousin, Oaklnd
Dudley, Edna 3 Jun 1903 24 Sep 1994 (91y 3m 21d) K-3-26 F Thompson Funeral Ike Dudley Son, Oakland
Starks, Nathan L 8 Sep 1961 14 Oct 1993 (32y 1m 6d) K-3-27 M Thompson Funeral Home Anita Starks Sister, Richmond
Ceaser Jr, Garcia B 28 Mar 1974 28 Aug 1993 (19y 5m 0d) K-3-28 M Whitted Williams Theresa Woods Mother, Fresno
Williams Jr, Orrin Elijah 11 Sep 1978 24 Sep 1994 (16y 0m 13d) K-3-30 M Fuller Funerals Lovie Williams Mother, Oakland
Harris, Eddie L 14 Feb 1939 8 May 1994 (55y 2m 24d) K-3-31 M Fuller Funeral James Harris Brother, Hayward
Thrift, Marjorie Mae 18 May 1940 5 Nov 1987 (47y 5m 18d) K-3-32 F Livermore Mortuary Robert Thrift Husb, Livermore
Covate, Richard Anthony 14 Mar 1968 16 Nov 1994 (26y 8m 2d) K-3-33 M Deer Crk Mortuary Richard Covate Father, Livermore
Cohen, Angel Lyn 5 Apr 1990 23 Dec 1990 (0y 8m 18d) K-3-35 F Livermore Mortuary Dale Cohen Father
Washington, Sandra 5 Jun 1938 1 Jun 1994 (55y 11m 27d) K-3-35 F Fuller Funerals Excell McGinnis Son, Berkeley
Jenkins, Raymond 24 Jun 1958 1 Apr 1991 (32y 9m 8d) K-3-38 M Livermore Mortuary Miriam Jenkins Wife, Folsom 95630
Rediess, Herman H 14 Apr 1903 19 Dec 1993 (90y 8m 5d) K-3-40 M Greer Family Mortuary Ethel Rediess Wife, Alameda
Rediess, Rosine Ina 21 Apr 1931 19 May 1993 (62y 0m 28d) K-3-41 F Greer Family Mort Barbara Jessing, Omaha
Mathison, Sanford Hillmer 22 Nov 1916 29 Oct 1994 (77y 11m 7d) K-3-42 M Graham Hitch Sara Mathison Wife, Pleasanton
Patterson, Lavern 3 Jul 1925 4 Jun 1994 (68y 11m 1d) K-3-43 F Fuller Funerals Willie Lee Harper Aunt, Oakland
Frohn, Norman C 20 Feb 1915 17 Mar 1988 (73y 0m 26d) K-3-44 M Livermore Elthel Frohn, Livermore
Baker, Donald Vance 18 Aug 1968 24 Jul 1986 (17y 11m 6d) K-3-48 M Greer Family Mortuary Sam Baker, Livermore
Cook, Helen K 30 Jun 1900 15 Apr 1990 (89y 9m 16d) K-3-50 F Graham Hitch Elizabeth Kenney, Dublin
Kenney, Elizabeth Anne 13 Nov 1927 16 Jun 1998 (70y 7m 3d) K-3-50 Top F Fitzhenrys Crema Reno Francis T Davis, Sn Mateo
McCormick, Edward Isaac 31 Jan 1930 25 Oct 1996 (66y 8m 24d) K-3-51 M Callaghan Rose Perry Dautr, Livermore
McCormick, Agnes 22 May 1933 7 Feb 1989 (55y 8m 16d) K-3-52 F   Edward McCormick Husb, Livermore
Miller, Samuel 13 Mar 1916 30 Nov 1988 (72y 8m 17d) K-3-53 M Livermore Mortuary Ann Miller Wife, Livermore
Rubin, Harry R 20 Feb 1913 5 Dec 1991 (78y 9m 15d) K-3-55 M Callaghan Gary Rubin, Byron 94514
Rubin, Vivian M 20 Feb 1913 29 Sep 1986 (73y 7m 9d) K-3-55 F Graham Hitch Harry R Rubin Husb, Hayward
Volkman, Clarence Charles 29 Sep 1903 31 Aug 1982 (78y 11m 2d) K-3-57 M Livermore Mortuary Doris Volkman Wife, Livermore
Goodrich, Olive E 8 Mar 1911 2 Sep 1986 (75y 5m 25d) K-3-60 F Graham Hitch Pualani Goodrich, Danville
Mills, Betty Laverne 25 Oct 1942 23 Oct 1995 (52y 11m 28d) K-4-1 F Thompson Funeral Betty Barber Mother, Av Oakland
Hunt, Olivia Kent 4 Jul 1945 27 Feb 1996 (50y 7m 23d) K-4-2 F Whitted Williams Oakland Kim Adams Daughtr, Antioch
Fields, Julia 14 Jul 1930 6 Mar 1996 (65y 7m 21d) K-4-3 F Thompson Funeral Home Shelley Goldsby Daugtr, Sacramento
