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Introduction to the 2013 revision of

Alumni of the Livermore Union High School

The first edition of the rosters of graduating seniors from LUHS in 1893-1969 was published in 2012. It contained several gaps: 1900, 1960-1964 and 1966-1967. The source of the rosters was the school library archive.

No official record seems to exist of the graduates in 1900. Fortunately, a local genealogist, Mildred Freitas, compiled an exhaustive database of vital records from the Livermore Herald for that era. It included rosters of LUHS graduates. Her work was published this year by the Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society as The Mildred E. Freitas Collection: Genealogical data extracted from the Livermore [California] Herald, 1899-1913. That information was used in this book.

The source of the rosters for the 1960s gaps was the LUHS yearbooks, called El Vaquero, or The Cowboy. The yearbook lists were finalized months before the end of the school year and may differ from the official lists, if they are ever found.

This revision fills in all of the gaps. It provides a straight run all of the rosters from 1893 - the founding year of the high school - to 1969. The revision is a significant one, adding 1869 names to the previous total of 3879 - a 48 percent increase. Not all names in the every-name index are alumni, because in the earlier years the rosters sometimes were compiled years after the graduation and included names of spouses, children and employers.

Future projects for L-AGS and other local societies could include LUHS graduates in years after 1969, students in other Livermore high schools and in high schools elsewhere in the Tri-Valley and students in schools other than high schools. The various Arcadia books provide student lists in the captions to photos. These captions have been captured by L-AGS in an online file called "Person name indexes to selected local history books" (http://www.l-ags.org/name_indexes/name_indexes_main.html). For example, the 27 students of the Green School in 1907 are pictured and identified by name on page 57 of Images of America: Early Livermore. A Web site displaying much miscellaneous data about local schools is Livermore Class Pics (http://www.livermoreclasspics.org/index_school.htm). An ambitious project being considered by the Tri-Valley History Council is to digitize the entire contents of local high school yearbooks, and to make the results freely accessible to the public.

Project Leader: Richard Finn
Revision Editor: George Anderson
Cover: Deborah Mascot
July 27, 2013

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