The "Date of Birth", "Date of Death" and "Age at Death" are recast from the original data into a standard format. The "Grave Location" is verbatim from the original except the three separate fields have been catenated with hyphens to Section-Plot-Grave. Street addresses of Next of Kin have been deleted to preserve the privacy of persons who may still be living. Cities of residence are retained. Except for these fields, the data are given exactly as received in digital form.


( ) Parentheses enclose calculated values.
^ Circumflex denotes other private data deleted.
* Asterisk denotes a value that could not be derived because the original information on which it depends is missing or apparently erroneous.

Original and digitized records are in the possession of:

Art Monument Co. Inc.
26295 Mission Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94544
Tel. (510) 581-1206

The Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society thanks David McLennan and Julie Taylor of the Art Monument Co. for making the records available to L-AGS and to the world of genealogists.

The records below have been sorted by grave location to help researchers find family members who may be buried near each other.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age at Death Grave Location Sex Mortuary Next of Kin and Comments
Leitze, Rose Ann 1 Feb 1918 30 Sep 1990 (72y 7m 29d) J-1-3a F Chapel Of The Valley Lucille Richey Sister, Hayward
Baker, Frances Elizabeth 17 Apr 1909 20 Jan 1976 (66y 9m 3d) J-1-4 F Livermore Mortuary G Garrison, Lvrmre Section J
Garrison, Gloria Virginia 30 Sep 1926 5 Aug 1995 (68y 10m 6d) J-1-4 F Lassila Chpl Grass Vly Nicole Bradford Frnd, Grs Vly
Johnson, Sophie S 11 Nov 1901 3 Jun 1976 (74y 6m 23d) J-1-6 F Livermore Mortuary Mrs Ann Bailey, Livermore
Johnson, Eric 7 Nov 1897 8 Aug 1978 (80y 9m 1d) J-1-7 M Callaghan Mrs Melvin Bailey, Livermr
Anderson, John S 3 Oct 1894 16 Dec 1979 (85y 2m 13d) J-1-8 M Livermore R Hoblitzell Marlene Hardage Niece, Sn Leanro
Cruse, Lydia 14 Dec 1898 16 Jun 1976 (77y 6m 2d) J-1-8 F Callaghan Mortuary Ira E Cruse, Livermore Buried Sec J
Althoff, Ferderick We 2 Dec 1902 29 Dec 1989 (87y 0m 27d) J-1-9 M Callaghan Marilyn Allington Dautr, Frmt
Altoff, Mildred V 31 Jul 1904 21 Oct 1987 (83y 2m 20d) J-1-9 F Callaghan Fred Altoff, Livermore
Christian, Edna Belle 12 Mar 1890 21 Jan 1985 (94y 10m 9d) J-1-10 F Callaghan J Max Christian, Ave Portland Oreg
Hopper, Pauline Farrell 8 Jul 1918 26 Nov 1992 (74y 4m 18d) J-1-11 F Waltons Chpl Of Valley Doris Providenti, Carson Cty Nev
Cooper, Earl Edward 21 Mar 1917 15 Dec 1981 (64y 8m 24d) J-1-12 M Livermore Mortuary Pauline Cooper, Livermore