Sapigao, Annie Mae 5 Dec 1921 20 Mar 1996 (74y 3m 15d) K-4-4 F Fuller Funerals Oakland David Angelo Brother, Fairfield
Rogers, Roy 20 Oct 1955 8 Apr 1996 (40y 5m 19d) K-4-5 M Whitted Williams Jimmie Rogers Brother, Berkeley
Mitchell, Washington 6 Feb 1926 19 Apr 1996 (70y 2m 13d) K-4-6 M Fuller Funerals Mary Mitchell Daughter, Oakland
Cunningham, Charles 24 Feb 1933 28 Oct 1985 (52y 8m 4d) K-4-7 M Livermore Betty Cunningham Wife, Livermor
Cunningham, Betty Jo 14 Jun 1928 2 Dec 1994 (66y 5m 18d) K-4-8 F Franklin & Downs Scott Sypher Son In Lw, Modesto
Sargent, Walter Francis 3 May 1934 23 Oct 1986 (52y 5m 20d) K-4-9 M Callaghan Arilla Sargent Wife, Livrmr
Gallon, Ernestine 30 Sep 1952 22 Aug 1993 (40y 10m 23d) K-4-11 F Whitted Williams Yvonne Thomas Sister, Oaklnd
Moon, Stanley Drewman 6 Dec 1944 10 Mar 1989 (44y 3m 4d) K-4-12 M Graham Hitch Kathleen Moon Wife, Pleasanton
Kauwe, Nadine Doris 13 Feb 1938 8 Aug 1989 (51y 5m 26d) K-4-14 F Livermore Mortuary Geo Kauwe Jr Son, Livermore
Johnston, Lucille M 19 Oct 1926 3 Aug 1987 (60y 9m 15d) K-4-16 F Kerr Mortuary Alturas John C Johnston, Livermore
Magar, Norma Jean 2 Jan 1928 11 Jul 1988 (60y 6m 9d) K-4-17 F Livermore Arthel Magar Husb, Livermore
Holgate, Annie Alberta 27 Sep 1908 23 Sep 1996 (87y 11m 27d) K-4-19 F Wilson Family Funeral Clayton Holgate Son, Livrmor
Jones, Mattie E 10 Jul 1938 9 Aug 1987 (49y 0m 30d) K-4-20 F Callaghan Linda Laffcoon, Tracy Ca 95376
Hunter, Diane 5 Oct 1947 5 Feb 1995 (47y 4m 0d) K-4-21 F Fuller Funerals Willie Hunter Father, Oakland
Banks, Jack H 24 Feb 1926 15 Jan 1994 (67y 10m 22d) K-4-22 M Hulls Walnut Crk Chapl Patricia Banks Wife, Pleasntn
Gray Jr, Willie 14 Feb 1940 18 Oct 1994 (54y 8m 4d) K-4-24 M Fuller Funerals Dorothy Johnson Aunt, Clear Lk Prk California
Henson Jr, Alton Raymond 12 Mar 1944 30 Oct 1988 (44y 7m 18d) K-4-25 M Callaghan Florence Henson Wife, Livermor
Henson, Florence May 27 Jul 1941 20 Jul 1997 (55y 11m 23d) K-4-25 Dd F Callaghan Alton Henson Son, Livermore
Del Toro, Eduardo Fuste 18 Mar 1938 24 Aug 1994 (56y 5m 6d) K-4-26 M Colonial Chapel Gerardo Valenzuela Frd, Oakland
Murphy, Marie Munchrath 8 Nov 1912 27 Feb 1995 (82y 3m 19d) K-4-27 F Colonial Chapel Harry Murphy Son, Oakland 94619
Lovette, Delanie 19 Dec 1955 27 Sep 1994 (38y 9m 8d) K-4-31 M Fuller Funerals Essie Lovette Mother, Oakland
Brown, Helen 1 Feb 1933 22 May 1994 (61y 3m 21d) K-4-32 F Fuller Funerals Barbara Moore Niece, Sn Pablo
Miller, Jon D 10 Oct 1962 12 Sep 1987 (24y 11m 2d) K-4-33 M Livermore Mortuary Diana Miller Mother, Livermr
West, Calvin William 13 Sep 1941 15 Apr 1989 (47y 7m 2d) K-4-37 M Livermore Mortuary Beverly West Wife, Livermore
Cancilla, Isabel 15 May 1913 13 Apr 1989 (75y 10m 29d) K-4-39 M Daneri Mortuary Salvatore Cancilla Son, Livermore
Lopez, Enrique A 27 Dec 1944 2 Jul 1994 (49y 6m 5d) K-4-39 M Hillside Chapel Marlene Hefner, Sn Leandro
Cordill, Christie A 6 Jul 1934 2 Jan 1989 (54y 5m 27d) K-4-40 M Livermore Mortuary Sonia Cordill Wife, Livermore
