The "Date of Birth", "Date of Death" and "Age at Death" are recast from the original data into a standard format. The "Grave Location" is verbatim from the original except the three separate fields have been catenated with hyphens to Section-Plot-Grave. Street addresses of Next of Kin have been deleted to preserve the privacy of persons who may still be living. Cities of residence are retained. Except for these fields, the data are given exactly as received in digital form.


( ) Parentheses enclose calculated values.
^ Circumflex denotes other private data deleted.
* Asterisk denotes a value that could not be derived because the original information on which it depends is missing or apparently erroneous.

Original and digitized records are in the possession of:

Art Monument Co. Inc.
26295 Mission Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94544
Tel. (510) 581-1206

The Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society thanks David McLennan and Julie Taylor of the Art Monument Co. for making the records available to L-AGS and to the world of genealogists.

The records below have been sorted by grave location to help researchers find family members who may be buried near each other.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age at Death Grave Location Sex Mortuary Next of Kin and Comments
Jenkins, George Washington 10 Mar 1908 9 Jun 1998 (90y 2m 30d) K-15-6 M Whiited Williams Georganna Stevenson Dau, Sn Leandro
McCan, Gregory Michael 19 May 1991 19 Jul 1998 (7y 2m 0d) K-15-9 M Cp Bannon Linette McCan Mother, Snramon
Matthews Jr, Marcellus Allen 6 Dec 1915 30 Jun 1998 (82y 6m 24d) K-16-1 M Cp Bannon M A Matthews III Son, Pleasanton
Butler, Raymond 17 Mar 1945 24 Jun 1998 (53y 3m 7d) K-16-1a M Fouches Hudson Oakland Fredia T Butler Wife, Oakland
Epperson, Alice J 12 Nov 1929 10 Jul 1998 (68y 7m 28d) K-16-2 F C P Bannon Mortuary Lee Armstrong Brother, Oakland
Patterson, Mineola 22 Jan 1909 18 Jun 1998 (89y 4m 27d) K-16-2a F Whitted Williams Tyree Patterson Husb, Oakland
Witt, Willie 8 Jan 1921 13 Jul 1998 (77y 6m 5d) K-16-3 M Thompson Funeral Home Lucinda Bagley Daugtr, Oakland
Cook, Clyde E 17 Nov 1917 16 Jul 1998 (80y 7m 29d) K-16-4 F Thompson Funeral Home Myrtle Williams Sister, Oakland
Dent Jr, James Edward 20 Jul 1969 22 Jul 1998 (29y 0m 2d) K-16-5 M Deer Creek Mortuary James E Dent Sr Father, Haywd
Fox, Helen Marie 23 Jun 1963 10 Aug 1998 (35y 1m 18d) K-16-6 F Thompson Funeral Lodean Fox Mother, Oak
Jones, Leverna 30 Jan 1923 4 Jul 1998 (75y 5m 4d) K-16-9 F Thompson Funeral Raymond Jones Husb, Oakland
Jessie, Alice D 23 Jan 1923 27 Aug 1998 (75y 7m 4d) K-17-1 F Cp Bannon Mortuary L T Jessie Sr Husb, Oakland
McLain, Larry August 16 Jul 1968 24 Aug 1998 (30y 1m 8d) K-17-1a M Thompson Funeral Home Louise Ferrell Mother, Oaklnd
Nicholas, Warren 25 Apr 1929 30 Aug 1998 (69y 4m 5d) K-17-2 M Thompson Funeral Home Randy Wessley Son, Hayward 94541
Benson III, Johnny Otis 15 Jan 1974 18 Aug 1998 (24y 7m 3d) K-17-2a M Thompson Funeral Home Joann Bailey Mother, Oakland