McIntyre, Freida B 19 Oct 1911 19 Feb 1978 (66y 4m 0d) J-1-13 F Livermor Mort Mrs Lloyd Rathasker Sis, Livermore
Finley, Marie Nellie 29 Jul 1898 5 Apr 1995 (96y 8m 7d) J-1-14 F Callaghan Robt Butcher Grandson, Livermore
Finley, James Douglas 22 Apr 1897 10 Dec 1983 (86y 7m 18d) J-1-15 M Callaghan Marie Finley, Livermore Calif 94550
Christian, James Max 19 Oct 1890 6 Jan 1979 (88y 2m 18d) J-1-16 M Callaghan Edna Belle Christian Wife, Livermore
Jackson, Robert Lee 12 Aug 1957 27 Mar 1982 (24y 7m 15d) J-1-17 M Livermore Mortuary Christie Jackson Wife, Livermr
Riofrio, Dolores Marie 11 Mar 1903 28 Apr 1989 (86y 1m 17d) J-1-20 F Callaghan Dolores Goad Daughter, Livrmor
Riofrio, Louis E 21 Jun 1900 22 Feb 1981 (80y 8m 1d) J-1-21 M Grant Miller Oakland Dolores Riofrio, Cresta Oakland Calif
Miner, George E 29 Feb 1936 19 Oct 1979 (43y 7m 20d) J-1-22 M Graham Hitch Joyce Miner, Dublin Ca 94566
Methvin, Neoma Ruth 12 Dec 1947 24 Dec 1979 (32y 0m 12d) J-1-23 F Graham Hitch Jerry Methvin Husbnd, Anaheim
Woore, Ronald R 29 Aug 1933 20 Jul 1994 (60y 10m 21d) J-1-25 M Grissoms Mortuary Rose I Fee, San Leandro
Marshall, William M 31 Aug 1915 6 Aug 1980 (64y 11m 6d) J-1-27 M Graham Hitch Oleta Huff Marshall, Sn Rm
Marshall, Oleta M 28 May 1916 17 Jan 1997 (80y 7m 20d) J-1-27 F Wilson Family Livermore Fran Reichold Dau, El Sobrante Ca
Depuy, Freda A 15 Apr 1912 3 Sep 1979 (67y 4m 19d) J-1-29 F Ross Hoblitzell Livrmor Clarence Depuy Husbnd, Livrmr
Johnson, Gerald D 26 Feb 1926 14 Dec 1978 (52y 9m 18d) J-1-32 M   Laverne Johnson, Livermore
Monday Jr, Timothy I 7 Sep 1961 2 Aug 1979 (17y 10m 26d) J-1-33 M Graham Hitch Timothy I Monday Father, Plesnt
Brokaw, Eloise A 19 Aug 1922 4 Aug 1990 (67y 11m 16d) J-1-34 F Livermore Mortuary Peggy Gaustad Daughtr, Fairfield
Brokaw, William David 13 Dec 1919 3 Apr 1979 (59y 3m 21d) J-1-35 M Livermore Eloise Brokaw Wife, Livermore
Lancaster, Ronald Lee 11 May 1940 1 Nov 1978 (38y 5m 21d) J-1-37 M Callaghan Cheryl Lancaster Wife, Livermore
Polaski, John A 9 Nov 1904 11 Aug 1977 (72y 9m 2d) J-1-38 M Graham Hitch James Polaski Pleasntn
Apker, Russell Wilson 26 Jun 1913 5 Jun 1981 (67y 11m 10d) J-1-39 M Livermore Mortuary Geo Apker Son, Fontana
Meyer, Wolfgang A (17 Jun 1979) 14 Apr 1980 9m 28d J-1-40 M Graham Hitch Gunther Golde Executor, Oakland
Boyd, Ireene G 31 Oct 1919 29 Apr 1993 (73y 5m 29d) J-1-41 F Livermore Mortuary Wm Boyd, Livermore 94550
Smith, Arthur William 27 Dec 1919 12 Feb 1979 (59y 1m 16d) J-1-42 M Callaghan Ireene Smith, Livrmore
Wehunt, Mina May 18 Nov 1907 29 Apr 1978 (70y 5m 11d) J-1-43 F Callaghan Garfield Wehunt Husb, Livermore