Cordill, Sonia A 6 Oct 1937 28 Feb 1994 (56y 4m 22d) K-4-40 F Livermore Mortuary T Cordill Son, Portland Oregn
McLaurin, Chester 27 Jan 1921 15 Jul 1993 (72y 5m 18d) K-4-41 M Thompson Funeral Bernice McLaurin, Milpitas
Burkhead, Charles Royal 16 Nov 1912 8 Jul 1989 (76y 7m 22d) K-4-46 M Livermore Mortuary Emma Burkhead Wife, Livermore
Burkhead, Charles R 21 Nov 1943 17 Sep 1985 (41y 9m 27d) K-4-48 M Livermore Mortuary Char Burkhead Fathr, Livermore
Powell Sr, Henry F 24 Nov 1921 24 Sep 1984 (62y 10m 0d) K-4-49 M Graham Hitch Ida Powell, San Jose
Weir, Arthur L 17 May 1908 2 Apr 1984 (75y 10m 16d) K-4-51 M Livermore Mortuary Evalynn Weir, San Ramon
Sapp, Rosa 25 Feb 1899 17 Jun 1984 (85y 3m 23d) K-4-53 F Callaghan Agnes McCormick Daugtr, Livermo
Mottin, Timothy Blane 29 Oct 1956 24 Apr 1984 (27y 5m 26d) K-4-54 M Livermore Mortuary Caroline Mottin Mother, E Rap Mich
Mottin, Ralph E   21 Aug 1984   K-4-55 M Skinner Chpl Michigan Brian Mottin Son, Livermore
Giltz, James C 16 May 1924 13 Jun 1997 (73y 0m 28d) K-4-56 M Wyant & Smith Funeral Tim J Giltz Son, Sunnyvale
Woods, Mary Jane 6 Dec 1926 26 Oct 1984 (57y 10m 20d) K-4-59 F Livermore Mortuary David Lee Woods
McCauley Sr, Carl W 26 May 1915 25 Oct 1982 (67y 4m 29d) K-4-60 M Graham Hitch Ernestine McCauley, San Ramon
Coston, Carletta Cerice 21 Mar 1974 25 Dec 1996 (22y 9m 4d) K-5-1 F Fuller Funerals William Coston Spouse, Oakland
Choung, Choon Yea 3 Oct 1912 17 Dec 1996 (84y 2m 14d) K-5-2 F Fuller Funerals Inc R J Moats Sn In Lw, Alameda
Pyles Sr, Ralph Ford 14 Oct 1920 19 Nov 1996 (76y 1m 5d) K-5-3 M Thompson Funeral Home Ann Young Dautr, Oakland
Jones, Debra Lee 31 Dec 1953 4 Oct 1996 (42y 9m 3d) K-5-4 F Pollard & Sons Cleo Burnett Mother, Hayward
Guy, Vera       K-5-5 F Cunningham Mortuary Paula Olguin -Bob Mothr
Ray, William C 18 Nov 1930 24 Apr 1994 (63y 5m 6d) K-5-6 M Callaghan Vera Guy Sister, Livrmr
Bonsell, Cecil 8 Feb 1923 3 Oct 1992 (69y 7m 25d) K-5-7 M Callaghan Oleeta Bonsell, Livermore Ca 94550
Bonsell, Oleeta Imogene 9 Feb 1933 18 Oct 1996 (63y 8m 9d) K-5-8 F Cunninghams Affordable Sadie Bonsell Dautr, Klmth Fals Or
Bondar, Peter 10 Mar 1928 26 Dec 1994 (66y 9m 16d) K-5-9 M Hillside Chapel Hayward Leonid Bondar Son, Daly Cty
Johnston, Marcus Derrel 19 May 1989 9 Jul 1990 (1y 1m 20d) K-5-20 M Callaghan Sandra Johnston Mother, Livmr
Waters, Mark Franklin 4 Dec 1946 2 Nov 1995 (48y 10m 29d) K-5-21 A M Deer Crk Dublin Wendy L Waters Wf, Dubln 2 Urn Spcs
Fitzgerald, Shirley Marie 10 Dec 1930 17 Jan 1997 (66y 1m 7d) K-5-22a & B F Deercreek Dublin Walter Fitzgerald Husb, Two Urns B Space Open
Beckman, Ricki Lynn 24 May 1956 12 Apr 1988 (31y 10m 19d) K-5-23 M Berge Papas Smith Karen Beckman, Modesto
Murphy, Karen Diane 21 Jan 1964 27 Jan 1999 (35y 0m 6d) K-5-23 B F Callaghan Dennis Murphy Husb, Livermor
Taylor, Dorian Danay 3 Jan 1988 12 Nov 1996 (8y 10m 9d) K-5-24 F McNary Morgn Egl Jkson Carolyn Hendricks Aunt, Oakland
Pearce, Myrtle 2 Feb 1918 24 Mar 1991 (73y 1m 22d) K-5-26 F Livermore Mortuary John Pearce Husb, Livermore
Cotton, Homer 23 Nov 1923 5 Dec 1986 (63y 0m 12d) K-5-27 M Callaghan J E Cotton-Lomas Daugtr, Oakland