Spencer, Evelyn 13 Oct 1930 26 Jul 1998 (67y 9m 13d) K-17-3a F Thompson Funeral Wm Spencer Husb, Sn Leandro
Escoto, Michael Dean 14 Jun 1962 5 Sep 1998 (36y 2m 22d) K-17-5 M Callaghan Bonnie Lynn Escoto Wife, Livermr
Thomas, Sharia Shardeah 3 Jul 1991 19 Sep 1998 (7y 2m 16d) K-18-1 F Cp Bannon Mortuary Latina Toran Mom, Oakland
Kay, Cassandra Elaine 24 Jul 1956 11 Sep 1998 (42y 1m 18d) K-18-1a F Fouches Hudson Funeral Linda Rodriguze Sister, Oakland
Harris, Clifford E 23 Nov 1958 25 Sep 1998 (39y 10m 2d) K-18-2 M Thompson Funeral Monica Harris Wife, 1310a S Jose
Lambert, George Maurice 27 Mar 1940 4 Sep 1998 (58y 5m 8d) K-18-2a M Thompson Funeral Home Charles Etta Lambert Sis, Oakland
Allen, Eddie Lee 24 Sep 1952 4 Oct 1998 (46y 0m 10d) K-18-3 M Fouches Hudson Funeral Jerry Johnson Cousin, Oakland
Gregg, Curtis Zachariah 13 Dec 1976 25 Aug 1998 (21y 8m 12d) K-18-3a M Fuller Funerals Inc Vivian Luckett Mother, Oakland
Perry, Stella M 22 Apr 1919 4 Oct 1998 (79y 5m 12d) K-18-4 F Cp Bannon Mortuary Bonnie Wilson Dautr, San Pablo
Pradia Sr, Anthony A 27 Apr 1936 6 Oct 1998 (62y 5m 9d) K-18-5 M Fuller Funeral Rita Pradia Dautr, Houston Texas
Jones, Glenda Kaye 27 Jul 1972 16 Oct 1998 (26y 2m 19d) K-18-6 F Fouches Hudson Funeral Sandra Johnson Mother, Apt C Oakland
Wells, Thomas 5 Jun 1930 28 Nov 1998 (68y 5m 23d) K-19-1 M Wilson Family Funeral Joan Wells Wife, Dublin
Henderson, Mary H 19 Jan 1925 22 Nov 1998 (73y 10m 3d) K-19-1a F McNary Morgan Eng JCksn Wanda Haynes Dautr, Sn Leandro
Francis, Primrose 5 Apr 1927 8 Nov 1998 (71y 7m 3d) K-19-2a F Colonial Chapel Leroy Francis Jr Son, Hayward
Mullen, Eliza Louise 16 Jan 1927 2 Jan 1999 (71y 11m 17d) K-19-3 F Fuller Funerals Hazel Mullen Dautr, Oakland 94601
Johnson, Leon 8 Apr 1932 20 Oct 1998 (66y 6m 12d) K-19-3a M McNary Morgn Eng Jaksn Brenda Johnson Dautr, Oakland
Martin, Robert Lee 30 Jul 1944 10 Dec 1998 (54y 4m 10d) K-19-4 M Thompson Funeral Home Vera Martin Wife, Oakland Calif
McNeal, Ardice C 14 Dec 1906 20 Nov 1998 (91y 11m 6d) K-19-5 F Thompson Funeral Home Arlinda Dewitt Grd Dautr, Livermore
Flores, Barbara Lee 14 Dec 1929 21 Nov 1998 (68y 11m 7d) K-19-6 F Deer Creek Dublin Debra Morano Dautr, Livermore
Robinson, Samuel 23 Dec 1929 19 Jan 1999 (69y 0m 27d) K-20-1 M Thompson Funeral Mary Robinson Wife, Oakland
Williams, Ruby Lee 9 Jan 1914 28 Dec 1998 (84y 11m 19d) K-20-1a F Cp Bannon Jerrie Mayfield Daughter, Oakland
Shavers, Morris 2 Mar 1922 12 Jan 1999 (76y 10m 10d) K-20-2 M Cp Bannon Pamela Shavers Daugtr, Oakland
Wynn, Temia 11 May 1920 6 Jan 1999 (78y 7m 26d) K-20-2a F Cp Bannon Victoria Moore Dautr, Oakland
Woods, Lonnie 16 Mar 1937 18 Jan 1999 (61y 10m 2d) K-20-3 M Thompson Lue Esther Woods Wife, Oakland
Dunbar, Elzie Burton 9 Oct 1911 28 Dec 1998 (87y 2m 19d) K-20-3a M Fuller Funerals Inc Sallie F Dunbar Spouse, Oakland
McBride, Mary B 20 Aug 1941 18 Jan 1999 (57y 4m 29d) K-20-5 F Whitted Williams Robert McBride Son, Sacramento
Jackson Sr, Wallace 25 Feb 1980 25 Jan 1999 (18y 11m 0d) K-20-7 M Cp Bannon Wallace Jackson Jr Son, Oakland
Jolly, Minnie Thomas 3 Aug 1958 1 Feb 1999 (40y 5m 29d) K-21-1 Dd F Cp Bannon Mortuary Harold Jolly Husband, Oakland