Wehunt, Garfield 4 Apr 1904 5 Sep 1979 (75y 5m 1d) J-1-44 M Callaghan Ella Gilliam Daughter, Livmor
Rollins, Ruby Maxine 24 Sep 1917 10 Oct 1981 (64y 0m 16d) J-1-47 F Livermore Geo Rollins Husb, Livermore
Hsieh, Da Whuang 9 Nov 1906 28 Mar 1982 (75y 4m 19d) J-1-49 M Callaghan Issac Hsieh Son, Livermore
Hsieh, Jy Ling 1 May 1908 6 Jun 1997 (89y 1m 5d) J-1-49 F Callaghan Issac Hsieh Son, Livermore
Lotsey, Peggy Rae 25 Jul 1926 21 Jun 1980 (53y 10m 27d) J-1-51 F Graham Hitch Frederick B Lotsey Husb, Dublin
Andrews, Merlyn Jane 12 Feb 1900 1 Mar 1981 (81y 0m 17d) J-2-5 F Callaghan Info Portor Loring Mort San Antonio
Andrews, Rutherford 4 Jul 1893 30 Apr 1977 (83y 9m 26d) J-2-6 M Callaghan Mortuary Merelyn J Andrews
Feiler Jr, Donald R 1 Aug 1965 7 Aug 1976 (11y 0m 6d) J-2-7 M Graham Hitch E Feiler Mother, Dublin
Feiler Sr, Donald R 15 Jul 1937 7 Aug 1976 (39y 0m 23d) J-2-8 M Graham Hitch Wife Evangelene Fieler, Buried In Section J
Parkinson, Alva C 16 Jul 1929 4 Mar 1978 (48y 7m 16d) J-2-9 F Callaghan Juanita Parkinson, Liverm
Hoffman, Clara 3 Oct 1898 19 Sep 1981 (82y 11m 16d) J-2-10 F Graham Hitch Fred Hoffman Son, Danville
White, Barbara Bertha Ellen 28 Jul 1922 25 Aug 1982 (60y 0m 28d) J-2-12 F Callaghan Carl D White Husb, Livermore
White, Kelly Wayne 17 Aug 1957 24 Jul 1980 (22y 11m 7d) J-2-13 M Callaghan Carl Dr White Son, Livrmore
Colldeweih, Charles H 12 Oct 1919 7 Mar 1979 (59y 4m 23d) J-2-14 M Callaghan Hazel Mingoia Sister, Livrmr
Colldeweih, Ada 15 Sep 1894 28 Mar 1977 (82y 6m 13d) J-2-15 F Calla Mrt Disintr 12/7/77 See Order #
Owen, Charles David 26 Apr 1927 15 Nov 1981 (54y 6m 20d) J-2-17 M Livermore Mortuary Phyllis Owen Wife, Livermore
Felicitas, Juanita 27 May 1935 19 Jul 1993 (58y 1m 22d) J-2-18 F Livermore Mortuary Judy Peck, Livermore 94550
Felicitas, Clay 13 Jul 1913 31 Dec 1980 (67y 5m 18d) J-2-19 M Livermore Juanita Felicitas, Livermore
Begonia, Leon B 27 Jul 1902 6 Jan 1978 (75y 5m 10d) J-2-20 M Callaghan Paul & Frank Begonia, Died Valley Mem Hosp
Hutka, Stanley C 16 Jan 1943 23 Apr 1992 (49y 3m 7d) J-2-21 & 22 M Swan Law Funeral Dir Martha Hutka, Livermore
Hutka, Charles W 3 Sep 1908 26 Oct 1978 (70y 1m 23d) J-2-22 M Callaghan Martha Hutka Wife
Nelson, Peggy E 25 Dec 1929 7 Feb 1996 (66y 1m 13d) J-2-24 F Livermore Mortuary James Nelson Son, Livermore
Smith, Erin Renee 2 Jun 1968 8 Aug 1978 (10y 2m 6d) J-2-26 F Callaghan James R Smith, Livermore
Tari, Buddy Clark 27 Mar 1919 13 Jan 1987 (67y 9m 17d) J-2-28 M Callaghan Lois Tari, Pleasanton
Robertson, Alice 24 Nov 1907 25 Mar 1986 (78y 4m 1d) J-2-29 F Jones Mort Lake County Bertha Trainer Sister, Spicwood Tex
Robertson, Randall R 8 Oct 1907 31 May 1978 (70y 7m 23d) J-2-30 M Graham Hitch Alice Robertson