Dickens, Delferd Ray 17 Mar 1937 22 Sep 1987 (50y 6m 5d) K-5-28 M Livermore Mortuary Mr Marian C Dickens, Livermore
Jensen, Thoeda V 3 Sep 1909 3 Jul 1986 (76y 10m 0d) K-5-30 F Graham Hitch Julie Phillips Dautr, Pleantn
Overen, Leroy H 21 Jun 1930 19 Jul 1986 (56y 0m 28d) K-5-31 M Livermore Mortuary Nancy Overen, Pleasantn
Faure, Ernest Theodore 27 Nov 1903 2 Nov 1990 (86y 11m 6d) K-5-35 M Callaghan Paul Faure Son, Livermore
Faure, Hannah 21 Jul 1905 2 Mar 1984 (78y 7m 10d) K-5-36 F Callaghan Ernest Faure Husb, Livermore
Michaud, John M 10 Oct 1959 8 Apr 1987 (27y 5m 29d) K-5-37 M Graham Hitch Odete Michaud, Apt B Tracy
Tait, Don Russell 15 Mar 1932 24 Nov 1984 (52y 8m 9d) K-5-38 M Callaghan Ellon Jane Tait Wife, Livermore
Cope, Violet A 20 Feb 1898 11 Jul 1987 (89y 4m 21d) K-5-40 F Livermore Mort Shirley Volkman Daugtr, Livrmr
Boothe, Michael A 15 Mar 1966 13 Oct 1993 (27y 6m 28d) K-5-41 M Whitted Williams Sandra Chin Sister, Oakland
Campbell, Arthur 24 Aug 1918 29 Jul 1993 (74y 11m 5d) K-5-42 M Whitted Williams Arthur Campbell, Oakland
Mathison, Clifford T Jan 1907 20 Jun 1986 (Abt 79y 6m 20d) K-5-43 M Livermore Mortuary Hilda Ramirez Sister, Oakland
Guinan, Christopher 21 Mar 1961 15 Dec 1990 (29y 8m 24d) K-5-44 M Livermore Mortuary Michael Guinan Father, Livrmor
Moore, George Robert 17 Sep 1917 2 Feb 1985 (67y 4m 16d) K-5-45 M Callaghan Frances Moore Wife, Pleasntn
Evangelista, Danny B 16 May 1956 21 Sep 1987 (31y 4m 5d) K-5-47 M Callagan M & Mrs Neil Larson, Livermore
Sponseller, Lyda H 6 Aug 1898 3 Mar 1980 (81y 6m 26d) K-5-47 F Cedar Lawn Cemetery Mr & Mrs Larson, Livermore 94550
Stuckey, Charles 5 May 1904 15 Jan 1994 (89y 8m 10d) K-5-48b M Hillside Chapel Donald W Hanley Pub Adm, Oakland
Gayle, Betty Joe 16 Feb 1931 10 Aug 1995 (64y 5m 25d) K-5-50 F Livermore Mortuary Jerrel Gayle Son, Livermore
Gayle, Jerrel 20 Nov 1930 3 Jul 1993 (62y 7m 13d) K-5-50 M Livermore Mortuary Bettie Gayle, Livermore 94550
Stebbins, Eugene Lee 6 Dec 1927 22 Jun 1983 (55y 6m 16d) K-5-53 M Livermore Mortuary Elfried Stebbins Wife, Livermore
Gyerko, Andras 23 Aug 1944 23 Oct 1984 (40y 2m 0d) K-5-54 M Livermore Mortuary Patricia Gyerko, Livermore
Ross, Robert Wiley 12 Nov 1958 21 Sep 1985 (26y 10m 9d) K-5-54 M Neptune Soc Fresno Wm Ross Father, Livermore
Holgate, Clayton 13 Dec 1906 14 Jul 1983 (76y 7m 1d) K-5-55 M Livermore Mortuary Alberta Holgate Wife, Livrmr
Anderson, John Stafford 2 Sep 1929 27 Aug 1982 (52y 11m 25d) K-5-56 M Livermore Mortuary Susan Anderson Wife, Livermore
Roenfeldt, Bertha 13 Jul 1894 17 Oct 1985 (91y 3m 4d) K-5-57 F Livermore Evelyn Maynard Dautr, Livermore
Rubin, Nancy Carolyn 30 Sep 1943 27 Jan 1983 (39y 3m 28d) K-5-58 F Guerrero Mortuary Raymond Rubin Husb, Plesntn
Robinson, Ruth B 19 Oct 1910 20 Apr 1997 (86y 6m 1d) K-6-1 F Whitted Williams Ruby Dixon Grnddautr, Oakland
Hightower, Gloria Jean 23 Mar 1950 15 Mar 1997 (46y 11m 20d) K-6-2 F Thompson Funeral Home Shiela Dubois Dau, San Leandro
Johnson, Bernice 21 Apr 1936 31 Dec 1996 (60y 8m 10d) K-6-3 F Fuller Funerals Shanie Colson Niece, Oakld