Cox, Margurite 15 Aug 1916 25 Feb 1999 (82y 6m 10d) K-21-1a F Bayview Mortuary R E Langston God Daugtr, So San Fran
Jackson, Cynthia 26 May 1961 11 Feb 1999 (37y 8m 16d) K-21-2 F Thompson Funeral Georgia Jackson Mother, Oakland
Gill, Thelma 19 Jan 1931 7 Feb 1999 (68y 0m 19d) K-21-2a F C P Bannon John Gill Husband, Union Cty
Trigg, Virlee Leffall 6 Aug 1917 24 Jan 1999 (81y 5m 18d) K-21-3a F McNary Mrgn Engl Jacksn Willie Ann Bullock Sister, Berkeley
Seastrunk-Rhodes, Gloria 02 Aug 1944 25 Mar 1999 (54y 7m 23d) K-22-1 F Thompsons Lemuel Rhodes, Oakland
Boyd, Dorothy       K-22-1a F Bayview Funeral Home Stephen R Leer, S Fran
Boyd, Dorothy Margaret 06 Jan 1915 15 Mar 1999 (84y 2m 9d) K-22-1a F Bayview Mortuary Steve Leer/ Friend, San Francisco, Ca 94131
Adl, Fereshteh R. 17 Jul 1957 28 Mar 1999 (41y 8m 11d) K-22-2 F Deer Creek Mahran Adl / Ex=Husband
Best, Bonita Laverne 09 Jan 1953 27 Jan 1999 (46y 0m 18d) K-22-2a F Whitted Williams Robert Best, Oakland
Walker, Ivy 12 Aug 1956 2 Apr 1999 (42y 7m 21d) K-22-3 F Thompson Charles Walker/Father
McElroy, William E. 1 Jan 1936 27 May 1999 (63y 4m 26d) K-23-1 M Fouche-Hudson Laura Ann McElroy (Daughter)
January, Rafers V. 24 Dec 1933 29 May 1999 (65y 5m 5d) K-23-1a F C.P. Bannon Denise Savoy (Daughter)
Landry, Albert, Jr. 18 Feb 1934 8 Jun 1999 (65y 3m 21d) K-23-2 M Thompson Elizabeth Landry (Daughter)
Jenkins, Al-Quaiyyum M. 22 Apr 1971 4 Jun 1999 (28y 1m 13d) K-23-3 M Thompson Charmain Jenkins (Wife)
Allen, Rosie G 25 Nov 1903 16 Jun 1999 (95y 6m 22d) K-23-4 F Thompson Richard Conway (Brother)
Brown, Melvin 17 May 1950 10 Jun 1999 (49y 0m 24d) K-23-5 M Fuller Funerals Tyree Brown (Son)
Jack, Dorothy L. 8 Sep 1949 7 Jun 1999 (49y 8m 30d) K-24-2a F Thompson Sidney Jack (Husband)
Craig, Charles Edward 6 Jan 1938 28 May 1999 (61y 4m 22d) K-24-3a (Dd) M Thompson's Ardella Blueford (Mother), 2nd Grave In Space Prepaid Service
Marks, Cyrano A. 19 Oct 1959 13 Jul 1999 (39y 8m 24d) K-24-5 M Thompson's Charlene Overshown/Sister, Burial 7/21/1999
Whitlock, Abimbola 4 Apr 1979 4 Jun 1999 (20y 2m 0d) K-25-3a M Fouche's Hudson Gracie Earls (Grandmother), *Victims Of Violent Crime To Pay
Oliver, Gail S 17 Jul 1935 16 Oct 1991 (56y 2m 29d) K-47-C F Callaghan Albert Oliver, Livermore
Osborne, Jeanette M 3 Sep 1907 23 Dec 1982 (75y 3m 20d) K3-3-56 F Callaghan Clarence Osborne, Pleasanton
Osborne, Clarence R 23 Oct 1902 14 Dec 1983 (81y 1m 21d) K3-3-56 M Callaghan Larry Osborne Son, Pleasanton
Giltz, Marilyn D 19 Jan 1931 3 Mar 1983 (52y 1m 12d) K3-4-57 F Wyant Smith Snta Clara James Giltz Husb, Sunnyvalle
Bradley, Jack 30 Jan 1905 23 Dec 1982 (77y 10m 23d) K3-7-59 M Graham Hitch Margaret Mellblom, Daughtr Woodside N Y
Garcia, Felipe (Abt 1897) 2 Apr 1963 66y K32-25-8 M Callaghan Pilar Garcia, Stockton
Gardner, Dorothy L 6 Dec 1929 14 Apr 1993 (63y 4m 8d) L-1-30 F Whitted Williams Charlene Mosley, Oakland
Shipley, Ida Frances 4 May 1918 3 Jun 1996 (78y 0m 30d) Rose-- F Deer Creek Mortuary Jack D Bauman Pbl Admin, Ukiah 95482

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