Norman, Robert H 4 Mar 1907 6 Mar 1980 (73y 0m 2d) J-2-31 M Livermore R Hoblitzell Robert Norman Son, Heather Lane Livermore
O'Brien, Joann Ruth 5 Mar 1935 18 Sep 1978 (43y 6m 13d) J-2-32 F Livermore Mort Jack O'Brien, Dublin Ca 94566
O'Brien, Jack Orin 19 Dec 1933 12 Nov 1997 (63y 10m 24d) J-2-33 M Graham Hitch Mortuary Kathy O'Brien Wife, Danville
Mullins, William I 11 Jul 1923 26 Aug 1978 (55y 1m 15d) J-2-34 M Livermore Mort Olga Mullins, Livermore
Keizur, Lee Francis *   * J-2-35a Baby Roselawn Cemetery Wm Keizur, Livermore
Neal, Patricia Phyllis 5 Dec 1983     J-2-35b F Livermore Mortuary Douglas Neal Fathr, Dublin
Steele, Scott K 17 Jul 1959 7 Mar 1978 (18y 7m 18d) J-3-4 M Graham Hitch Eleanor Wardrip, Pleasnt
Reed, Florence M 23 Nov 1907 18 Oct 1982 (74y 10m 25d) J-3-7 F Graham Hitch Merilynne O'Brien, Pleasanton
Reed, Henry Allan 6 Jun 1908 5 Jul 1980 (72y 0m 29d) J-3-8 M Graham Hitch Florence M Reed Wife, Pleasntn
Likins, Elayne Aurelia 9 Dec 1902 15 Jun 1983 (80y 6m 6d) J-3-9 F Graham Hitch Lois Ward Sister, San Jose
Likins, Roy 7 Oct 1901 4 Oct 1979 (77y 11m 27d) J-3-10 M Graham Hitch Elayne Likins Wife, San Ramon
Kline, Howard G 12 Dec 1902 19 Sep 1981 (78y 9m 7d) J-3-12 M Livermore Mortuary Mrs Jimmie Kline Wife, Livermore
Becconsall, Eric 21 Aug 1898 6 Dec 1977 (79y 3m 15d) J-3-13 M Graham Hitch Ida Becconsall, Modesto Calif 95352
McMullen, Nina Lucille 10 Apr 1905 25 Nov 1992 (87y 7m 15d) J-3-14 F Callaghan Carol Gilliam, Tracy
McMullen, Ralph A 21 Apr 1904 3 Feb 1986 (81y 9m 13d) J-3-15 M Callaghan Nina L McMullen Wife, Livermr
Walton, Eileen L 24 Mar 1922 30 Apr 1988 (66y 1m 6d) J-3-16 F Callaghan Lawrence Walton, Livrmr
Linder, Robert E 11 May 1953 1 Apr 1980 (26y 10m 21d) J-3-19 M Livermore R Hoblitzell Carmen Linder Wife, Livermor
Zeller, Gary Royal 16 Aug 1955 5 Jul 1995 (39y 10m 19d) J-3-20 M Livermore Mortuary Randy Zeller, Fremont
Zeller, Virgie V 5 Apr 1931 3 Nov 1993 (62y 6m 29d) J-3-21 F Livermore Mortuary Sandra Cantrell, Livermore
Zeller, Marion Royal 24 Jun 1929 20 Jul 1979 (50y 0m 26d) J-3-22 M Callaghan Virgie V Zeller Wife, Livermore
Shore, Bernard W 1 Sep 1928 16 Jan 1978 (49y 4m 15d) J-3-23 M Callaghan Mrs Virgie Shore, Died Kaiser Hosp
Patterson, Elizabeth B 24 Aug 1902 9 Dec 1979 (77y 3m 15d) J-3-24 F Graham Hitch M & Mrs Jack Banks, Pleasnton
Donaldson, Ada H 29 May 1906 7 Aug 1978 (72y 2m 9d) J-3-25 F Callaghan Verda Johnson, Livermore
Callaway, Mark Wayne 31 Oct 1956 20 Jun 1981 (24y 7m 20d) J-3-26 M Callaghan Janis M Callaway Wife, Livermor
Bonsell, Vincent B 25 Aug 1959 11 Mar 1978 (18y 6m 14d) J-3-27 M Callaghan Cecil Bonsell, Livermoe