Willis, Onnie Bell 23 May 1913 13 Feb 1997 (83y 8m 21d) K-6-4 F Thompson Funeral Home Miriam A Willis Dau, Snleandro
Butts, Gail Michelle 21 Apr 1956 19 Oct 1996 (40y 5m 28d) K-6-5 F Fuller Funerals E M Butts Mother, Oakland
McConn, Diane Mae 11 Sep 1956 7 Oct 1996 (40y 0m 26d) K-6-6 F Whitted Williams Mary Gilmore Sister, Oakland
Hall Jr, Nester Lee 25 Nov 1968 11 Jul 1996 (27y 7m 16d) K-6-7 M Fouche's Hudson Funeral Erica M Hall Wife, Oakland
Williams, Jeanette 01 Oct 1942 18 Sep 1996 (53y 11m 17d) K-6-8 F Fuller Funerals Jerry Williams Spouse, Sn Leandro
Cox, Stephen 24 Feb 1967 24 Jul 1986 (19y 5m 0d) K-6-8a M Livermore Mortuary Richard Cox Father, Livermore
Dzakowic, Casmir Steven 19 Aug 1908 23 Mar 1998 (89y 7m 4d) K-6-9 M Wilson Family Funeral Katherine Dzakowic Wife, Livermr
Black, Susan R 5 Jun 1939 2 Oct 1993 (54y 3m 27d) K-6-34b F Callaghan Mortuary Barbara Johnson Friend, Livermore
Bennett, Pamela Martha 26 Dec 1953 9 Sep 1994 (40y 8m 14d) K-6-34c F Callaghan Connie Moorhead Sister, Losbanos
Black, Everett Harold (Abt 1909) 28 Dec 1996 87y K-6-34d M Mesa Funeral Mesa Ariz Connie Moorhead Purc-, haser
Cancilla, Salvatore 12 Jul 1909 30 Jun 1994 (84y 11m 18d) K-6-35a B M Affordable Mortuary Salvatore Cancilla Son, Livermore
Hanna, John D 28 Nov 1938 21 Aug 1997 (58y 8m 24d) K-6-37c M Mem Gardens Vancover Lorraine Hanna Wife
Kelly, William C 11 Jul 1946 13 Mar 1998 (51y 8m 2d) K-6-38 M Graham Hitch Marsha Kelly Wife, Pleasntn
Boberg, Ralph Edward 30 Jul 1942 23 Sep 1998 (56y 1m 24d) K-6-39 C M Wilson Family Funeral Barbara Boberg Wife, Livermore
Oliver, Jane M 5 Aug 1922 30 Dec 1987 (65y 4m 25d) K-6-47c D F Callaghan Albert Oliver, Livermore
Mercado, Fidencio Joseph 11 Sep 1918 23 Jan 1994 (75y 4m 12d) K-6-53 Urn Sp M Machado Hillside Chapel Carmen Wolf God Daugtr, Snleandro
Ross, Greta Breedlove 14 Feb 1963 21 Sep 1985 (22y 7m 7d) K-6-54 F Neptune Soc Fresno Wm Ross Father, Livermore
Hibbs, Florence I 7 Jul 1908 17 Aug 1985 (77y 1m 10d) K-6-55 F Graham Hitch Marie Vigars, Pleasanton
Davies, Harvey, Sr. G 27 Jul 1927 25 Jun 1982 (54y 10m 29d) K-6-56 M Graham Hitch Livermore Edith Davies Wife, Pleasantn
Goodrich, Harold E 28 Jan 1909 9 Jul 1982 (73y 5m 11d) K-6-56 M Graham Hitch David Goodrich Son, Danville
Davies, Mary Edith 24 Sep 1925 21 Feb 1999 (73y 4m 28d) K-6-57 F Hotchkiss Mortuary Barbara A Horn Daugtr, Tracy
Moriarty, Ethel Ward 12 Aug 1893 2 Jun 1986 (92y 9m 21d) K-6-60 F Callaghan Mrs Jewel Sweet, Livermore
Terrell, Sarah 8 Aug 1910 19 Jun 1997 (86y 10m 11d) K-7-1 F Fuller Funerals Percy Benjamin Son, Oakland
Easley Jr, Jerone Franklin 25 Apr 1974 26 May 1997 (23y 1m 1d) K-7-2 M Thompson Funeral Julia Blocker Mother, Oakland
McNeal, Yvonne 19 Oct 1947 27 Apr 1997 (49y 6m 8d) K-7-3 F Thompson Funeral Home Lamar Williams Son, San Pablo
Gunn, Cynthia B 7 Jul 1957 14 Dec 1996 (39y 5m 7d) K-7-4 F Thompson Funeral Junita Gunn Mother, Salinas Cal
Jones, William Henry 13 Oct 1919 25 Nov 1996 (77y 1m 12d) K-7-5 M Cp Bannon Mortuary Esserlene Jones Wf, Oakland
Watson, Bessie Rose 17 Apr 1905 28 Dec 1996 (91y 8m 11d) K-7-6 F Fuller Funerals Dolores Wright Niece, Oakland
Pointer, Rosetta 16 Dec 1923 22 Nov 1996 (72y 11m 6d) K-7-7 F Fuller Funerals Yvonne Tanner Dau, Union City Cal
Lewis Sr, Perro 4 Aug 1919 7 Nov 1996 (77y 3m 3d) K-7-8 M Thompson Funeral Home Velma Lewis Wf, Oakland
Dejean, Paul 19 Mar 1943 9 Oct 1996 (53y 6m 20d) K-7-9 M Fuller Funerals Joseph Dejean Brother, S Fran
Isakson, Douglas S 12 Jan 1950 9 Apr 1982 (32y 2m 28d) K-7-57 M Graham Hitch Stanley Isakson, Pleasantn
Birt, Marilyn 27 May 1928 27 Jul 1982 (54y 2m 0d) K-7-60 F Livermore Mortuary Lawrence Birt Husb, Dublin
Hansen, James Edward 23 Feb 1963 13 May 1998 (35y 2m 20d) K-8-2 M Callaghan Lori Anne Hansen Wife, Tracy
Austin, Motteal 10 Jan 1916 24 Apr 1997 (81y 3m 14d) K-8-3 F Thompson Funeral Home Doris A Jones Ware Daugh, Oakland
Jones, Mildred J 9 Aug 1937 7 Mar 1997 (59y 6m 26d) K-8-4 F Fouches Hudson Funeral Darryl K Jones Son, Oakland
Williams III, Charles Daniel 4 Apr 1973 1 Mar 1997 (23y 10m 25d) K-8-5 M Thompson Funeral Home Betty Carey Mother, Oakland
Brown, Delma Burnett 18 Feb 1956 26 Jan 1997 (40y 11m 8d) K-8-6 M Thompson Funeral Home Queen Brown Mother, Sn Leandro
Ford, Rusella Marie 8 Mar 1953 27 Jan 1997 (43y 10m 19d) K-8-8 F Fuller Funerals John Ford Spouse, Oakland
Mazariego, Rafael N 8 Aug 1950 10 Apr 1997 (46y 8m 2d) K-8-9 M Fuller Funerals Blanca Torres Sister, Oakland
McDowell, Patrick Sean 29 Oct 1963 4 May 1998 (34y 6m 5d) K-9-1 M Graham Hitch Mortuary Milan C McDowell Father, Sn Ramon
Hidalgo Sr, Gabriel Richard 23 Dec 1946 24 Apr 1998 (51y 4m 1d) K-9-2 Dd M Wilson Family Barbara Hidalgo Wife, Livermore
Perryman, James Lawrence 12 Jun 1944 31 May 1997 (52y 11m 19d) K-9-3 M Thompson Funeral Bev Perryman, Richmond
Barnes, Melvin E 23 Jan 1953 28 May 1997 (44y 4m 5d) K-9-4 M Thompson Clara Barnes Mother, Oakland
Crooker, Melynda Kay 13 Aug 1971 8 Sep 1997 (26y 0m 26d) K-9-5 F Callaghan Gloria Warren Mother, Livermore
Lewis IV, Clarence 6 Jun 1978 17 Feb 1997 (18y 8m 11d) K-9-7 Dbl Depth M Whitted Williams Debbie Lewis Mother, Oakland
Berger, Herlinda 25 Dec 1941 12 Jan 1997 (55y 0m 18d) K-9-9 F Wilson Family Livermore Larry Berger Husb, Livermore
Rodgers, Lucius Earl 15 Jul 1973 18 Aug 1997 (24y 1m 3d) K-10-1 M Cp Bannon Mortuary Danita Childress Friend, Oakland
Scott, Nanette Marie 27 Nov 1956 21 Aug 1997 (40y 8m 25d) K-10-1a F Thompson Winfred Capels Fiance, Richmond
Reid, Raymond 9 Feb 1939 7 Aug 1997 (58y 5m 29d) K-10-2 M Thompson Funeral Ebbie Reid Wife, Suisun Cty 94585
Hill, Evelyn 7 Mar 1952 9 Sep 1997 (45y 6m 2d) K-10-2a F Thompson Funeral Home Milt Massey Brothr, Haywrd
Smith, Clyde M 19 May 1933 1 Aug 1997 (64y 2m 13d) K-10-3 M Callaghan Billie J Smith Wife, Livermore
Jurras, Marion Elizabeth 14 Dec 1916 13 Sep 1997 (80y 8m 30d) K-10-3a F Deer Creek Mortuary R Bernal Jr Son, Santa Maria
McPherrin, Robert Verne 20 Nov 1946 16 Apr 1997 (50y 4m 27d) K-10-5 M Callaghan Carol McPherrin Wf, Livermore