Wright, Jules Eugene 2 May 1954 29 Jan 1978 (23y 8m 27d) J-3-28 M Livermore Mortuary Eugene Wright, Dublin
McGuire, Leonard J 28 Apr 1918 10 Feb 1978 (59y 9m 13d) J-3-30 M Livermore Mortuary Manila McGuire, Livermore
Mellana, Monte L 17 Apr 1907 7 Jan 1981 (73y 8m 21d) J-3-31 M Callaghan Joan Edward Daughter, Dublin
Williams, Donald Dr J 10 Jan 1922 9 Dec 1977 (55y 10m 29d) J-3-33 M Graham Hitch Charline Williams, Pleas
Whipple, Sandra Ruthann 30 Dec 1957 9 Jan 1980 (22y 0m 10d) J-3-34 F Graham Hitch Barbara Whipple D In Law, Pleasanton
Glometti, Anthony Michael 13 Jul 1989 14 Jul 1989 (0y 0m 1d) J-3-35c M Callaghan Shannon Glometti Mothr
Burnham, Gordon Don 28 Apr 1956 22 May 1981 (25y 0m 24d) J-4-1a M Grahm Hitch K Burham Memorial Mark-, Er Scattered At Sea
Blair, Eleanor 2 Sep 1925 27 Apr 1997 (71y 7m 25d) J-4-2a F Deercreek Castro Valley Elnora Lucky Daughter, Sn Leandro
Littler, Williams Harold 4 Feb 1935 4 Jul 1997 (62y 5m 0d) J-4-2b M Callaghan Carole Mongeau Dautr, Livermore
Mendribil, Constance L 21 May 1938 7 Mar 1990 (51y 9m 14d) J-4-3a F Livermore Mortuary Jack Mendribil Husband, Millbrae Ca
Evans, Ruth Faye 24 Mar 1932 28 Jul 1976 (44y 4m 4d) J-4-4 F Callaghan Chas L Evans Sn Ramon, Buried In Section J
Mitchell, Della Faye 15 Aug 1905 18 May 1984 (78y 9m 3d) J-4-5 F Hotchkiss Mortuary Lawana Hutson, Tracy Calif
Ghiorso, Robert J (1 Nov 1980) 8 Jul 1981 8m 7d J-4-6 M Graham Hitch Marilyn Ghiorso Wife, Pleasanton
Lind, Kurt H 1 Mar 1903 31 Jan 1977 (73y 10m 30d) J-4-8 M Santos Robinson M Lind Wife, Sn Ramon Buried Sec J
Weddell, Sheree Lynn 15 Jul 1957 4 Aug 1981 (24y 0m 20d) J-4-9 F Callaghan Douglas Weddell, Livermore
Conn, Elmer A 10 Aug 1910 8 Jul 1977 (66y 10m 28d) J-4-10 M Callaghan Orpha O Conn Livermore
Hunter, Doris Edith 9 Dec 1899 24 Nov 1977 (77y 11m 15d) J-4-11 F Callaghan Gertrude E Weyant, Coarsegold Calif
Hunter, Keats O 24 Dec 1895 7 Jan 1987 (91y 0m 14d) J-4-12 M Callaghan Waldo Magnuson, Livermore
Procopio, Mary C Jan 1906 23 May 1981 (Abt 75y 4m 23d) J-4-15 F Livermore Mort Anthony Procopio, Livermore
Procopio, Conezio 4 Feb 1906 12 Nov 1979 (73y 9m 8d) J-4-16 M Livermore R Hoblitzell Anthony Procopio Son, Livrmore
Gorman, Nancy Lee 12 Aug 1923 12 Mar 1980 (56y 7m 0d) J-4-17 F Livermore R Hoblitzell Richard W Gorman Husb, Livrmr
Reed, Lewonna L 7 May 1963 5 Mar 1977 (13y 9m 26d) J-4-18 F Graham Hitch Donna Reed Meredith, Buried In Section J
Fleischer, Carolyn S 22 Jan 1958 19 May 1979 (21y 3m 27d) J-4-21 F Graham Hitch M & Mrs Fritz K Fleischer, Pln
McNamara, Matthew Peter 18 Apr 1951 21 Oct 1978 (27y 6m 3d) J-4-22 M Graham Hitch G McNamara Mother, Pleasanton
McNamara, Edmund Thomas 24 Aug 1953 21 Jun 1988 (34y 9m 28d) J-4-22 M Graham Hitch Geraldine McNamara Mom, Pleas 94566