Mumper, James Alan 16 Apr 1957 25 Jun 1997 (40y 2m 9d) K-10-6 & 7 M Callaghan B Mumper Wife Space, 6/27/97
Richter, Beryl Vivian 14 Jul 1920 19 Mar 1997 (76y 8m 5d) K-10-8 F Callaghan Johanes Richter Husb, Livermore
Richter, Johannes Paul 22 Oct 1930 7 Nov 1997 (67y 0m 16d) K-10-8 Dd M Callaghan Patty Long Dautr, Livermore 94550
Hundley, Gwendolyn Joann 27 Mar 1947 20 Feb 1997 (49y 10m 24d) K-10-9 F Whitted Williams Oakland Bruce Hundley Husb, Oak
Climaco, Felipe Antonio 5 Jun 1952 22 Sep 1997 (45y 3m 17d) K-11-1 M Fuller Funerals Maria J Rodriguez Dautr, Oakland
Peters Jr, Jimmy Lester 23 Oct 1975 20 Sep 1997 (21y 10m 28d) K-11-1a M Fuller Funerals Inc Jimmy L Peters Sr, Oakland
Bush, Runell Lee 6 Mar 1974 31 Aug 1997 (23y 5m 25d) K-11-2 M Thompson Funeral Home Linda Webb, Hayward
Maxwell, Catherine 23 Mar 1934 8 Nov 1997 (63y 7m 16d) K-11-2a F Thompson Glenn Deon Hill Grandson, Hayward
Harper, Doney Allen 11 Jul 1961 27 Aug 1997 (36y 1m 16d) K-11-3 M Thompson Funeral Home Marsha White Sister, Tracy
Randle, James 5 Oct 1940 17 Oct 1997 (57y 0m 12d) K-11-3a Dd M Fuller Funerals Edna Gaines Sis, Oakland 94610
Thomas, Patricia Ann 9 Oct 1947 27 Aug 1997 (49y 10m 18d) K-11-4 F Whitted Williams Oakland Kimberly Thomas Dautr, Pittsburg
Lee, Ronald 9 Apr 1959 27 Aug 1997 (38y 4m 18d) K-11-5 M Fuller Funerals Rochelle Crocker Sister, Oakland
Robbins, Mary F 27 Aug 1916 10 Sep 1997 (81y 0m 14d) K-11-6 F Callaghan Loreen Marchall Gnddau, Livermore
Canamore III, Lloyd Andrew 25 Apr 1982 24 Jul 1997 (15y 2m 29d) K-11-7 M Thompson Funeral Home Angela Barker Mother, Oakland
Ten Broeck Jr, Howard Robinson 16 May 1924 25 Jul 1997 (73y 2m 9d) K-11-9 M Wilson Family Livermore Patricia Ten Broeck Wife, Livermore
Jones, Valerie Annette 22 Feb 1957 30 Oct 1997 (40y 8m 8d) K-12-1 F Whitted Williams Irene Williams Mother, Oaklnd
Churchill, Mae Etta 27 Aug 1935 23 Oct 1997 (62y 1m 26d) K-12-1a F Thompson Funeral Home Deanna Churchill Daught, Sacramto
Moorehead, Sherry Ruby 26 Sep 1955 29 Oct 1997 (42y 1m 3d) K-12-2 F Fuller Funerals Jackie Williams Sis, San Pablo Calif
Mayberry, Lemuel Detrell 20 Sep 1980 31 Oct 1997 (17y 1m 11d) K-12-2a M Thompson Funeral Home Soretta Howse Mother, Oak
Ordonia, Dalphine Eliza 30 Mar 1926 22 Oct 1997 (71y 6m 22d) K-12-3 Dd F Graham Hitch Mortuary Cheryle Muller Dautr, Pleasantn
Morton, Little James 10 Jun 1924 8 Nov 1997 (73y 4m 29d) K-12-3a M Fuller Funerals Geneva Morton Wife, Oakland
Geddings, Harry James 26 Jun 1992     K-12-4 M Callaghan Randy Geddings Father, Livermore
Jordan, David De Wayen 23 May 1978 24 Oct 1997 (19y 5m 1d) K-12-6 M Whitted Williams Retha Jordan Mother, Sn Leandro
Hicks, Randy Lee 15 Jun 1956 16 Sep 1997 (41y 3m 1d) K-12-7 M Fuller Funerals Inc Classie Dowell Mother, Richmond
Lindgren, Sandra Elizabeth 14 Jul 1947 17 Sep 1997 (50y 2m 3d) K-12-8 F Deer Creek Mortuary Earl Lindgren Husb, Creekside Camp Connell
Coatney, Betty V 14 Oct 1918 9 Sep 1997 (78y 10m 26d) K-12-9 F Fuller Funerals Inc James Coatney Spouse, Oakland
Dixon, Mary Frances 8 Nov 1938 14 Dec 1997 (59y 1m 6d) K-13-1 F Fuller Funerals Inc Rosa Dixon Dautr, Oakland
Lons, Andre Levar 24 Mar 1978 3 Dec 1997 (19y 8m 9d) K-13-1a M Fuller Funerals Beatrice Lons Mother, San Francisco
Montgomery, Minnie Mae 1 Jul 1915 20 Dec 1997 (82y 5m 19d) K-13-2 F Thompson Funeral Home Joyce East Daugtr, Oakland
Marisett, Lee Otis 5 May 1970 25 Nov 1997 (27y 6m 20d) K-13-2a M Fuller Funerals Teresa Mann Mother, Oakland
Williams, Jerline 10 Nov 1924 22 Dec 1997 (73y 1m 12d) K-13-3 F Fuller Funerals Frances Boyd Sistr, Ft Worth Texas
Hill, Moses 12 Apr 1928 24 Nov 1997 (69y 7m 12d) K-13-3a M Thompson Funeral Home John Hill Father, Oakland 94606
Harrison, Beverley Jeanne 8 Mar 1932 1 Jan 1998 (65y 9m 24d) K-13-4 F Graham Hitch Mortuary Robt Harrison Husb, Pleasanton
Allen, Lynette Denise 30 May 1968 5 Nov 1997 (29y 5m 6d) K-13-5 F Fuller Funerals Priscilla Allen Mother, Oakland
Smith, Asim Solon 7 Jun 1975 20 Nov 1997 (22y 5m 13d) K-13-6 M Fuller Funerals Michael Smith Father, Oakland
Watson, Helen Aubrey 30 Mar 1916 4 Nov 1997 (81y 7m 5d) K-13-7 F Thompson Funeral Home Addie Carter Dautr, Hayward
Newman, Dorothy Louise 17 Apr 1927 22 Feb 1998 (70y 10m 5d) K-14-1 F Cp Bannon Mortuary Sytara Ellis Dautr, San Leandro
Henderson, Samuel Webster 27 Jul 1933 23 Jan 1998 (64y 5m 27d) K-14-1a M Whitted Williams Margaret Henderson Wife, Oakland
Davis Sr, Daniel 4 Jan 1915 13 Jan 1998 (83y 0m 9d) K-14-2 M Thompson Funeral Fay Deering Dautr, Oakland
Fletcher Jr, Samuel Eddy 9 Oct 1952 13 Jan 1998 (45y 3m 4d) K-14-2a M Fuller Funerals Cassandra Fletcher Wife, Oakland
Wilson, Lindsey 16 Mar 1938 16 Jan 1998 (59y 10m 0d) K-14-3 M Fuller Funerals Ira Jean Butler Sist, Daly City
Rogers, Willie Sr. James 25 Nov 1950 6 Jan 1998 (47y 1m 12d) K-14-3a M Baker Mortuary Audrey A Taylor Sistr, Oakland
Mack, Lonnie Minnoler 17 Sep 1903 1 Feb 1998 (94y 4m 15d) K-14-4 F Whitted Williams Oakland Williams Cohee Son, Oakland
Loyd, Odie 26 Jan 1928 1 Feb 1998 (70y 0m 6d) K-14-5 M Fuller Funeral Lavon Loyd Spouse, Oakland
Branch, Cynthia A 23 Dec 1973 8 May 1998 (24y 4m 15d) K-14-6 F Whitted Williams Dorothy Moore Aunt, Oakland
King, Lennon Gene 31 Mar 1975 4 May 1998 (23y 1m 3d) K-14-7 M Thompson Funeral Home Florance Bell Mother, Oakland
Rawlins, Armenthia Frances 26 Jan 1950 31 Mar 1998 (48y 2m 5d) K-15-1 F McNary Morgan Eng Jackson Rev Albert W Rawlins Hus, Oakland
Medlock, Helen 15 Dec 1920 9 Feb 1998 (77y 1m 25d) K-15-1a F Whitted Williams Rosemary Cherry Dautr, Oak
Johnson, Mary D 28 Oct 1919 6 Apr 1998 (78y 5m 9d) K-15-2 F Fuller Funeral Henrietta Johnson Dautr, Sjose
Bradford, Carl Michael 9 Oct 1956 6 Feb 1998 (41y 3m 28d) K-15-2a M Thompson Funeral Kimberly A Bradford Wife, Oaklnd
Carter, Vanderine 12 Apr 1933 15 Apr 1998 (65y 0m 3d) K-15-3 F McNary Mrgan Engl JCksn Sybil Carter Dautr, Oakland 94603
Dunmon, Stephen Christopher 10 Aug 1979 12 Apr 1999 (19y 8m 2d) K-15-3a M Fouche's Hudson Funeral Home Gwendolyn
Dunmon, Edgar Elder 5 Jul 1952 31 Jan 1998 (45y 6m 26d) K-15-3a Dd M Whitted Williams Dwendolyn [Gwendolyn?] Dunmon Wife, Oakland

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