Walters, Ellen Jewel 26 Aug 1952 14 Sep 1977 (25y 0m 19d) J-4-23 F Graham Hitch Chas Walters Arkansas
Tacker, Donald 28 Sep 1930 20 Jan 1990 (59y 3m 23d) J-4-24 M Graham Hitch  
George, Raymond John 5 Sep 1894 17 Mar 1977 (82y 6m 12d) J-4-26 M Callaghan Raymond George Son
Bailey, Charlotte Amelia 30 Nov 1905 4 Apr 1981 (75y 4m 5d) J-4-27 F Callaghan Ronald A Bailey, Castro Valley
Bailey, Arthur E 26 Jan 1908 12 Mar 1977 (69y 1m 14d) J-4-28 M Callaghan Ronald Bailey Son
Troy, Charles Elmer 23 Jul 1925 22 Sep 1977 (52y 1m 30d) J-4-30 M Graham Hitch Bettie Troy Pleasanton
Douglas, Muriel L 8 Jul 1923 17 Jul 1978 (55y 0m 9d) J-4-31 F Graham Hitch James Douglas, Dublin Calif 94566
Brown, Lorraine Scott 21 Apr 1919 24 Feb 1985 (65y 10m 3d) J-4-32 F Callaghan Don Brown Husb, Livermore
Tull, Sally G 27 Jan 1912 17 Feb 1979 (67y 0m 21d) J-4-32 F Callaghan Paul Tull Husband, Livermore
Mendenhall, Charles E 14 May 1920 9 Mar 1977 (56y 9m 23d) J-4-33 M Callaghan John Mendenhall, Buried In Section J
Turner III, Joseph P 24 Oct 1967 10 Jul 1979 (11y 8m 16d) J-4-34 M Graham Hitch Marie Turner Mother, Haywr
Bernie, Baby Boy 14 Feb 1989 17 Feb 1989 (0y 0m 3d) J-4-35e M Livermore Mortuary Pat Bernie, Pleasanton
Sampson, Brittany Vinca 4 Jul 1989 4 Jul 1989 (0y 0m 0d) J-4-35f F Livermore Mortuary Dawn Sampson Mother, Manteca
Chesser, Arthur L 6 Jan 1911 21 Mar 1979 (68y 2m 15d) J-5-1b M Callaghan Wilma P Chesser, Livermore
Jenne, Patricia Ann 22 Oct 1932 14 Jan 1994 (61y 2m 23d) J-5-2a & B F Neptune Society Cas Vly Robt L Jenne Husb, Livermore
Joe, Lionel 12 Dec 1966 16 Feb 1990 (23y 2m 4d) J-5-3b M Fuller Funerals Inc Darnell Joe Brothr, Livrm
Scott, Billie Everett 9 Jan 1929 22 Feb 1981 (52y 1m 13d) J-6-1a M Livermore R Hoblitzell Edward Scott, Tracy Cal
Pezzola, Glen David 30 Jun 1947 30 Jun 1978 (31y 0m 0d) J-6-1b M Chapel Of Vly Walnt Crk Mrs Glen Pezzola, Sn Ramon
Chappell, Robert 5 May 1916 21 Nov 1996 (80y 6m 16d) J-6-2a M Wilson Family Livermore Louise Chappell Wife, Livermore
Kingscott, Richard Ralph 19 Dec 1923 28 Feb 1996 (72y 2m 9d) J-8-3a & B M Livermore Mortuary Bonita Kingscott Wf, Livermore
Trimble, Susan Malley Jan 1954     J-9-1b F Neptune Society Wm M Trimble Livermore, D O D Unk Yr Only 1982
Foster, Rick Edwin 25 Oct 1957 8 Feb 1996 (38y 3m 14d) J-9-2a M Guerrero Mortuary Lorelee Foster Mother, Snleandro
Rardin, Norma Jean 31 Aug 1928 15 Jul 1979 (50y 10m 14d) J-10-1b F Chapel Of Chimes Haywrd Mildred Creager Daughtr, Livermore
Wasley, Margaret 9 Jan 1937 24 Jan 1989 (52y 0m 15d) J-10-2b F Livermore Mortuary Richard J Wasley Husb, Livermr
Stephens, Ada H Jan 1902     J-11-1a F D Of Death 1979 Michal Owens Grandautr, Pleas
Shillick, Marilyn Blanche 28 May 1924 13 Jan 1999 (74y 7m 16d) J-11-1b F Interment Serv Urn Burial Henry J Shillick Husb, Redding
Freeman, Richard Jan 1908     J-11-2b M L A Westwood Village Cremans D Of Death, Helen Potthoff Livermr
Valentine, Raymond G 7 Mar 1909 16 Jan 1985 (75y 10m 9d) J-11-3a M Livermore Mortuary Dorothy Valentine Wife, Pleasn
Valentine, Dorothy A 26 Jan 1912 9 Dec 1987 (75y 10m 13d) J-11-3b F Livermore Mortuary Joyce Valentine Daughtr, Livermore
Pearson, Helen M 26 Feb 1902 14 Dec 1986 (84y 9m 18d) J-12-2a F Beall Funeral Home George Reiley, San Ramon 94583
Anderson, Joann Lucinda 30 Mar 1920 28 Mar 1998 (77y 11m 26d) J-12-2b F Baker Mortuary Rev Rich Anderson Husb, Oakland
Boyd, Diana 23 Jun 1954 9 Aug 1992 (38y 1m 17d) J-12-3a F Livermore Timothy Boyd, Livermore 94550
Jacobson, Yucola Jeannette 22 Jul 1917 19 Feb 1999 (81y 6m 28d) J-12-3b F Wilson Livermore J E Younger Brother, Sn Marcas Tex
Anderson, Bobby Joe 10 Feb 1959 10 Dec 1995 (36y 10m 0d) J-13-1a M Baker Mortuary Inc Rev Rich Anderson Father, Oakland
Cofield, Dorothy Marie 19 Jan 1913 12 Feb 1983 (70y 0m 24d) J-13-1b F Livermore Mortuary Creamtion Urn Garden
Graham, Howard 18 Dec 1914 14 Jan 1992 (77y 0m 27d) J-13-2a M Livermore Mortuary Sally Frahm, Livermore
Depierre, Justin A 29 Mar 1982 30 Mar 1982 (0y 0m 1d) J-13-3a M Livermore Mortuary M & Mrs John Depierre, Livermr
Szidon, Margery Anne 18 Feb 1929 3 Oct 1986 (57y 7m 15d) J-13-3b F Callaghan Mortuary Raymond Szidon Husb, Pleasnt
Estarziau, George R 25 Feb 1903 25 Nov 1980 (77y 9m 0d) J-14-2a M Callaghan Florence Estarziau Wife, Stkn
Webb, Raymond J 11 Oct 1944 28 Feb 1979 (34y 4m 17d) J-15-1a M Callaghan Lois Webb, Livermore Cremains
Salo, Jessica Mae Jan 1959 12 Jul 1980 (Abt 21y 7m 12d) J-15-2a F Graham Hitch Mr & Mrs John Salo, Pleasanton Calif
Gordon, Stephen Thomas 1 Nov 1980 1 Nov 1980 (0y 0m 0d) J-15-3a M Graham Hitch Mortuary Archie T Gordon Father, Pleasanton
Russell, Thomas F 13 Mar 1905 28 May 1978 (73y 2m 15d) J-16-1a M Graham Hitch Elizabeth Long Daughtr, Pleasnt
Williams, Margaret Rose 11 Apr 1934 12 Aug 1997 (63y 4m 1d) J-17-1b Comm F Terzich & Wilson Funeral Sharon Maness Dau, Liverm
Jackson, Earl 30 Jan 1906 4 Sep 1997 (91y 7m 5d) J-Rose-Garden M Machado Hilliside Chapel Don Hanley Pub Adm, Oakland 94607
Roberts, Benjamin Owen 20 Dec 1911 25 Sep 1994 (82y 9m 5d) J-Rose-Garden M Livermore Mortuary Audrice Roberts Wife, Livermore
Miiller, Esther Kettering 10 Jul 1915 12 Feb 1989 (73y 7m 2d) J-Scattered-Nr Urn Gat F Livermore Ivan Miller Son, Livermore

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